How to weave baubles with names

In their free time, many young girls are engaged in inventing stylish accessories using beads, beads, and silicone elastics. But there is another equally popular way to create beautiful trinkets - weaving baubles. Among those who deal with them, there is an opinion: if you know how to weave baubles with names, it means that you have reached the pinnacle of skill. However, such patterns of weaving are not so complicated as it may seem at first glance.

How to make a diagram of baubles with inscriptions?

Handmade bracelets - baubles - first appeared in the hippie environment. However, almost every representative of the beautiful half of humanity has colorful decorations on hand. Especially popular baubles with names. They can be made of beads, and you can use embroidery threads for this purpose - muline. The process of creating such a bracelet requires time and perseverance, since the threads are quite thin, and the nodules on the bauble should be small.

Floss baubles with names are woven according to a previously drawn pattern. To do it, you need to take:

  • sheet in a cell;
  • pencil.

So, for an elementary pattern baubles with the inscription do the following.

  1. We paint over the cells corresponding to the letters of the name, starting from the center of the sheet of paper. One cell is one thread, so perhaps it makes sense to make the letters larger, lay 2-3 elements on each element.
  2. Now you need to calculate the free field so that the inscription is in the center.
  3. Count the number of cells horizontally. On average, 1 cm bracelet is 5 rows. We divide the number of cells by 5. This is the length of our name.
  4. Next, measure the wrist, subtract the length of the label and divide the resulting value by 2.
  5. We apply these values ​​to the scheme.

How to make a diagram of baubles with inscriptions?

Instead of the name in this way you can make any inscription. The main thing is to correctly calculate the free field so that the word is in the middle. You can use different styles and fonts for writing letters.

What is the generator of baubles with names?

Those who do not particularly like to make drawings, on the Internet you can find a special generator of baubles with names. The essence of his work is that you enter the name you are interested in in a special field, choose a font, and the system automatically gives you a pattern of weaving baubles of floss with names. You can also choose the font that you want to weave letters. It remains only to save and print the drawing. True, in order to weave a bracelet not with a name, but with some other word, you still have to draw a pattern. But in this case, the Internet will come to the rescue: you can create a drawing using a special application, and not on a sheet in a cage.

Types of knots for weaving baubles

There are 3 types of knots for floss baubles from floss:

  • right straight line (the left thread is put on top of the tightly stretched right one, tied);

Types of knots for weaving baubles

  • the left straight line (the right thread lies on top of the stretched left and is tied);
  • angular (the knot is tied as on the right, but the main thread is passed under the stretched right).

Basic techniques of weaving baubles

Weaving baubles is tying knots from threads. These nodules can be alternated with the inclusion of decorative elements (beads, glass beads, etc.). Threads for weaving are conventionally divided into 2 types:

  • nodular (forming the basis of baubles);
  • workers (who are intertwined with the main and form the nodules).

There are several technologies for weaving knots on bracelets:

Basic techniques of weaving baubles

  • direct weaving (working thread is located to the right or left of the nodular);
  • braid (working threads intersect in the form of a braid);

Basic techniques of weaving baubles

  • a spit of an even number of threads (2 threads in the center are transferred from left to right and from right to left);
  • aglet, or a braid of 5 threads (moving the left thread to the center, then right to the middle the required number of times);

Basic techniques of weaving baubles

  • oblique or mosaic weaving (even working threads form knots with each odd one in the direct and reverse order, the direction can be from left to right and vice versa);

Basic techniques of weaving baubles

  • weaving-braid (nodules are made on an even number of threads from the edge to the center, symmetric weaving direction - to the left, the nodules go to the right, and to the right - to the left);
  • friendship necklace (a skein of threads is tied with a working thread and tightened with a loop);
  • macrame (2 extreme threads tied over the center).

techniques of weaving baubles

How to weave a bauble with a name?

Baubles with names

To make baubles with inscriptions, you can draw the schemes yourself, or you can, as already mentioned, use the generator if you want to make a personalized bracelet. For weaving baubles with the name used only the technology of direct weaving. Before you start, you need to prepare:

  • scheme;
  • floss 2 colors;
  • scissors;
  • Scotch.

We work according to the following instructions.

  1. We take 8 threads of one color and 5 another. Lay them on the table 3 + 8 + 2. At the same time, thread No. 1 should be 3 times longer than the others.
  2. We tie a large knot and fasten it on the table with scotch tape.
  3. Nodules do a long thread, passing down. We tighten the weaving tightly so that the letters look beautiful.
  4. With the same thread of the background we return to the top, making the knots to the right. Repeat the knots the desired number of rows.
  5. Getting to the letters. For example, the printed letter A. With the working thread, we make 3 knots to the left, change the thread to the color of the letter and make the knot with the fourth thread to the right, and to the left with the second thread.
  6. From the bottom up 8 knots to the right, 7 to the left, again 4 to the right and 3 to the left.
  7. From top to bottom we make 3 and 7 knots to the right.
  8. Further, from the bottom up, the working thread is skipped so that 1-3 and 11, 12 knots are obtained to the right, and 4-10 - to the left.
  9. We make 2 passes with background color and continue to weave the following letters in a pattern.

How to make a clasp for a bracelet of floss?

Floss Bracelet Clasp

Usually, there are no fasteners on the floss bracelets - just the threads are tied with a moving knot that stretches and tightens. But for those who want to make the original fastener-button, there is a simple way to weave a loop.

  1. We make a loop of the desired size from the folded threads.
  2. Tie the loop with a loop from the middle with the thread of the scheme.
  3. Thread the other side of the bauble do the same nodules in the opposite direction.
  4. When the loop is ready, you can begin to weave a bracelet.

Tricks of weaving baubles with floss names

Tricks of weaving baubles with floss names

Thread jewelry always attracts attention. Especially baubles with names. However, in order to qualitatively weave this original accessory, you need to learn some tricks:

  • in order that the bauble does not twist, you can make 2 knots with each working thread;
  • too narrow bracelets can be stripped;
  • work better with high quality threads, otherwise the weaving will be uneven;
  • floss should be the same texture and thickness;
  • if the broom has turned out to be very tough due to overly tightened knots, then the finished bracelet can be washed with the addition of air conditioning;
  • so that the product is smooth, the nodules need to be tightened periodically.

If you like hippie style jewelry, then a bright bracelet with a name should definitely be in your arsenal. And even better to master all the nuances of how to weave baubles with names. This, among other things, is a very fascinating process, which, on the one hand, distracts from problems, and on the other hand, trains the brain. After all, in order for the bracelet to turn out even and beautiful, you need to correctly draw up a pattern of weaving and follow it strictly.

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