How to wean the dog to write at home

Often there are such situations when even a raised dog begins to write at home, although this has not happened before. What is the reason for this behavior? How to solve the problem? Pet can be weaned from bad habits, using the techniques of training.

First of all, of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the health and well-being of the dog. Not everyone knows that frosts are one of the causes of serious diseases of the genitourinary system, especially for dogs of decorative breeds, which even special clothes will not warm in severe frost.

Dogs-girls can write at home until they reach 2 years of age and, with all their desire, will not be able to cope with it. Experts say that this behavior is observed in animals in the process of hormonal adjustment. It can also provoke improper or poor nutrition, genetics. The hormonal system of the dog comes in order immediately after the first pregnancy. Regarding bad heredity, questions should be asked to breeders from whom a puppy was taken and after the information received to draw conclusions and apply measures.

How to wean the dog to write at home?

There are other reasons why a pet can write at home:

  1. Jealousy;
  2. Lack of attention;
  3. Uncleanedness due to insufficient physical exertion;
  4. Lack of mode.

Those animals that do not have a certain daily routine can not develop certain habits and reflexes. That is why feeding and walking dogs should be carried out at the same time.

Also, a pet can start writing at home if the owner is not an authority for him or in retaliation for an unfair sentence. During training or intercourse, the animal may have felt unpunished for any offense, as a result of which it begins to indulge. Or this may happen because of the overly kind attitude of the host. Therefore, aggressive animals begin to show hostility, but the more peaceful - just begin to urinate at home. In this case, the owner must change his behavior model and stop pampering the pet.

Also, adult dogs may begin to relieve themselves at home due to a lack of attention and jealousy - in this way they try to switch attention to themselves. In this case, the owner should also review their behavior and pay attention to the pet.

How to wean a dog to shit at home?

Of course, weaning a pet to shit at home, while doing nothing - it is simply impossible. But in no case can not punish the animal, it may not understand - for which it received a punishment, and this will only exacerbate the problem.

An example can be disassembled: a dog spoiled in a room in the palace, and the owner saw and scolded her. But the animal, in turn, can understand this situation quite differently, in the future it will hide the consequences of its actions. In this case, the gingerbread method is perfect. When you see that the animal wants to go to the toilet, it should be immediately taken out into the street. If you have time to do it in time, then the pet should be encouraged with a treat.

In raising a dog, it is generally desirable to avoid negativity, that is, there can be no direct link between the punishment and the owner. If, for example, the puppy is about to write at home with you, then at this moment it must be distracted by a loud sound. But the kid should not notice that this loud sound is a consequence of the actions of the owner. After this pet, you can safely take out into the street, so he settled there his need.

How to wean the dog to write at home?

How to wean a dog to mark at home? To disaccustom an animal to mark at home, you can teach him to do it on the street on command. To do this, during a walk, when you see that the dog has peed, you should say a certain phrase (any), and always the same one. Afterwards, it will be much easier for you to explain in this way to the dog what exactly you want from it, because it will develop a definite reflex to this phrase.

But it is better to wean the pet at home while he is a puppy. They are much better trained. But up to 4 months to explain to a pet that it is possible to write only on the street is quite difficult, because they do not understand much, the main thing here is to choose the right tactics. You need to carefully observe the behavior of the animal. Often, they begin to want to write in 1-1.5 hours after a meal. And if you see that the dog wants to write, then it must be immediately taken out onto the street. After the puppy went to the toilet on the street, it should be treated to a treat and praise.

What if the pet began to write on the bed?

Sometimes there is such a problem when the pet starts to spoil at home and even write on the bed. How to wean the animal from this bad habit? For this you will need: a stove bench or booth, vinegar, dog diapers or a tray, a tool such as anti-badins. So, if your dog began to write on your bed, then first of all it should be weaned from the bed and explain that this is not its place.

The pet should have its own place in the house, where his booth or bench will be located. It is also necessary to accustom the animal to the fact that it, on command, would take its place for some time. Also it is necessary to increase the number of walks of the animal, maybe he too often wants to go to the toilet. You can also put a tray at home, put a dog diaper there, so that the animal in the absence of the owner could go there to the toilet. In this case, the dog will disaccustom to write on the bed.

If a young dog pisses on a bed, it may mean that in this way it is fighting for power, marking its territory. In this case, she should simply be shown who is in charge. Also, the pet should begin to engage, while you can not let him bite the owner and feed only after breakfast for yourself. It is also very important not to take the dog to bed.

If the dog wrote on the bedspread, then you should not wash the stain, it is better to wash the thing completely with the powder, which has a strong odor. When rinsing a blanket, you can add a little vinegar to the water, its smell will scare the dog away.

How to wean the dog to write at home?

In the pet store you can buy a special tool that has an unpleasant odor for animals, and treat them to your veil.

In weaning the animal from home needs, the most common mistakes in this case should be avoided:

  • Do not scold or punish the animal after it has settled the need at home;
  • Do not physically punish the dog and do not show open aggression;
  • Before you begin to fix the problem, you should accurately identify its cause;
  • You do not need to leave your pet alone for a long time. Dogs who do not like loneliness can thus avenge their master.

The main thing in raising a pet is patience. No matter how the animal behaves, the owner simply must control himself. Do not distance your dog from yourself, try to understand the reasons for its behavior, because aggressive behavior will deprive you of your pet's confidence. You should also carefully monitor the health of the dog. If he cannot resist the natural needs of the house, it is possible that he needs the help of a specialist!

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