How to weave an owl from rubber bands on a slingshot and

Weaving gum is gaining momentum in popularity every day. And if earlier it all started with ordinary bracelets, today many are interested in how to weave an owl with rubber bands. And all because such a figure is universal. In the future, based on it, you can make other animals.

3D surround owl

There are many master classes on the web telling how to weave an owl using lumigurum techniques with a hook. Did you know that this method is applicable to the machine? In addition, such a product, although it loses its miniature size, will look no worse.

How to weave an owl from the gum on the machine?

Necessary materials:

  • machine;
  • elastic bands of different colors;
  • hook;
  • filler.

Process description:

  1. Fold the elastic in half and put its ends on the second and third column of the machine. Similarly, screw the second gum.
  2. Similarly, twist the single iris to the end of the row, completing everything with a double turn of the gum, as was done at the very beginning.
  3. To connect both columns, thread the elastic bands to the end of the machine as shown in the figure.
  4. When the inner pattern is formed, proceed to the preparatory work. To do this, connect each column with rubber bands in a circle.
  5. Now put the hook in the first column, grab all the rubber bands, except the one at the very top, and remove them.
  6. Repeat the previous step for each column, and then all preparatory actions 12-14 times depending on the desired length of the toy.
  7. In the next step, weave a new color in the weave. To do this, on the preparatory stage, on one side, strictly in the center, connect the columns with elastic bands of a contrasting color.
  8. Continue weaving the next 6 rows in the same way, and then close the pattern with 2 lines of elastic bands of the primary color.
  9. Now, with the extreme column, swap the lower and upper gum.
  10. Using the hook, flip the lower gum from the next column to the one where you just made the exchange.
  11. On the same principle, transfer to the adjacent columns all lower rubber bands in a circle.
  12. Fix the work on the last column, tying new gum in a knot.
  13. Now grab the hook and tie the two rubber bands into a knot. You will need a chain of 10 such weaves.
  14. Thread the chain through the weave on the machine. It should start to enter from the extreme column, which you have previously marked the bundle.

  15. After you reach the last column of the opposite row, remove the work from the machine.
  16. As a result of all the work you should get this kind of preparation.
  17. From the front side, fasten the eyes-buttons and form a beak of new colored rubber bands.
  18. Fill the workpiece with padding polyester, cotton or other available materials.
  19. In the left and right corner form the ears. To do this, thread and tie together a few rubber bands.
  20. How to make an owl gum more believable? Add legs and wings to your body. And do not forget to straighten your masterpiece at the very end.

Keyring owl for keys

Another option to create crafts from gum can be done with a special device - a slingshot. But even if you didn’t have such a device in the house, it doesn’t matter, this master class can be easily adapted to how to weave an owl with rubber bands on forks. Do not believe? Then try with us.

How to weave an owl from rubber bands on a slingshot

Necessary materials:

  • gum;
  • slingshot;
  • hook.

Process description:

  1. Take a blue gum and wind it on the right column in 4 turns.
  2. Slide 2 rubber bands on both posts and remove the eyelets from the right post to the center.
  3. Now the stitches from the right column need to be moved to the left, and in their place wrap the gum of orange color in 4 turns.
  4. Throw 2 rubber bands on both posts and throw off the loops from the right post to the center.
  5. Similarly, move the previous stitches from the right column to the middle of the weave.
  6. Throw a pair of blue elastic bands and remove all stitches on them. Repeat this step 2 more times.
  7. Now flip all the stitches from the left column to the right, enter the hook into the first loop and transfer it to the vacated column.
  8. Put 2 rubber bands of white color on both columns.
  9. Drop all stitches in the center from the left side of the slingshot.
  10. Throw the next pair of rubber bands, where move the white loops from both posts.
  11. Repeat the previous step, and then move all the stitches from the left side to the right.
  12. Put the hook in the eyelet, going right after the white rubber bands, and throw it on the free column.
  13. Put on two blue elastic bands on both columns and transfer loops from the left part to the center.
  14. Move the remaining stitches from left to right.
  15. Twist the orange gum in the free part of the slingshot in 4 turns.
  16. Throw 2 blue elastic bands, transfer the orange and 2 pairs of blue from the right column to the center.
  17. Put the blue elastic bands on both posts and remove the upper stitches in the center on both sides. Repeat step one more time.
  18. Put on blue elastic bands again and move the loops alternately from all sides. Repeat the action 2 times.
  19. Now remove the rubber bands from left to right, and on the vacated column wind the black rubber band.
  20. Put on both columns a blue elastic band, move black stitches and loops of the right column to the middle.
  21. Throw the next pair and remove all the rubber bands from left to right.
  22. Stick the hook into the eyelet next to the white rubber bands and thread orange rubber bands through it.
  23. Put the second end of the rubber bands on the left column. With the help of blue elastic bands, discard the orange stitches on the right column.
  24. Re-insert the hook into the same eyelet, where the orange stitches were threaded, and throw it on the left side of the slingshot.
  25. Just as in the previous step, pass the blue elastic bands through the loop. Combine the loops with a new batch of elastic bands and remove a pair of upper stitches from right to left.
  26. Smooth the black gum on the right side. Transfer it to new blue elastic bands and throw black stitches plus 2 pairs of loops from the left side of the slingshot to the center.
  27. Then put a pair of rubber bands on both columns again, remove the lower stitches from the left and right columns.
  28. In conclusion, put on a slingshot just 1 gum and remove all stitches on it.
  29. Carefully remove the remaining loops on the hook and tighten the elastic.
  30. Now you know how to weave an owl on a slingshot with rubber bands.

In just two photo lessons, we have looked at how to weave an owl from a rubber band on a machine and a slingshot. Of course, for beginners, the process may seem a bit complicated and confusing. However, having mastered the technique, you will not only understand how to weave an owl figure out of rubber bands, but you can try to make other toys, for example, a penguin or a rabbit, on the basis of the experience gained.

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