How to wash kitchen towels

All housewives face such a problem as washing kitchen towels. It is very important to keep them clean and change as often as possible. Towels that you wipe, hands, tables and dishes become the store for many harmful microorganisms. Wash them preferably every week. Often there are difficult to remove stains from fat and other products on the towels, an unpleasant smell appears. What to do in such cases?

Like how to wash kitchen towels?

Normal washing is suitable for not particularly soiled towels. This method should be used if you change them every 2-4 days. It is not necessary to soak, washing can be done manually or in a washing machine. The temperature of the water in the machine for white towels should be about 95 degrees, and for color 60. The powder should also be selected appropriate for white or colored linen.

Very dirty towels need pre-soaking and even boiling. The best option is to soak them for 4 hours in a laundry detergent with ordinary baking soda. Soda enough 100 grams, but this method is only suitable for white linen. Color from such soaking can lose its attractive appearance. Soaking for 1-2 hours in bleach or Domestos will give the maximum effect, but again this method is applicable for white towels. Colored best soaked in salt water. Proportion: 1 liter of water per 1 tbsp. l food salt. Such a soak will help get rid of tomato and coffee stains. After washing the towels in the washing machine with the same program as in the previous version. To preserve whiteness, you can boil white products in water with powder and bleach.

How to wash kitchen towels?

To remove grease from kitchen linen, apply dishwashing solution to stains and put a towel in the basin for 1 day, and then wash it normally.

Lazy wash. This method will help you out in the situation when the washing machine is broken, and you do not want to erase it manually. The method is very effective and proven. Take a bucket and fill it with hot water, add bleach - 2 tbsp. l and the same amount of any vegetable oil, 1 tbsp. washing powder. Now mix everything very well, the powder should dissolve completely. Put dirty towels in the solution; they should be soaked with water. Cover the bucket with a lid and leave it for 12 hours. Then remove the laundry from the bucket and rinse it in warm water and then in cold water.

A way to get rid of the unpleasant smell of kitchen towels. Towels well lather with simple soap and dip into water at room temperature with pre-dissolved potassium permanganate (the color of the water should be a delicate pink shade). Leave it in this form all night, and just rinse in the morning.

You can remove traces of mold on towels in this way. Linen must be held in water with vinegar for 10-15 minutes, and then rinsed with clean running water.

Wash towels from the kitchen separately from other things and bedding, because they can accumulate harmful microorganisms and fungi.

Remove fat spots with clothes and towels

It is difficult to remove fat stains, especially if they are old. Therefore, it is important to wash the thing immediately after it has a stain. First you just need to blot the cloth with a clean, dry cloth.

Effective ways to remove grease stains:

How to wash kitchen towels?

  • Fresh stains can be easily removed using edible salt or chalk powder. Pour salt or chalk on the stain and leave it for a few hours, and then just clean the spot with the stain with a brush.
  • If the stain is formed from vegetable oil, it can be removed with iron and plain paper. Fold the paper in several layers and apply on the stain, and then iron the towel with an iron. This procedure should be done not once, but until the paper remains clean.
  • In some cases, stains are well removed with gasoline.
  • A mixture of turpentine and ammonia in a ratio of 1: 1 perfectly cope with any types of stains on various tissues.
  • A mixture of acetone and gasoline will also help; after applying these substances, the stain will need to be wiped with ammonia.
  • Old-fashioned fat stains of any kind can be successfully removed with turpentine. The process will be long and laborious, because the pollution has already strongly ate into the fibers of the fabric. You may have to do the procedure in several stages.
  • With light things and towels, you can quickly and easily remove dirt from the fat with an aqueous solution of ammonia. 1 tsp alcohol should be diluted with 2 tsp pure water.
  • A solution of grated soap, ammonia and turpentine can remove stains not only from towels, but also from clothing made of delicate fabrics. All components must be mixed in a ratio of 2: 2: 1. Spread a patch of fabric with a stain with the mixture, and after 2 hours rinse well.
  • Flour from potatoes will help to remove greasy stains. It is diluted with plain water to obtain a thick slurry and rub the stain. After a few minutes, the stain is wiped with a cloth soaked in gasoline. Then you need to rinse the thing.

How to make a towel soft after washing?

Almost everyone faced with such a problem as the stiffness of terry towels after washing. Many believe that rude substandard options, and if you buy a thing more expensive, it will always be soft. It's a delusion. Towels become stiff due to washings in hard water, and other factors that have little effect. The quality of the powder may also matter. To keep the towels soft and pleasant to the touch, follow a few simple rules for caring for them:

How to wash kitchen towels?

  • Wash dry detergents and powders terry towels do not like. Wash clothes with liquid products, it will always remain soft and soft.
  • If you know for sure that water is hard in your region, add table vinegar when washing it. At 10 liters of water, put about 0.5 tbsp. vinegar.
  • If you do decide to wash the towels with a regular powder, put an extra rinse into the washing program. Thus, a maximum of powder will be washed off the fabric and the towels will retain their softness.
  • Do not wash towels in water saving mode and at high speeds.
  • You can not boil terry towels, they will become tough and the appearance will deteriorate significantly.
  • To make the towels soft and fluffy, put them in the kitchen salt solution for 30 minutes.
  • Pour cold water into the bath and put the towels in there, leave them until morning. Then rinse in running water and dry. This procedure will help remove excess powder and detergent from the fabric.
  • Dry towels outdoors in the open air.
  • In some stores, a special ball is sold to break the terry and fluff. It is placed in a washing machine, it is an effective way to give softness to towels without the use of chemicals.
  • Rinse off clothes as rarely as possible; they contribute to stiffness.
  • Use fabric softeners that contain silicone.
  • Not recommended to iron terry towels. In extreme cases, you can use a steam ironing device or a steam iron.
  • Do not put wet towels in the laundry basket; they will get a musty smell and may become moldy. Dry the towel before putting it in the basket.

Keeping kitchen towels clean is not so difficult. The most important thing is to change them as often as possible. Purchase a large number of towels and wash them separately from other things. For the kitchen it is most convenient to use white towels made from natural fabrics. If they are very dirty, they can be boiled and not be afraid of using various means to remove stains.

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