How to wean the cat to tear wallpaper

You can not imagine life without a beloved cat, but it causes significant damage to your furniture and wallpaper? This situation is familiar to many pet lovers. Finding a decent exit is quite possible. It is enough to use the advice of experienced breeders or modern tools offered in pet shops.

Cat pulls wallpaper: what to do?

How to wean the cat to tear wallpaper?

First you need to understand what exactly affects this behavior of the pet.

There are objective factors. It is quite natural that from time to time any cat should put its claws in proper shape. In addition, the point of the claws - it is also a kind of way to mark the territory. When the cat stretches to warm up the muscles, it also pulls out its claws and clings to any surface they like.

Also, the reason for the deterioration of wallpaper can be the presence in the house of another cat. Thus, the animals divide the territory among themselves. Subjective factors are also present. Pieces of wallpaper on the floor may indicate that the sociable cat lacks your attention.

Some of the simplest and most inhumane ways of getting rid of a pet's habit are considered to be the removal and cutting of claws, as well as the use of special silicone claws - small cases. For a cat, it's pretty traumatic. Wallpaper and upholstered furniture will remain intact, but how your intervention will affect the future behavior of your pet is unknown.

How to wean the cat to tear wallpaper: simple tips

How to wean the cat to tear wallpaper?

  • Most experienced cat breeders suggest immediately finding a favorite animal location and placing a claw dog there. You can make it yourself from felt or old carpet. Even easier to buy this fixture in the store. It is preferable if it is made from Physalis. It is better to sprinkle it with catnip, and the places that the pet used to choose for the point of the claws should be sprinkled with "antigadin."
  • You can try to develop the necessary conditioned reflex from your pet. But it will take time and patience. Watch the cat carefully to catch the very moment when it starts sharpening its claws. Here you will need to loudly slam the folded newspaper near the animal. You can even shout - cats really do not like loud sounds. Some advise sprinkling pet in the face with water. Discomfort entrenched in the cat's mind, which will give a greater likelihood of its refusal from the habit.

Is your pet scratching the wallpaper? Try modern ways to deal with the problem.

How to wean the cat to tear wallpaper?

Nowadays, modern systems have appeared on the market for pet products, which help to very effectively combat the bad habits of pets. For example, the American smart spray "anti-cat", consisting of a can of active ingredient (harmless gas) and a special nozzle with a spray and motion sensor (photocell). The photocell captures all the movements of the animal at a distance of up to 1 m. When approaching a smart device, a warning signal sounds unpleasant for the animal, and then a hissing spray is sprayed.

The spray is designed for 300 sprays, works on four AAA batteries. It is convenient to have it not only next to the wall, but also with flower pots on the windowsill, aquarium, cot, kitchen table, at the exit from the apartment - wherever the cat likes to be, but where it is not supposed to be.

There are also on sale and access restriction devices designed to block the movement of animals in forbidden places. All these items, like many others, you can purchase in online stores. In regular animal stores, new items are harder to find.

Home pets bring, unfortunately, not only joy and positive emotions, but also create a number of problems. One of them is when the animal spoils the furniture or scratches the wallpaper. There is a way out of this situation. You can purchase a claw stick or try to raise a cat by a special technique. If these tools do not help, use modern technology - buy special devices that can eliminate your favorite habit.

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