How to wash the grass with clothes

A real expert in removing stains is not afraid of any tasks, but for many housewives difficult pollution is the whole problem! For example, it’s not so easy to remove green stains from grass.

Grass stains: how to remove?

Only fresh green contaminants can be removed, so as soon as you find them, you need to immediately start washing. Do not put clothes stained with grass in a basket of dirty things., grab detergent immediately. Universal are considered laundry soap or soap "Antipyatin." Get ready to scour the stain for a long time, it is better to soak the product even for a while. With old pollution in this way can not cope.

How to wash the grass with clothes?

But fresh stains are not always amenable to quick removal. In this case, it is recommended to add ammonia to the laundry soap. This is done in such a way, the soap is finely rubbed, whipped into a foam (so it becomes the most active), and ammonia is mixed into the whipped shavings. The mixture is applied to the fabric, you need to let it soak for about 5 minutes, then the clothes are washed in the usual way.

Saline solution can help against old stains. 250 ml of water take 1 tbsp. l salt (water should be warm). Contaminated area of ​​clothing is placed in a salt solution for 15 minutes, after the thing is washed with the use of high-quality powder.

How to wash grass stains?

Before you start washing, you need to recognize the exact origin of green pollution. First rub the cloth and smell it, the grass leaves on the clothes the smell of freshness and greenery.

  1. To remove contamination, try the following method. Mix 1 tbsp. warm water, 1 tsp. ammonia. This solution should be moistened abundantly with cloth. After soaping the stain with soap and leave for 30 minutes. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times.
  2. The stain from the grass can be wiped with a cotton swab dipped in clear (not fruit) 6 or 9 percent vinegar. It is also advised to use citric acid solution. After applying the product, in the case of vinegar or citric acid, thoroughly rinse the clothes.
  3. A mixture of ammonia and 3% hydrogen peroxide solution is effective against stains on white tissue.
  4. Do not give up the usual stain removers, washing powders with enzymes. Carefully rub in the stain of powder or stain remover, soak for a few hours, then wash, better by hand. Remember that all experiments with the removal of grass stains should be started from a sample, perhaps a stain remover or solvent will spoil the fabric.

How to wash the grass with jeans?

Jeans are clothes made of durable fabric; therefore, on the one hand, stronger means can be used to combat pollution, on the other hand, natural dye penetrates deeper into the dense matter, which complicates the process of removing stains.

How to wash the grass with clothes?

Wash the grass with a jeans aid solution of acetic and oxalic acid. Take 1 tsp. acids (concentration 30 percent), pour 1 tbsp. warm water. Denim is a dense fabric, so it should not deteriorate under the influence of such stain removers. The effectiveness of acids is due to the fact that they discolor chlorophyll and remove even old stains. To remove stains from jeans, you can even use a stiff brush.

How can we wash the grass?

Bleach is easy to remove the stain of grass from a white cloth. Just soak in water with the addition of whiteness or other means with a similar effect.

To combat complex contaminants, you can use various detergents used in the household. Take a brush, put some dishware on it and rub it actively until you achieve the desired effect.

Preventing a problem is easier than finding ways to solve it. Therefore, to avoid difficult stains, be careful in nature, do not sit on the grass. Children for active games wear things that are invisible grass stains. So you will save your time and money.

Most housewives remove complex stains at home, especially since there are currently a lot of chemicals and traditional methods for combating pollution. You can use whiteness, stain removers, washing powders with enzymes, as well as salt, soap and ammonia and acetic acid. The main rule is not to postpone washing clothes with grass stains for later, to cope with fresh dirt is much easier.

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