How to wean a kitten biting

Many are accustomed to the fact that cats are problem-free pets. It is believed that the most difficult thing in their content is trying to accustom the animal to the tray. In fact, many cat owners are faced with the fact that at a young age they show signs of aggression - they bite and scratch. This behavior is not only annoying, but also threatens with constantly scratched hands. You can change it, knowing the causes of aggression.

Why a kitten bites: the main reasons

There may be several reasons for bad behavior. With enough persistence and patience a kitten can be weaned from bad habits. The main thing is to deal with the fact that provokes the desire to bite.

How to wean a kitten biting?

Little age. It should be understood that kittens, like children, are born completely unsuitable for the conditions of the surrounding world. Everything that surrounds animals is learned by them through training. Kittens are watching the cat mom, which helps them grow. This process is reminiscent of self-study.

For example, a cat shows them how to react to the violation of their own borders. When playing together or feeding, she may slightly bite babies or hiss at them. This means that the kitten needs to change its behavior. Also, the baby learns to bite and scratch, when mom-cat begins to show how to guard the den and hunt. Ideally, in the process of learning, the kitten learns to distinguish between situations in which aggression can and cannot be shown.

Things are quite different when the animal is taken away too early from the mother. The process of self-learning is violated. As a result, the kitten may show aggression in those cases when it is not necessary. Therefore, if your pet is less than 1.5-2 months, then the reason for the bites may be just a small age and a previously limited contact with the mother.

Wrong education. Cats, like dogs, should be raised. This is especially true for pets of a small age. So, kittens can scratch if you play the wrong way with them. It is worth remembering that you can not swing your arms or use your hands for games. The animal perceives them as prey and cannot stop in time. In addition, such games, during which they touch it for different parts of the body, can cause unpleasant sensations. As a result, the kitten starts to behave even worse. With age, a bad habit is only getting worse.

Health problems. Kittens can bite and because of feeling unwell. This can be both trauma and problems with the teeth.

Character. Oddly enough, but each animal has its own temperament. Sometimes character traits are given to kittens from their parents. So, if one of them was distinguished by aggressive behavior, then the chances of a genetic predisposition to it in the offspring increase significantly.

Psychological features and lack of confidence. If you took a baby whose age is less than 2 months, then he can bite at first. This is due to the fact that the animal is in a stressful situation. In this case, the kitten is hammered into a corner, and reacts to the touch with bites. You will also notice that the animal hisses, and its fur is raised. In this situation, he needs to get used to a new home.

What if the fluffy bit?

How to wean a kitten biting?

To get started is to establish the cause of bad behavior. If an animal begins to bite during games, leave it alone as soon as possible. Try not to swing your arms, but, on the contrary, stand still. This will help scare the kitten. Try not to react and go to another room. The kid must realize that he is doing wrong.

Also, other recommendations that help to understand how to stop a cat from biting, suggest to cause fear in an animal. The most common and painless way is to spray water from a spray bottle on the face. This method should be used periodically. This will help the animal to form a conditioned reflex. In the psyche of the kitten it is postponed that the wrong behavior is accompanied by fear and unpleasant sensations. By the same principle, many cat owners use harsh sounds.

In no case, the aggression of the animal can not be answered with the same coin. This will only worsen the situation. In addition, the kitten will begin to show even more hunting instincts. This again is due to the fact that it perceives your hands as potential prey, which manifested retaliatory aggression.

Another distracting tool is the use of bones for dogs. At that moment when the kitten begins to bite, distract his attention with a dog treat.

How to re-adult cat?

There are other basic rules that prevent aggressive behavior in cats. First of all, try to properly raise the animal. Never play with a cat with your hands. Balls, mice and other toys should be used as toys. It is best to do so that when playing the hands are located far from the animal. It is worth remembering that the rule about banning games with hands applies not only to the pet owner, but to all people in general, including guests. Also, do not be allowed to stroke the cat's tummy. To this he has a natural reaction in the form of biting.

How to wean a kitten biting?

Small kittens are raised the same way cats do mothers. At the age of several months, they are combed to create the illusion of maternal care. In the event that he shows disobedience, light slaps should be used. This will allow you to take the place of mother cats and prevent probable biting. Only in this way can the animal develop normally.

If a kitten can bite during adolescence, then a small amount of force can be used to correct behavior. So the cat can slightly click on the nose. For an animal, this gesture is not so much painful as humiliating. Another 1 way is an easy click on the paws. The cat must understand what hurts you.

In the case when the animal that recently got into your house bites, it is worthwhile to approach the situation patiently. Understand that an aggressive reaction can be a sign of a stressful situation. Try not to impose. If the cat begins to bite in response to affection, it is best to leave it alone. Let him lie down, sleep or go about his business. If he gets bored, he will come to you. Also try to encourage any manifestation of the desire to communicate. So little by little you will help your pet get used to the new environment and psychologically adjust, forgetting about the defensive reaction.

An adult animal should be weaned from the desire to bite through training. Cats do not understand our words. They react to the intonation of the spoken phrases. Therefore, rub yourself to teach the cat to the fact that the phrase "can not", said in an angry voice, means the end of active games with biting.

A separate discussion deserves how to get a purebred kitten, which will not be aggressive. First of all, it is worth experimenting at the breeder's house - bring your hand over the cat and kittens. The gesture should not be very sharp and aggressive. If the animal was raised correctly, it will express bewilderment, and not throw on the palm.

In order to understand how to wean a kitten biting, it is necessary to establish the cause of aggression. This may be poor upbringing, developmental disabilities due to small age or complex nature. The most effective measure in the case of feline aggression is switching attention to toys. You can also scare the animal by spraying water in the face or using a sharp sound. Remember that at a small age you cannot play with kittens with your palms! This provokes aggression.

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