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How to weave beautiful and lightweight slings on the

Incredibly popular bracelets made of irises are a favorite adornment of not only young girls, but also guys. Moreover, lately it is increasingly possible to meet mature ladies with bright accessories on their wrists. So nothing prevents you, having studied the instructions on how to weave bracelets from rubber bands on a slingshot, to become the owner of a very stylish jewelry.

How to weave beautiful and lightweight bracelets of gum

Nowadays, you rarely meet a teenager who doesn't have a bright bracelet on his wrist. The main reason for such a widespread weaving of iris is simplicity. It consists not only in the choice of material (silicone rubbers are inexpensive, they are many, they are easy to use), but also in the technique of execution. Throwing irises in different ways, you can achieve absolutely incredible drawings, and it will take about an hour to complete. By the way, for adults weaving rainbow loom is an excellent sedative.

Especially for beginners

How to weave bracelets from rubber bands on a slingshot?

For weaving from silicone rings, special devices are used to which they can be hooked. It may be:

  • machine (quite expensive, not always available);
  • fingers (for some needlewomen this option is inconvenient);
  • slingshot (included in rainbow loom kit);
  • fork (as a slingshot replacement).

Professionals "rezinochnoy business" believe that it is most convenient to start with a slingshot. This double bidentate fork with grooves on the posts (for easy removal of the iris by crocheting) has several significant advantages over other means. In particular, this tool:

  • understandable to use;
  • does not require complicated calculations of cuts and screeds from different posts;
  • Comfortable to hold.

Patterns of stylish bracelets

Before undertaking the study of a technician with a description of how to weave a bracelet with rubber bands on a slingshot, you need to prepare the workplace, that is, free up enough space on the table, take care of good lighting, and stock up on irises. On one bracelet takes an average of about 300 ringlets. Consider the most stylish models of spring-summer bracelets.

"Mermaid Spit"

Instructions describing how to weave bracelets of rubber bands on a slingshot have one thing in common: the first rubber band is put on the pegs of a slingshot in the form of a figure eight. And the model "Mermaid Spit" is no exception.


  • about 250-300 irises of two colors;
  • fastener clip;
  • slingshot;
  • hook (plastic or knitting number 4).


  1. The device is turned so that the grooves are in front.
  2. Cover the slingshot's teeth with the iris, twisting it in the form of the number 8.
  3. On the right column we put a rubber band folded in half. Such "twos" will form the basis of the pattern, and single - his border. This is important to consider when choosing colors.
  4. We put a silicone ring on each of the posts without twisting.
  5. With a hook we hook the lower loop and, holding it under the "two", we fasten it to the center.
  6. On the left column we put on "two", we throw a single ring on top.
  7. We hook all the lower loops and through the "two" we bring them to the middle.
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 to the required length of the accessory. To the "tail" bracelet does not interfere with work, we throw it behind the machine.
  9. To complete, throw a single iris and squeeze all the remaining loops on it.
  10. From the right column, we fold the loop to the left, then thread a fastener into the double ring.
  11. The bottom edge of the bracelet is delayed and thrown on the other side of the clip. The bracelet is ready.

"French braid"


  • silicone rings (you can have several colors);
  • clip;
  • hook;
  • slingshot.


  1. We put on the iris-eight on the posts.
  2. Two single ringlet throws on a slingshot.
  3. The bottom loops from both pegs are pinched to the center.
  4. Again we throw two single elastic bands.
  5. Crochet the lower right iris and throw it into the center.
  6. On the left, squeeze the middle gum.
  7. We put on a single silicone ring.
  8. Poddev on the left lower iris, we drag it in the middle.
  9. On the right, tighten the loop from the middle.
  10. Alternate steps 5-9 to the desired length.
  11. To complete the weaving, we fasten all the loops to the center.
  12. We transfer the right loop to the left column, pass through the clip.
  13. Pull down the bottom edge and fasten the fastener in the same way. The bracelet is ready.

Dragon Scale


  • two-color irises;
  • hook;
  • slingshot;
  • clip.


  1. Make a ring out of eight and put the loops on the pegs.
  2. We throw a single gum.
  3. We hook the right eyelet with a hook and bring it to the center.
  4. We put on another gum on both pegs.
  5. From the left we hook 2 loops with a hook and bring them to the center.
  6. Add another single.
  7. On the right we hook 2 loops and we fasten to the center.
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 to the desired length.
  9. To complete the weaving, we throw off all the loops in the center, and the remaining flanks are brought to one side and we catch the clip for them.
  10. The bottom edge is also fastened on the clasp. Decoration can be worn.


To weave this model, we need to use single slingshots.


  • multi-colored irises (the more shades, the better);
  • slingshot;
  • hook;
  • fastener clip.


  1. We throw one iris on 3 pegs, twisting it each time in the form of a figure eight.
  2. One more double eight we put on an empty column and two with eyelets.
  3. We put on 2 double columns 2 irises.
  4. Lower the loop to bring to the center.
  5. Once again throw 2 single silicone ring.
  6. The bottom two loops are attached to the center.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 to the desired length.
  8. We reduce loops on one column, we cling a clip.
  9. We pull off the bottom edge and fasten it to the fastener too. Stylish decoration is ready.


One of the practical answers to the question of how to weave the most beautiful and lightweight bracelets made from rubber bands on a slingshot is the “Pavement” model. It turns out the most voluminous.


  • silicone rings of different colors (at your discretion);
  • s-shaped clip;
  • hook;
  • slingshot for lumigurumi.


  1. On double columns we put on a double iris, twisted in the form of figure 8.
  2. Two ringlet without kinking in the middle we put on the posts.
  3. To the right, hook the 2 lower layers of the eyelets and press into the center.
  4. We put on 2 ringlets again.
  5. Now to the left we hook the 2 lower loops and throw them into the center.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 to the desired length.
  7. We reduce all the loops to the center, and throw the base one column.
  8. We cling a clip hook for elastic bands.
  9. We thread the second end of the hook into the lower loops.

Accessories are the additions to the image, which give it a unique originality. And knowing how to weave bracelets of rubber bands on a slingshot, you can be sure that such an ornament will not go unnoticed and will attract even more attention to you. Such an exquisite bezel on the wrist, even with an intricate pattern, is easy to do - you just need to learn how to use the hook and slingshot.

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