How to weave animals from gum on the machine

Recently, a new occupation is becoming increasingly popular - weaving various figures and bracelets of rubber bands. Both adults and children are fond of this kind of needlework. If you have mastered the basics of weaving crafts from gum, then it's time to start creating these masterpieces. Many children, especially of school age, want their pens, pencils or felt-tip pens to be decorated in a special way. For this they also weave various figures. But adults are engaged in this type of art solely for the purpose of recreation. Yes, and wicker figurines are decorated except a bunch of keys.

How to weave animals from gum on the machine, it will be discussed in this article.

How to gum animals on a small machine: the main aspects

How to gum animals on a small machine

The needlewomen continually master various weaving techniques. Of course, it is better and more convenient to perform any weaving on a special machine. Purchase a set in which there are gum, and hooks, and the machine, and, perhaps, not one. Find a suitable pattern and follow all the rules of weaving. Believe that soon you will see how a beautiful and original figure will be weaved out of separate rubber bands.

Experienced needlewomen are happy to share their secrets and skills with beginners. Here are some of them:

  • for weaving figures it is best to use multi-colored rubber bands so that you can create a bright and original craft;
  • select the appropriate scheme and follow clear guidelines, most importantly, perform all actions step by step;
  • for weaving, use the machine that comes with the kit and hooks to bind the rows;
  • to decorate the finished product, you can use any decor items;
  • Do not forget to count the exact number of gum and correctly position them by color;
  • It is possible to create toys in three-dimensional format from rubber bands, and you need to weave a little weaker, so that a soft filler can easily fit in the middle of the product;
  • Start with simple weaving patterns and go gradually to more complex ones.

Making of lemur gum

Lemur - a beautiful animal that lives on a fantastic island - Madagascar. Many schoolchildren decorate pens and pencils with this product. The paws and tail of the lemur of rubber bands beautifully encircle the base of the writing instrument and serve as an additional decoration. Try to weave such a figure with your child - you will love it. During such an activity, the child will be able not only to show his creative abilities and train the fine motor skills of the hands, but also at the same time to perform several exercises for the development of memory.

Necessary materials:

  • multi-colored gum;
  • hook;
  • scheme;
  • special machine.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. On the central row of the machine, on the first two cells, wear a rubber band of any color you choose.
  2. Then put two more elastic bands on the center column and move them to the side evenly.How to weave gum lemur?
  3. In the next step, put two more elastic bands on the center row of the machine (preferably white) and evenly place two pieces on both sides of the second and third cells.How to weave gum lemur?
  4. At this stage you form the head of a lemur. To do this, from the center row of the machine (fourth cell), move two irises onto the third side cells evenly.
  5. Next, weave the neck. On the fourth and fifth cells of the central column string three rubber bands of white color.How to weave gum lemur?
  6. To form the body of a lemur, put four pairs of rubber bands on the central column and on the side pillars of three pairs.
  7. The little body should turn out rounded, so string the rubber bands, starting from the bottom side, heading towards the center.How to weave from lemur gum on the machine?
  8. Next, simulate the tail. If the length of the machine is not enough, then you can continue weaving crochet to the desired size. The tail is knitted by throwing the lower gum for the previous (upper).How to weave from lemur gum on the machine?
  9. Weave paws as follows: at the end of each edge, attach one elastic band. Repeat this action three times.
  10. From the black gum shape lemur eyes.How to weave from lemur gum on the machine?
  11. String black elastic bands and make ears.
  12. Then twist the elastic bands in such a way that three equal triangles form on the body.How to weave from lemur gum on the machine?
  13. Start joining rubber bands with paws, removing them with a hook from the cells. First, tie the body, neck, and then head. The loop should be at the top.
  14. Carefully remove the woven figure from the machine.How to weave gum lemur?

Little funny rubber kitty

To build an original toy for your offspring, try weaving a small kitten. With your four-legged friend, your little one will want to play without fail.

Necessary materials:

  • gum of various colors;
  • hook;
  • special machine;
  • accessories for decoration.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Before weaving make the necessary blanks. Twist from green, black and orange elastic bands eyes, and also cheeks of the future cat.How to weave a cat from gum?
  2. Using the hook, weave the base for the nose and the ears.How to weave a cat from gum?
  3. Take a special machine for weaving and place on it gum orange. Erasers twist the figure eight. Also on the cell nanizhite blanks for cheeks.How to weave a cat from gum on the machine?
  4. On the remaining cells in the columns of a small machine, thread the elastic bands and secure the workpiece to the nose.How to weave a cat from gum on the machine?
  5. Remove the bottom layer with a hook, pulling the elastic through the top inward.
  6. On two free cells nanizhite iris.How to weave a cat from gum on the machine?
  7. On the machine, put the blanks for the eyes and nanizite on a circle gum.
  8. Then throw off the bottom row, and throw the next two rows in a circular order, adding ears.
  9. Carefully remove the cat's head from the cells.How to weave a cat from gum on the machine?
  10. Hook the iris to weave the tail on the cells and remove them from the machine.
  11. Using the crochet hook, knit three-dimensional foot blanks. It is best to use 7 gum.How to weave a cat from gum?
  12. Hook the finished head to the cells and add the paw blanks. Catch the remaining cells in a circle. Be sure to fold the bottom row.
  13. By analogy, weave the little body to the end and weave 2 more legs.
  14. Mustaches can be made with the help of transparent rubber bands, pre-cut them into pieces.How to weave a cat from gum?

Keychain in the form of a hamster of gum on the machine

If you want to weave an original key chain, then try to make a hamster out of rubber bands. This pet will delight you with its presence.

Necessary materials:

  • gum of various colors;
  • hooks;
  • special small or professional machine.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Starting from the edge of the machine, you should stitch four elastic bands with a cross-plexus on the central cell.
  2. On the side cells you need to wear six pairs of rubber bands of any color.How to weave a hamster out of gum on the machine?
  3. Then you should make a rounding and start forming the middle of the figure.
  4. It is necessary to stitch three yellow bands, then - three white and one yellow.
  5. For the last central cell in a row in four turns, it is necessary to attach the iris.How to weave a hamster out of gum on the machine?
  6. Then weave the legs. To do this, you need to stitch a white elastic on the hook and twist it in four turns. On the hook, you need to stitch the yellow gum.
  7. In a similar pattern, four paws should be woven.
  8. Ears are formed in the same way as paws. After their plexus, the workpiece should be transferred and fixed on the cells of the machine.How to weave a hamster out of gum on the machine?
  9. With a hook you need to form equal triangles along the entire length of the hamster calf. Black rubber bands should be made eyes, strung them on the second column.How to weave a hamster out of gum on the machine?
  10. At the end of the cells you need to weave the chain, hooking it on both sides. Weaving should begin at the end: first the right row, then the left and center. In the middle of the head you need to form a spout.
  11. The last loop should remain on top. Using the hook, all the elastic bands of the woven figure should be carefully removed from the cells.How to weave a hamster out of gum on the machine?

Today weaving of gum has become so popular that needlewomen do not cease to amaze with new masterpieces and schemes. Soon this harmless hobby can be counted as a full-fledged trend in modern art. If you find it difficult to master the creation of figures, then try first to learn the technique of weaving simple bracelets and patterns, and then proceed to conquer new peaks. Engage with your children, because weaving of rubber bands is not only pleasant, but also useful pastime.

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