How to wash with a washing vacuum cleaner

Technologies are developing with each new day, and what used to be just a utopian idea, today is already implemented and facilitates everyday affairs with its functionality. For example, washing vacuum cleaners that filled the product market not so long ago, have already appeared in almost every apartment. And those who have not purchased them, begin to think about buying. But first it is necessary to figure out how to use a washing vacuum cleaner, what are the differences between the models.

How to use a washing vacuum cleaner?

How to wash with a washing vacuum cleaner?

Automatic wet cleaning - the dream of almost every woman. But how much is her washing vacuum cleaner able to realize? This result of technical progress is also not without flaws: you cannot clean a parquet or a carpet with it, if it is not based on artificial materials. The same wool or wood when wetted will emit an unpleasant smell, and they dry rather slowly if they are not subjected to outside help: for example, by drying in the open air.

And if the carpet is still possible to take to the street (when living in a private house), then parquet and laminate flooring do not allow it. Some models of the washing vacuum cleaner treat the surface being cleaned, immediately drawing in and excess moisture, but not all manufacturers brought this function to the ideal. And even if you come across such a model, it is recommended to err, after having treated the parquet and the carpet with a spray that protects against moisture.

The rest of the washing vacuum cleaner, of course, the thing - necessary to use, if used on tile and stone, linoleum, plastic. This is especially true of areas with high permeability, where dry cleaning becomes difficult. In addition, it is much faster and more comfortable to use a washing vacuum cleaner for cleaning the machine, rather than a rag.

In addition, it is indispensable for people who have an allergic reaction to animal hair, and for those who need constant moistening of the air. Another useful function is rarely used: the ability to destroy spilled liquid over a large area (for example, a sudden battery breakthrough). Particularly enterprising hostesses even clean glasses and mirrors with the help of washing vacuum cleaners, although for this you have to acquire additional funds that are different from those that are used for cleaning floors and walls.

Interaction with a washing vacuum cleaner is no more difficult than with a dry cleaning oriented: in 1 of its tanks clean water is poured, in the 2nd one it will leave dirty. Depending on the particular model, the detergent is placed either in the same tank where water is already poured, or in a separate compartment. After that, water and detergent are mixed in the pipe (if they have not been mixed before) and are discharged in a thin dense stream from under the nozzle. At the same time, through the nozzle into the pipe, the air is drawn in along with the dirty foam that forms on the surface being cleaned.

The amount of water, like the pressure of the jet, can be adjusted, but not all models of vacuum cleaners allow you to do this in the process of working with them. Some need to set all the parameters before cleaning. High power - the guarantor of the fact that the carpet does not have time to get wet before the air flow begins to take moisture from it, and the vacuum nozzle - no need to personally monitor the process of water intake and suction. And here it should be understood that the indicator is not the power consumption, which can have figures at 1600W, and the suction power - 400W is considered its upper bar. It is important to focus on it if you wish to clean the carpets without subsequent drying.

How to wash with a washing vacuum Zelmer?

How to wash with a washing vacuum cleaner?

Each model of vacuum cleaner has its own peculiarities of use, so there is no single instruction for them. However, within a single manufacturer, the technology is often the same. For example, with washing vacuum cleaners of the Zelmer brand, everything is as simple as possible: after the purchase, the equipment is ready to work. You need to choose a specific nozzle, among which the classical brush, which collects dust, and a simple triangle nozzle for wet cleaning are called the most universal. After that, the dust bag is removed, replaced by an aqua-filter, which is immediately filled with water. At the same time, the water is poured into the tank, where the detergent is introduced. The tank and filter are attached to the vacuum cleaner and it is ready to go.

For wet cleaning it is only important to properly fix the nozzle that connects to the water hose, and it, in turn, must be connected to the main hose, for which the manufacturer proposes to use clips (brackets). A water pressure regulator is attached to the pipe, and after that the vacuum cleaner can be plugged in. Power is regulated by buttons on its case. The very same process of cleaning with a washing vacuum cleaner zelmer is similar to what is done with other vacuum cleaners of this type. On the handle, the water supply button is clamped, the required area is moistened, and the button is lowered, after which a secondary passage occurs in the same area, and moisture is drawn into the vacuum cleaner.

After cleaning, all parts, including the filter, are rinsed with running water and dried naturally.

Vacuum cleaner: consumer reviews

In general, such a novelty is accepted by the Russian and European consumers positively, but to say that absolutely all washing vacuum cleaners justify their cost is impossible. The contrast of the reviews confirms this: not all manufacturers can make the perfect helper for wet cleaning. Who did it better?

Vacuum cleaners of the German brand Thomas have long received the highest score from customers, but this applies to classic models with dry cleaning. The combined options here are still not perfect. In particular, a copy called Aquafilter causes complaints. Even if some women and men are ready to ignore the weight and dimensions of the vacuum cleaner, since its use is not daily, the inconvenience of assembly is no longer noticeable.

How to wash with a washing vacuum cleaner?

  • First, the dirt collected during cleaning completely clogs the insides of the vacuum cleaner, as a result of which it is necessary to wash not only the empty tank, but also other parts, including the detergent container. Therefore, this process takes a lot of free time. Secondly, the elements of the assembly are fixed poorly, as a result of which some women referred to the constantly falling off tube feeding the detergent inside. Thirdly, the scheme of switching modes from dry to washing was also rewarded with negative feedback: this requires disassembling and reassembling the equipment, which again does not save time. Thomas’s washing vacuum cleaner performs its cleaning function quite well, but the shortcomings mentioned earlier spoil all the pleasure of such cleaning.
  • Interestingly, even the low-end models of the Moulinex brand deserved much more enthusiastic responses to their address. But the most popular washing vacuum cleaners today are products again of the German brand Kärcher. In its dimensions, it, like any other vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning, can not be compared with the usual: bulky, heavy. But even women in the reviews of the model SE5100 admitted that the size does not deliver special inconvenience. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner copes with its duties perfectly: after it, the carpets do not remain wet.
  • In addition, it is this model that has a large tank capacity for clean water (5 liters) and dirty (6 liters). Therefore, the owners of large premises will not have after each sq.m. change the water and look for the sockets closer - the cord allows you to work at a distance of 5 m. A pleasant bonus in the configuration is 5 nozzles: for classic dry cleaning, for wet, soft silicone, as well as for cleaning furniture and corners. Noise during operation at a level not above the noise of ordinary vacuum cleaners
  • But among motorists, judging by the reviews, Vax brand washing vacuum cleaners are popular. Women work with them more difficult than men because of the size of the equipment, but the power and ease of management justify themselves. Most models have several modes of wet cleaning, which switch instantly.

Summing up, it can be argued that a washing vacuum cleaner as a category of household appliances is a great helper in cleaning, but it only pays off in large rooms: it’s inconvenient to work with it in a small apartment. It also makes sense to buy a washing vacuum cleaner in the presence of pets that leave wool: he will cope with this instantly. Otherwise, reviews show that dry cleaning can be no less effective.

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