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The weave of silicone rubber iris rainbow loom won a lot of fans around the world, not only among young people, but also among people of more mature age. This educational toy perfectly soothes, trains your motor skills and improves your mood. Another plus - the lesson does not require additional costs for the toolkit, if you know how to weave a bracelet with elastic bands on the fingers.

Rainbow loom popularity

rainbow loom

Weaving irises - a new kind of needlework from the United States. An American of Korean descent invented a rainbow loom to diversify the pastime of his daughters who went crazy about weaving baubles. At the toy market, new fun was not in demand at first, but gradually everyone who tried to weave silicone rubber in different ways, this hobby so captured that rainbow loom became almost the best selling toy in the world.

Silicone weave technology

Weaving technology

To create a stylish accessory made of silicone rubber bands, you can use one of the weaving technologies:

  • on a professional machine (plastic stand with 3 rows of columns, which have a longitudinal notch in the middle);
  • on the machine monster tail (a miniature version of a professional machine, calculated on a smaller number of columns);
  • on a slingshot (standard machine from the rainbow loom set with two teeth).

To facilitate the transfer of the iris to the posts or teeth of the slingshot, a hook is used, which, like the slingshot, is included in the rainbow loom set.

Weave on the fingers

Weave on the fingers

Weave on the fingers

Weaving of rubber bands, as a rule, is a collective exercise. And what to do if the machine is one and there are several participants in the process? Improvised means come to the rescue:

  • table forks tied in a slingshot;
  • pencils (as a variant of a slingshot and a hook).

But lovers of weaving from silicone irons did not stop there and figured out how to use their own fingers! Bracelets of rubber bands on the fingers, the schemes of which can even be mastered by a beginner, are woven quickly and have virtually no restrictions on creating intricate patterns.

Fishtail gum strap bracelet

To weave an exquisite bracelet with a pattern similar to fish scales, we need to prepare:

Fishtail gum strap bracelet

  • about 120 iris (it is advisable to take multicolored ones - the accessory will be bright);
  • clip-clasp in the form of the letter s (sold with elastics);
  • hook (but you can do without it).

So, the weaving scheme is as follows.

  1. We take the iris, turn it eight and put it on the thumb and forefinger.
  2. The following 2 irises put on without twisting.Fishtail gum strap bracelet
  3. Now we need to pick up the lower loops of the eight with each finger and throw them in the middle. Again we throw 2 rezinochki.
  4. That iris, which is at the bottom, is pulled to the center.
  5. Repeat 2 previous steps until the bracelet does not get the required length.
  6. In conclusion, you need to pull 2 ​​lower irises to leave 1 loop on each finger.
  7. We throw the loop with the thumb on the index finger and cling to the clip.
  8. Now, hook the first rubber band eight and also put it on the clasp. Bracelet ready.

Weaving a French braid pattern

The French braid pattern is very popular with teenage girls, not only because this design turns out to be luxurious, similar to the hairstyle of the same name, but thanks to the ease of creation. For weaving we need:

  • 100-120 irises (choose colors to your taste);
  • hook (optional);
  • s-shaped clip-clip.

Weaving silicone jewelry is performed as follows.

  1. On the big and second fingers we put on the iris twisted by the eight.
  2. The next pair of irises and all subsequent twist is not necessary. Now hook with the finger or crochet the lower loops of the eight and throw them into the center.French braid gum bracelet
  3. We put on another rubber band.
  4. With the index finger, remove the lower iris, throw it in the middle.
  5. We remove the middle gum from the thumb and drag it to the center.
  6. Repeating the 3 previous steps, weave a bracelet to the desired length.
  7. To finish weaving, you need to wear a clasp. To do this, leave 1 loop on each finger, pulling all the others into the middle.
  8. We are moving the loop to the second from the thumb, putting the clip on one end.
  9. Pull back the loop of the first eight and cling to the second end of the fastener. The bracelet is ready.

Dragon Scale Bracelet

Bracelet made of gum dragon scales on the fingers

Drawing dragon scales (or mesh) can be woven using:

  • about a hundred irises;
  • special hook (can be used and knitting thickness number 5).

In the process of weaving, we use the index, middle, ring fingers and little finger.

  1. We put on pairs of fingers (index-middle, nameless-little finger) on the iris twisted by eight.
  2. On the same fingers we put on a rubber band. More than eight we do not need.
  3. Begin to pull the iris. We hook the loop with the middle finger with a finger or a crochet loop, transfer it to the center.Bracelet made of gum dragon scales on the fingers
  4. Do the same with a loop with a nameless one.
  5. We put on the next pairs of irises on the same fingers.
  6. Now we fasten the loops with the index and thumb.
  7. Again we pass through 2 fingers in the iris.
  8. Repeat steps 3-7.
  9. When the bracelet of the desired length is woven, we catch the clasp. To do this, we place 2 loops on one end of the clip, and the loops of the two eights, with which weaving began, we cling to the second.

We master the pattern "Pavement"

Bracelet made of gum pavement on the fingers

The interlacing of dense loops from silicone elastic bands makes beautiful drawing the sidewalk. For its realization we will need:

  • Iris 2-3 colors (the amount depends on the length of the bracelet);
  • special hook (you can do without it, using your fingers).

The pattern for creating the pavement pattern consists in alternating the following steps:

  1. 2 twisted in the form of eight iris put on the index and middle fingers.
  2. We put the next pair on the same fingers, but no longer twist it.
  3. Now throw the left lower loop into the center.Bracelet made of gum pavement on the fingers
  4. Again we put on 2 rezinochki.
  5. The lower right part of the eight is bound in the middle.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 until the bracelet gets the length we need.
  7. Leave 1 eyelet on each finger and tighten them on the clip-fastener.
  8. Take the first eyelet and put it on the second hook of the fastener. The bracelet is ready.

Now you know the secret of how to weave a bracelet of rubber bands on your fingers, without additional tools. There are many variations of pictures available for execution in this way. This technology is especially useful for children, as it develops not only fingers, but also logical thinking. And for adults, making accessories from silicone irises is a great way to get rid of stress and distract the mind from endless problems.

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