How to trim a cat's claws

Many homes have home pets - cats. They are beautiful and unique, have a unique and wayward character. And it is a pity when a beloved cat releases its claws in the wrong place, leaving behind torn sofas and armchairs, wallpaper and furniture. To avoid these troubles, you just need to cut her claws and make it painlessly and correctly.

How to cut the cat's claws?

To begin, take the cat on its knees and lay it on its side, slightly pressing it with both hands, or more simply putting it on both sides so that it cannot escape and escape. Hold the scissors in your right hand. The cats' claws are normally hidden, so gently press the paw finger with which you decide to start, and hold the pad of the paw between your index finger and thumb. In this position, the claw should appear. Now you need to see where the cat is a sensitive area.

Almost all cats have light claws, so you can see the nerve endings and blood vessels, they give pink color to the base of the cat's claws, creating a sensitive area. The best distance at which to cut is 2 mm from the sensitive area. Try not to touch the sensitive area, otherwise damage the claw and hurt the cat, causing bleeding. In this case, place the scissors perpendicular to the animal's claw and cut from top to bottom. Bright claws with sharp scissors can be trimmed at once.

How to trim cat's claws with a trimmer?

In any pet store you can buy special scissors for trimming claws in cats - trimmer. If you decide to use a guillotine trimmer, its cutting blade should not be facing the animal, but towards the animal. Cut the claws not to the side, but from the top down and only the very tip where it is rounded. Now place the tip of the claw into the corresponding hole in the trimmer and press the blade handle, which will cut as it passes through the claw.

Do not damage the blood vessel passing through the claw. On the light claws it can be seen. At the same time, you can direct the trimmer knobs wherever you prefer towards the ceiling or the floor. If the trimmer has a dull blade, be sure to replace it.

How to trim the claws of an adult cat?

It is best to use a special clipper. Simple nail scissors can not cut off the cat's claw, especially if it is already very adult, and under the tweezers its claws will begin to crumble. Then, in order not to carry the infection, disinfect the cat's claws. To do this, dampen cotton wool in tinctures of calendula or other alcohol-containing solution. Take the cat and sit him on your lap with your back. Take a position that the cat could not twitch. Take the paw, which you decided to start, gently press on it, so that the cat releases its claws. And you can wipe them with cotton. Look at the light and remember where the vessel ends. Cut the claws, only to this place. If the cat's claws are of a dark color, then cut only the slightly curved end of the claws, it is somewhere 2-3 mm.

Begin to cut the cat's claws strictly at a right angle so that it does not exfoliate, and not from side to side, but from top to bottom. As soon as you finish trimming the claws, saw off their tips. Inspect all the paws so that there are no protruding claws anywhere. If you see them, then use the non-rough surface of the nail file. After the entire procedure, praise the cat and give him a favorite treat. You did a great job with him.

How to quickly cut the claws of a cat?

Find an apron with pockets in front to place a nail file and a nail clipper. Wrap the cat in a sheet and place it on your knees or on a table that is well lit and the animal will not slip on it. Release the first paw first and press down on its pad with your fingers from above and below. Remove the scissors and start cutting in small pieces at a distance of 2 mm from the sensitive area. Make cuts transverse, but not oblique. Rough ends of claws polish with a file. Give your cat a tasty treat.

How to cut the cat's claws: a few recommendations

  • For so that the process of grooming the claws of a cat is as painless as possible, it is best to teach it to this process since childhood. You can try to mow the cat's claws when she is sleeping, but if she wakes up, then set aside until the next time.
  • Do not place the scissors parallel to the cat's claw, otherwise the claw will exfoliate.
  • The sharper the scissors, the better the cut, but you can also use a nail file to smooth out the notches at the tip of the claw.
  • Cats have claws that are located on each paw on the inside, these are deer claws. Such claws must be cut, since, without being washed themselves, they are able to grow into the pad and into the circle.
  • If you cut the claw very deeply, treat it with hydrogen peroxide to stop the blood. Blood should stop within 5 min.

Cats living at home, can not grind claws as expected. Therefore, the hostess should help the animal, so that its claws do not begin to break, damage the pads and incorrectly curl.

Almost all cats do not like to do something with their paws. It happens that some cats can sit quietly on their knees, calmly waiting for the hostess to finish her manipulations with their claws, but with others, and most of them, you need to use force and sit the cat so that it does not break loose and unintentionally hurt yourself paw scissors.

The process of clipping claws requires care and accuracy from the hostess, because it is fraught with injuries both for her and for the cat. Therefore, it is important to carefully study how to properly trim the claws of a cat, so as not to harm it and save its furniture from its sharp claws.

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