How to wean a dog to bark at home and jump on people

The dog in the house has long ceased to be a simple animal, because many owners consider it a full-fledged member of the family. But very often it happens that the pet becomes a kind of stumbling block between the owners and neighbors in the house because of its constant barking. What to do in this case and how to wean the dog to bark at home?

Answers to these and some other questions can be found in our article.

When does a dog bark?

to wean the dog endlessly bark, you need to resort to the method of training

Of course, to wean the dog endlessly bark, you need to resort to the method of training. But in order to choose the right tactics, first of all you need to understand the reasons for the emergence of barking. Cynologists claim that dogs never show anxiety for no reason. The main reasons for barking can be:

  • Security home. Strangers, odors and rustling at the entrance cause an animal response. Thus the dog warns the person about the danger.
  • Fear of being alone. If you very often leave the house for a long time, the dog begins to show anxiety and worry that it was abandoned. In this case, with its barking, the pet is trying to attract the attention of others.
  • Joyful emotions. Probably, each owner noticed that when the dog is in high spirits, for example, during a game or meeting after a long separation, she expresses her emotions in barking.
  • Despondency and boredom. You should not be surprised at this point, because animals, like man, are characterized by blues. While people may distract themselves in some way, your pet has few options. He either spoils the property or bark.

It is also worth noting that many owners themselves encourage their dog to barking, without even attaching any importance to it. What do we most often do when we hear a woof? That's right, raise the voice on the animal. The dog perceives these cries as a signal that the owner has taken part in this fascinating occupation, and is filled with a sonorous bark even louder. Do not scream shouting "Fu", "Silence." All teams should be given a clear and calm voice.

How to wean a dog to bark at home?

the behavior of the animal under control and stop barking, you can resort to simple methods of learning

To control the behavior of the animal and stop barking, you can resort to simple methods of training. The best option would be to seek help from dog handlers or professional breeders who have good experience in dealing with problem animals. However, if for any reason this is not possible, you can always try to retrain your pet on your own.

How to wean a dog to bark at home when she is alone? Like any other animal, a dog is endowed with a herd instinct, therefore, he feels much calmer when he is in a team. If you have only one dog living at home, and you often have to leave for a long time, then it is better to accustom your pet to loneliness from the first months of life. To do this, leave home every day, gradually increasing the time of his absence.

If the dog is older, you will have to have a lot of patience and endurance before your pet stops whining alone. You can resort to the following methods:

  1. Avoid moments provoking the animal to bark. Very often dogs react sharply to harsh sounds. Therefore, leaving the house, put the entrance call and the intercom in quiet mode, turn off the phone. In a word, save the pet from stressful situations that provoke barking.
  2. Simulate your presence at home. To do this, you can leave the TV or radio at low volume in order to create a general background noise. So the animal will feel more relaxed, knowing that you will be back soon.

Does your pet start barking heart-rending after hearing other dogs on the street?

How to wean a dog to bark at other dogs? Does your pet start barking heart-rending after hearing other dogs on the street? There can be several reasons, like ways of raising an animal:

  • Barking is a kind of colloquial speech, so the dogs convey their emotions to each other. If it bothers you that your dog constantly reacts to extraneous sounds, it is worth teaching the animal to carry out the command "Quiet", "Silence." For the successful execution of the team be sure to reward your pet.
  • Switch the dog's attention to something else. For example, podzovit pet to yourself and give a treat, or take it interesting game.

There are cases when a dog sharply reacts to his relatives due to surprise. This happens if after birth the animal is rarely seen with other dogs. To avoid such consequences, it is recommended from early childhood to give your puppy to play with other animals of the same age. If you have friends who, like you, keep a dog at home, go for a walk together. So your pet will gradually get used to it and will not react sharply at home to barking sounding outside the window.

Other methods of training

training methods should be used according to circumstances

Any methods of training should be used according to the circumstances in which you are, for example:

  • If the dog barks at the guests in the house, it is necessary to train the animal to the command "Fu" and "Silence". Of course, you can just isolate the dog in another room, but where is the guarantee that barking will stop after that?
  • If your dog reacts to extraneous rustling in the stairwell, you can calm the animal by touching its ears.
  • The technique with water works well. The principle of training is based on the fact that during a random barking a little splashing on the animal water.

It is also worth a few words to say that nowadays many veterinary clinics offer surgery to remove the vocal cords from an animal. After this procedure, the dog completely loses its voice. But before you decide on an operation, ask your doctor about the possible consequences.

Weaning pet jump on people

Weaning a dog to jump on a person can be without the use of physical violence

Weaning a dog to jump on a person can be without the use of physical violence, for this you need to perform the following actions:

  1. At the moment when the dog jumps, you should turn your back to the animal. So you show him your indifference. After several useless attempts, the dog itself will understand that it is impossible to do this. Then you should sit down and pet pet.
  2. If you can predict the moment of the jump, then give the dog a strict command "You can not" and push it away a little.
  3. If a dog jumps on people during a walk, then its emotions can be controlled by the movement of the leash and the commands "Near" and "No".

Of course, the correct behavior should be taught to a dog from an early age, but an adult animal is also trainable. Be patient and pay more attention to your pet. A positive result from training can be seen after a few months. The main thing in this difficult task is to raise an animal daily.

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