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How to weave an owl keychain gum on the machine

Silicone gum firmly entered the world of needlework. They make excellent accessories and souvenirs that can be an original gift not only for children, but also for adults. And if you want to please an unusual souvenir of a loved one, then it would not be superfluous to learn how to weave an owl out of rubber bands in various ways.

Trinkets from rezinochek: charms

Baubles from rezinochek

Weaving bracelets of colored rezinochek - lumigumi - so captured the fans of this type of creativity that they became closely within the framework of one type of accessories. Therefore, the real virtuosos of weaving are taken for more complex products:

  • toys;
  • key rings;
  • bags;
  • footwear;
  • clothes, etc.

One of the first steps to the professional mastery of the skill of weaving from irises can be done by learning how to weave an owl-keychain of rubber bands. It is worn not only on the keys, but also on pens and pencils. Of course, this cute knickknack requires a lot of attention and certain skills, so it will not be easy for beginners. However, if you follow the instructions clearly, weaving an owl is quite realistic, especially if you use the most convenient device.

How to weave an owl from gum on the machine?

Quickly weave funny owl can be on the machine. Many prefer to work on a slingshot, but, unfortunately, they have not yet invented how to weave an owl out of rubber bands on a slingshot. In addition, the product on the machine will not miniature, but quite a toy size - about 10 cm.

How to weave an owl from gum on the machine?

  1. Remove the middle row of columns from the machine.
  2. We put on the rezinochka twisted in 2 turns in the form of eights from the second column diagonally, so that the iris captures the second column of the near row and the third diagonally.
  3. Now turn the machine and put on rezinochki on the same principle on a different row. We make peculiar crosses from irises.
  4. Next, put on the gum-eight on parallel columns, twisting the loops of the outer rows in 2 turns.
  5. The next row of gum is worn along the machine.
  6. Crochet we throw off 3 gum bottom row in the center.
  7. Again put on the iris on the perimeter of the machine.
  8. The bottom 2 loops are dropped to the center.
  9. Repeat steps # 7-8 and do 12 rows.
  10. On the first 2 columns we put on one rubber band, and on the third we change the color of the irises (this is the tummy of the future owl), but we don’t change the way the gum is thrown.
  11. Knit 7 rows.
  12. We increase the extreme gum, threading a new one through those already put on the post. To do this, we remove from the post the old irises and put on a new one.
  13. Repeat weaving around the perimeter.
  14. We do building on the elastic bands of a different color.
  15. Repeat steps 12-14 5 times.
  16. We take the hook and remove all the loops of one side to it.
  17. The second side of the loop is removed on the other hook.
  18. Stuff owl filler.
  19. Throw all the loops on double rubber.
  20. Using the hook, tighten it with the second part, we hide it inside.

  21. Hook knit eyes. To do this, we pass the hook into a double eight.
  22. New rezinochku stretch through 2 loops on the hook, repeat until until the hook will not be 10 loops.
  23. We connect them in a circle, each time adding a new gum and tying it to the previous row.
  24. We make 7 rows, connect the last 2 loops to the very first one with the help of 1 rezinochka, tighten it.
  25. We pass a black gum in a black button, we tie it to the body of an owl.
  26. We put an eye out of the gum on the button-pupil.
  27. Making a beak. Twist 4 gum eight.
  28. We are selling the following four rubber bands (not twisted!) Through the first part of the eight.
  29. We take 4 more irises, we spend through 4 loops.
  30. Throw on 1 gum.
  31. The first eight, too, drop on one gum.
  32. We combine 2 loops of one and weave it into the body between the eyes.
  33. Making wings. Repeat steps 2-8 on 10 rows.
  34. We tie the wings to the body, we hide the rubber band.
  35. Making ears. We pass 4 rubber bands through the corners.
  36. We get four in the second part of the loop and cut the gum.
  37. For the tail, repeat steps 2-8 5 rows. We make 3 blanks.
  38. We tie them to the body, one of the tails is carried through the loop.
  39. Create paws. We wind the gum in 4 turns on the hook - this is the claw.
  40. We pass 2 rubber bands into this four. Do this step again.
  41. Throw on one iris, bind to the body.
  42. Repeat steps 39-41. The bird is ready.

Making an owl with forks

Many wonder how to weave an owl with rubber bands on a hook. However, in the case of creating a cute bird, a crochet hook is needed as an auxiliary tool, and one is not enough. But when working on forks, it will greatly facilitate the task.

How to weave an owl of rubber bands on a fork?

  1. We connect 2 forks with scotch tape, we mark one with a red iris - this is the mark of the front part of the craft
  2. On the front side we put on a rubber eight.
  3. The last teeth are wrapped in black iris three times - these are the claws of the owl.
  4. On 2 elastics we stretch on couples of lateral teeth.
  5. We throw our claws in the center.
  6. Stretch a pair of irises on 2 central parallel teeth.
  7. 1 loop of the first iris is dropped on the center.
  8. A pair of gum worn on the opposite teeth.
  9. Throw another 1 loop of the first rezinochki on them.
  10. From the extreme teeth, the lower loops are dropped to the center.
  11. Repeat steps 8-10 on the second part of the tool.
  12. On the front side with one central prong we transfer the iris to another.
  13. In the second part of the weaving tool, we do the opposite - from the second medium to the first.
  14. The general elastic is dropped into the center.
  15. Lower irises from one part of the instrument are thrown into the middle, we do the same on the second fork.
  16. From the extreme teeth of the iris is transferred to the center.
  17. On average stretch 2 pairs of gum.
  18. Lower irises are transferred through 2 central teeth in the middle on both parts of the instrument.
  19. On the 4 teeth of the main part we put on the eight.
  20. On the side parallel teeth we stretch 2 rubber bands each and we stretch 1 pair of iris onto both central ones.
  21. Throw down the bottom rubber in the center.
  22. The bottommost ones from the lateral teeth are attached to the center.
  23. Repeat the second part of the tool.
  24. On the hook we wind 2 rezinochki 4 turns on each - future eyes. We pass through them 1 iris.
  25. We stretch it on the side teeth of the front part so that the eyes fall between the side and middle teeth.
  26. The upper rubber band between the eyes is transferred to the center.
  27. For all pairs of teeth we stretch 2 irises.
  28. The second eyelet with eyes is attached to the center.
  29. Bottom rezinochki on both forks braced to the center.
  30. The irises from the central teeth are transferred to the side.
  31. On them we pull on 1 iris.
  32. The latter from the bottom on this iris.
  33. From the back of the tool we transfer the eyelet to the face, we tighten it into a loop. Owlet ready.

Asking how to weave an owl out of rubber bands, you should already have an initial idea of ​​working with the rainbow loom. However, even a novice can make an interesting key chain or a toy in the shape of an owl if he carefully studies all the steps of the process. A cute souvenir will be a wonderful symbol of the development of such a popular hobby.

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