How to upgrade furniture

According to Feng Shui, in order for the space in the house to be harmonious, periodically you need to change the furniture, in particular the chairs. However, this pleasure is not cheap. Therefore, the needlewomen found an original way out - tailoring the chair covers with their own hands.

If you want to make a cover on a chair yourself, the patterns will tell you how to do it. New chair covers with backrest and without them will refresh the interior, and wedding chair covers will give a special character to the decoration of the hall - this is not a reason to master their tailoring!

Cover the chair with your own hands

The advantages of covers on furniture, sewn independently

Covers for furniture can not only refresh the tired interior, but also hide flaws in the upholstery and protect it from rapid wear. In addition, making a cover on the chair with your own hands, patterns can be varied and thus stylized furniture to your liking. Covers are of particular relevance when a small child appears in the house, since they can often be washed and not be afraid that the baby will spoil the upholstery.

As a rule, covers are sewn of two types:

  • on certain occasions (weddings, anniversaries);
  • for a specific room (nursery, kitchen or study).

Advantages of furniture covers

Depending on the purpose choose the fabric and finish.

What do you need for sewing chair covers?

To sew a cover on a chair, it is not necessary to be a professional dressmaker. Enough to have a general understanding of the work on the sewing machine and knowledge from the school course of mathematics to build patterns. Start by choosing a fabric. For the manufacture of covers suitable:

  • plush;
  • silk;
  • teak;
  • chintz;
  • thick drapery fabric.

Plush and silk are perfect if you need wedding chair covers: the very beautiful texture of the fabric will give the celebration a special chic. Tick ​​and chintz are more democratic, they are easy to wash and easy to sew. If you decide to approach the matter professionally and make covers for several years, then drapery fabrics are an excellent choice. In any case, you will need an average cut of about two meters.

What do you need for sewing chair covers?

Of course, to sew a cover on a chair with your own hands, a pattern is required, but sewing tools are equally important:

  • sewing machine;
  • scissors;
  • thread (preferably thickness No. 5);
  • needle (medium thickness);
  • tape measure;
  • pattern paper, ruler and pencil;
  • tailor chalk.

How to quickly build a pattern?

If you make a pattern of a chair cover with a back, then the basic model is constructed as follows.

  1. The length line of the backrest and the seat is measured and deposited on paper.
  2. In the widest place of the seat or back, the measure is taken and transferred to the drawing.
  3. On the resulting rectangle, a line of the seat and back is marked, and one more height of it is added to the back so that it turns out to be double.
  4. Next, you should separately cut a rectangle that will be sewn to the seat. Its length is determined by the desired length of the cover.
  5. All the details of the pattern are transferred to the fabric. Chalk marks allowances - 8 cm for every detail.
  6. After this, the parts are swept away and trimmed. If necessary, excess allowances are carefully cut off.

How to quickly build a pattern of chair covers with backrest?

Once the base of the cover is ready, needlewomen can connect their creativity and decorate the product with original decoration. This may be a bow on the back or a frill-skirt at the bottom. If you want to make a frill, remember that the calculation of the fabric on it is done like this: the sum of the sides of the seat is multiplied by three. Then the cover skirt will drape beautifully.

How to quickly build a pattern of chair covers with backrest?

How to quickly build a pattern of chair covers with backrest?

The original interior design requires not only an apartment, but also a country house, a summer house. In this case, you will suit bright chair covers that are sewn easily and quickly. In our case, the seat has a round shape, the back is also round. To create a pattern:

  1. Measure the diameter of the seat and set aside on the drawing equal to the segment. Draw a circle from your hand - geometric accuracy is not necessary, since draping the fabric will hide minor inaccuracies.
  2. Measure the height and width of the backrest.
  3. Draw a triangle for the bow. The wider the base of the triangle, the wider the bow will be.
  4. The rectangle for the skirt can not be indicated in the drawing, but immediately cut out of the fabric.

How to quickly build a pattern of chair covers with backrest?

The most common models of this type of products are chair covers in the kitchen. This is the most popular room in any house, which means that the furniture is quickly erased and dirty. To quickly cut a comfortable rectangular cover model into a chair in the kitchen, you need:

  1. Transfer the length and width of the seat and back to the paper.
  2. Cloth back to make with a train. Its length is determined by your desire.
  3. Draw four rectangles to insert into each corner joint of the back and the seat - so the skirt on the cover will look original on the sides.
  4. For the sidewalls of the chair, cut out a separate panel so that the cover on the seat is made of three fragments — the front, side, and the seat itself.

How to make an original case without sewing?

How to make the original cover on the chair without sewing?

Starting to open the cover on a chair without a back, you build up the figure of the chair seat on paper, putting aside a segment of width and length. Add on 15-20 centimeters to each side and cut out. Allowances are needed in order to secure the cover under the seat with a band or a construction stapler. Excess allowance after fixing the cover is allowed to cut. Cases without tailoring can be beautifully decorated to your taste. For this fit ribbon, braid or lace.

stool cover

How to update the furniture: with our own hands we sew on simple patterns a cover on a chair with a back and without

white cover on a chair with your own hands

It is easy to make a cover on the chair with your own hands - the patterns only need to be as accurate and simple as possible. In this case, you will only have to attract fantasy to help and set aside a little time for the furniture to once again delight the eye.

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