How to weave a bracelet dragon scales made of gum

Today, in the trend are unusual items of colored elastics: bracelets, beads, earrings, cosmetic bags, mobile phone cases, even whole outfits. Not only girls and women master the weaving technique, but also many guys. In this article we will tell you how to weave dragon scales from gum.

Dragon Scale Gum Bracelet

Dragon Scale Weaving Techniques

There are two main techniques of weaving:

  • manual, that is, on the fingers;
  • machine - with the use of "multi-finger" special or machine-slingshot, as well as any means at hand.

Dragon scales from the gum on the machine lags quickly. Generally use the machine more conveniently than weave on your fingers. A large machine is suitable for weaving wide bracelets and linen products from elastic bands.

Weaving from rezinochek dragon scales, made on the machine, will be more dense and neat. Next, we offer a step-by-step explanation of the dragon-scale machine-tool weaving technique.

We master chain mail from colored rubber bands step by step.

"Dragon Scale" or chain mail weaving is one of the most common styles of colored rubber bands.

  1. Before weaving dragon scales from gum, you should decide on the width of the product. A noticeable pattern will be on a wide canvas (at least 8-12 loops). The tongues of the machine set in one row. Quantity - fresh. In work we will use a hook.
  2. For each pair, we put on one rezinochku (eight), crossed from oneself. The first row must necessarily be crossed so that the finished product does not crumble afterwards.
  3. The next row - crossed to his rezinochki. In this series will be one gum less than in the first. Eights connect the columns of the machine: 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9 and so on.How to weave a bracelet dragon scales made of gum?
  4. Now you can start weaving of elastics dragon scales. With a hook we hook the lower gum on the post and throw it over the top. So we do wherever there are two rezinochki on a column.Dragon Scale Gum Bracelet: Crossing the Bars
  5. Starting from the third row, do not twist the erasers with eights. Put on the third row of rubber bands for each pair. Crochet the loop on the post and throw it over the new row.
  6. The fourth row of gum we put on the same columns as the second, not twisting. Repeat the loop from the column on top of the new row.

    Dragon Scale Gum Bracelet: Fourth Row
  7. For ease of weaving, lower the loops lower to the base of the posts.
  8. The fifth and sixth rows, as well as all subsequent ones, repeat the combination of the second and third. In one of the rows of the pair is used one gum less.
  9. After some time, the canvas will begin to form. Dragon scales from gum on the machine resembles a mesh. Weaving continue to the desired length.
  10. Weave the last row. We put on one gum without crossing on four columns. We throw the lower gum over the edge. Then carefully remove the loop from the extreme column and put on the second. We also act with an eyelet on the fourth column, putting it on the third. From the second and third columns we throw the lower loop over the edge. Similarly to the above, we connect the rubber bands of the second and third columns on the third. Then we remove both loops from the post with a special fixing hook.Dragon Scale Gum Bracelet: Last Row
  11. In the same way, we knit loops on other columns. As a result, the canvas "separated" from the machine.
  12. We take the bracelet from the initial end and first rezinochki double worn on the columns in a row. For each pair of columns we put on a new gum exactly. Double loops flip through the new row, removing from the post. Then from the extreme column we throw the loop to the next one, and so on until the end. At both edges of the bracelet should be the same number of loops-connections.
  13. Using the free edge of the fixing hook, we connect the bracelet. Decoration is ready.

Bracelet dragon scales made of colored rubber bands will be a great addition to your look. Such decoration will be a memorable gift to a friend or girlfriend, because you made it with your own hands. And that means - with love!

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