How to wash the blood

Every person, even the most careful, stains on clothes periodically appear. Particular difficulties associated with blood pollution. Such stains are noticeable on any things, dry quickly and are rather difficult to remove. There are enough ways to clean the blood from clothes without the help of dry cleaning.

How to wash blood from clothes?

The most important thing is not to try to clean the blood stains in hot water. Under the influence of temperature, proteins that are contained in the blood coagulate between the fibers of the tissue. In this case, the pollution will be even stronger in the clothes, then it will be very difficult to wash it off.

Remove fresh blood from the tissue is not difficult. The main thing is not to waste time and immediately begin its removal, when clothes get dirty. It is necessary to wash the blood in cold (and preferably ice water). Soak the soiled item, add any detergent, and after 20-30 minutes, lightly rub the contaminated area. The blood is washed out, leaving no trace.

How to wash the blood?

A good tool is a laundry soap. It contains a large amount of alkali, so it can remove even complex biological contamination (sweat, blood). Liberally lather the contaminated area with soap, leave for 1 to 2 hours, then rinse in cold water. Repeat as necessary.

The effect of soaking will improve if you add a few tablespoons of salt to the water and soak the thing for 12 hours. After that, wash the thing with soap or a regular powder.

Before soaking a thing, apply a few drops of hydrogen peroxide (more accurate with colored things) to the pollution or rub the stained place with a wetted peroxide tablet. Then wash the blood by adding detergent or powder. Before using this method, first check on the inconspicuous place the reaction of the thing to the whitening substance.

You can save blood soiled clothes with ammonia. Mix 1 tbsp. l ammonia from 1 tbsp. cold water. Apply the prepared solution to the dried dirt and rub the stained place. After dilute 1 tsp. Boers in 1 tbsp. water and apply to the pollution on top of the alcohol solution. When the item is treated this way, rinse it in cold water.

To increase the effectiveness of any natural remedies, you can use special powders and stain removers designed to remove biological contaminants. They contain oxygen, which copes with stains on clothes.

How to wash the blood?

What to do with the blood?

An effective method to get rid of dried blood is to apply warm glycerin on the stains. Warm up the bottle of glycerin in warm water, soak a cotton pad in it and wipe the blood stain with it. It will disappear before your eyes. After that, rinse the item in cool water.

If you have soiled clothes made of thin fabrics, starch will help you. Mix the starch and water, apply the mixture on the old blood stains. Apply gruel on both sides of clothing (outer and purl). When the starch is completely dry, shake it off the fabric. Then rinse the clothes in cold water with a little vinegar.

To flush dried blood, you can prepare a chemical to wash the blood yourself. True, in some cases, he can wash the dyes with clothes. Therefore, before using it, check the reaction of the fabric in the barely visible area. Buy sodium tetraborate at a hardware store, mix it with ammonia and water in a ratio of 2: 1: 20. Apply the prepared solution to the bloody stain, then wash the item in the washing machine.

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How to wash the blood?

  • After the appearance of blood stains on jeans, you need to wash it as soon as possible. If you are outside, buy a bottle of cold mineral water and use it. Try to avoid rubbing pollution over a larger area than it already occupies. If the trouble occurred at home, immediately soak the jeans in cold water without adding detergents.
  • For washing jeans, you can use powder or stain removers. Soak them in a basin with a concentrated solution of dry or liquid detergent completely so that their color does not change after washing. After half an hour, wash your jeans with your hands and rinse with warm water, or rather wash in a washing machine.
  • If hand washing does not help, try using the machine in intensive mode. It involves heating the water, but if the blood does not wash out immediately at a low temperature, it means that it has already managed to clot. Choose intensive washing of a full cycle with rinsing and a spin.
  • Among popular methods, soda well washes blood. Dissolve 50 g in 1 liter of water, soak a stain in the medium and place in cold water for half an hour. After soaking, wash the jeans by hand or in a washing machine.
  • If you are dirty white jeans, use bleach or a strong stain remover. Soak jeans in a solution of bleach or stain remover, then add the same agent to the water during washing. Above all, when choosing a bleach, give preference to chlorine-free products, as it can damage the fabric.

No one is immune from stains. The traces of dried blood are quite a big problem when they are washed, but you can cope with them by using special tools in a timely manner. However, none of the methods and compositions guarantee 100% of the result. If you didn’t manage to remove the stain, don’t be in a hurry to throw the thing away, contact a dry-cleaner.

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