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How to wean the cat to write in the wrong place

Raising a pet is always difficult, but in some cases it becomes especially difficult if all logical chains suddenly collapse. A pet who has obediently followed the routine for some time suddenly begins to "play pranks". Most often this is manifested in ignoring the toilet. What to do? According to experts, it is impossible to stop shitting in the wrong place of a kitten or an adult cat until the problem that led to this situation is resolved. So, before you start training and curse the animal, sort out what was the culprit of this incident.

Why does the cat start to spoil in the wrong place?

Why the cat starts to spoil in the wrong place

Most often this happens if the animal was not originally accustomed to the tray and, with any outstanding opportunity, tried to do its business in an arbitrary (from the point of view of the owners) place. If this continues for several months or even years, that is, we are talking about an adult cat, it is likely that no new tricks and training attempts will give anything. We'll have to come to terms with this fact, because we don’t lock it in a limited area with a tray and a bowl. But what to do if the cat began to spoil in the wrong place, although it used to diligently visited its tray? And why did this happen?

  • In an adult cat, a negative attitude towards the tray is often the cause. This may be its size, which does not allow the animal to feel free. According to professionals, the optimal length should be at least 1.5-2 times the length of the pet. In addition, a large number of smells that plastic absorbs can cause disgust. No matter how well you try to wash it, over time odors accumulate, as a result of which the place is perceived as “dirty”, and cats are extremely clean. In addition, each pet should have its own place: several cats will not go to the same tray.
  • You should talk about smells separately, because the smell of detergent that you clean the tray with can even become a repulsive factor, even if you don’t feel or perceive it as unpleasant. It is best to use ordinary liquid soap without additives, a drop of which foams in a large volume of water. It is also important to take into account the filler material that has its own flavor: it is better if it is absolutely neutral and in no case does not increase after feces.
  • The filler can cause denial not only by smell, but also by structure. Wood pellets often create discomfort for sensitive cat-pillows, and if you want to use natural material, take the sawdust. In general, it is not possible to say here exactly which animal will like it. If one of them is rejected, it is necessary to add about 1/10 of the new part to the old one and watch the reaction of the animal. For 14-20 days you need to slowly replace the material, if the cat has agreed to this option.

Pay attention to where the pet's toilet is located: it must have a clear distinction between both the seating area and the eating area. The close proximity of the bowl and the tray makes the latter "uninhabitable" - the cat will not relieve itself where it eats, even if there are several steps between these zones. Ideally, they should be separated by a wall, that is, these locations are located in different rooms. If we are talking about a one-room apartment, it is recommended to place the tray in the bathroom.

the cat is having problems with the genitourinary system

However, it should be borne in mind that the relationship is not only between food and toilet, but also between peace and need: the animal must be in silence. Therefore, an area with a tray should not be a walk-through or, for example, a living room, where everyone often gathers and turns on the TV. In addition, any unpleasant associations with the tray instantly destroy all the desire to use it.

  • The following psychological factor is connected with the fact that each animal depends on a certain territory. Where it lives, everything must belong to him, and as long as no one tries to challenge it, the cat may be in a relaxed state. But if a new pet appears in the house, it is likely that you will have to claim your rights, and there is nothing easier than marking the corners. Moreover, the same can happen even at the birth of a child, frequent visits of guests or even repairs.
  • If the cat is experiencing problems with the urogenital system or the digestive tract, it suffers from worms, it most often has a sore feeling at the time of the stool. Unlike a person, she begins to look for causes in external factors, and the tray comes across first. Wishing to get rid of discomfort, the animal will begin to avoid it. Also, the cat can crap in the entrance - it is useless to wean her, most likely, the cause was urolithiasis, so it's time to hang the vet. And cats often behave like this after castration.

In addition to problems of a psychological nature, there is also a fact of age: often the old cat starts writing in the wrong place, and even to the owners' things. The same thing happens if she has experienced severe stress associated with the loss of a loved one, and thus involuntarily responds to any reminder of him - and the smell that remains on clothes is one of the strongest beacons.

How to change the habits of the animal?

Most often, the elimination of the above reasons allows to solve the problem, but in some cases it is still necessary to make additional efforts. Since basically everything is tied to psychology, be prepared for the fact that the process of changing habits is long; be patient and remember that in no case should a cat be scolded. The most effective training gives positive notes and memories.

  • If a kitten shits in the wrong place (especially when it comes to what has just appeared in the apartment), it is likely that the breeders paid little attention to him. The kid was frightened by the new situation, new people, and he simply didn’t know how to make contact. He has a fragile psyche, he is in constant tension, so he can simply “forget” about exactly where he needs to defend. Here the solution is quite simple: in addition to fulfilling all the rules of training, the owners must show the new pet that they love him. When the psychological barrier is broken, the kitten quickly mastered.

kitten shits in the wrong place

In order to wean the cat to shit in the wrong place, you need to achieve a restructuring of its associative series: all zones, with the exception of the one that is directly given to the tray, should not be associated with the toilet. First of all, for this purpose it is necessary to remove all the carpets, especially if they have a long pile, so similar to the natural vegetation where animals are used to relieve themselves. According to experts, this is one of the main provocateurs, at least until the pet gets used to this toilet.

  • If a tray rejects, you need to change its location, but it is recommended to do it very slowly. For those who want to wean the kitten to shit in the wrong place, experts advise to first put the tray in a limited area, where the animal is placed, and then gradually make this area more spacious, tracking the process of habituation. After that, you can let your pet walk around the apartment, but watch that he returns to relieve himself only here.
  • If the animal is trying to defecate in certain areas of the house, treat them with any detergent that does not contain ammonia. Citrus essential oils that irritate cats are also well suited. Or there you can put a bowl with food - it definitely will not allow your pet to use this area as a toilet.

As for how to wean the neighbour's cats shit at the entrance or even directly in front of your entrance door, only communication with the owners of the animal, as well as the treatment of all angles with acetic acid and / or essential oils can help. But after this, the room must be well ventilated, because the smell will bring discomfort to the residents.

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