How to treat lichen cat

Lichen free - this is a contagious fungal infection that affects the skin and coat, known as dermatophytosis. Ringworm can be transmitted to humans and is caused mainly by fungi of 2 types of Microsporum canis or Tricho-phyton mentagrophytes.

Microscopic spores of fungi nest at the base of the coat, and the disease takes various forms: from the loss of large areas of wool, manifested in the formation of round bald spots with coarse skin. Sometimes the animal has no visible symptoms of the disease, but you may notice a change in the skin in your area that has been in contact with the cat. Infection can also occur from things used by a sick animal (bedding, bowls for food and water).

In Persians and long-haired cat breeds, thick fur creates a favorable environment for the development of spores.

Fungal infections usually spread through direct contact with animals.

Fungal infections are usually spread through direct contact with animals, but also through blankets, toys, baskets, transportation, etc. Lichen can be transmitted by rodents.

Spores of the fungus are able to maintain their performance for several months or even years. Fleas can be carriers of ringworm. Through the bites of insects that have sucked the blood of sick animals, the lichen is transmitted to the skin by others.

Contribute to the development of the disease:

  • dirty wool and dandruff;
  • adverse weather conditions;
  • various damage to the skin;
  • weakened organism.


The development of the disease can last from several days to 3 months. The victims first appear round small bald spots, then they grow to wide areas. The spots have the appearance of flaky flaky crusts, covered with small scales that look like gray mist. They can also take the form of individual yellowish crusts. Extensive bald patch with visible inflammatory lesions, often accompanied by generalized seborrhea. The skin is reddened and swollen, there are scabs and pustules on it.

The skin around the head is affected more often, as well as the side parts of the body, buttocks, claws.

Disease clinic

Scale with lichen, sparkle like emeralds

To determine the disease in clinics, an ultraviolet light lamp with a wavelength of 365-366 nm (Wood's lamp) is used. Lime scales, sparkle like emeralds. The accuracy of diagnosing the glow is especially great: 60-70%. Samples of wool and pieces of skin are taken to clarify the diagnosis.

A dermatologist prescribes treatment for a person.

How to treat lichen cat?

The hair of the cat is shaved to make the treatment more effective. Therapy involves the use of external fungicides in combination with the use of internal pharmacological agents. Treatment lasts at least 2 months after symptoms of the disease disappear. The vet will give you detailed information about this.

The treatment is long and difficult. Previously, in accordance with the law, such animals were euthanized (so that there was no source of infection). Now there are effective drugs, and the situation has improved a lot. Specific vaccines, antibiotics are used, injections are made, skin antiseptics, boiling.

You have to isolate the sick cat and constantly disinfect the room. Do not forget about sanitizing the hands of a person caring for a sick animal. It is recommended to begin treatment as soon as the first signs become noticeable, then the disease will pass without serious complications.

"Vacterm - F" is the newest vaccine that reliably protects and protects the animal from the disease. Pet vaccinated 2 times with an interval of 10-14 days. Protection is formed on the 25-30 day after the 2nd injection and lasts for at least 12 months.

Home treatment

the disease terrified the owners of animals for fear of infection

Until recently, the disease caused horror in the owners of animals, because of the fear of infection, if you treat a cat deprive at home, and also because of the lack of effective treatments. Today, ointments and aerosols have been developed, for example: thiabendazole and miconazole ointment, the Polish drug Miko-Stick, which are rubbed into the affected skin areas in accordance with the recommendations of the veterinarian.

Properly selected ingredients, such as colloidal copper nanoparticles, natural tea tree oil, are disinfected, and propolis extract protects the affected areas and supports the healing process.

Another effective drug for depriving people of animals is the "Miko-Dermis" from the specialized line "Vet-line", which can be purchased at veterinary pharmacies and clinics.

When treating a fungal infection, along with the use of fungal agents, in the form of lotions, gels, ointments or creams, oral medications are most commonly used. Treatment lasts an average of 4 to 6 weeks. Your vet may also recommend antifungal shampoos.

Security measures

  1. The best way to minimize the risk of transmitting a fungal infection to other animals and humans is to isolate the patient and maintain hygiene.
  2. To protect themselves and others, it will be necessary to take decisive steps: throw out all the fabrics with which the animal had contact (or wash them at 90 degrees), disinfect materials that cannot be washed, vacuum the entire house, then throw the bag out of the vacuum cleaner .
  3. Regularly check the condition of your cat's skin and coat, comb and clean the coat. External parasites must be eliminated immediately, otherwise the inflammatory process will lead to more serious skin lesions.
  4. Be extremely careful when dealing with stray animals, take care of yourself and children from direct communication with them.
  5. The disease can penetrate the house along with dirt on sneakers and other shoes.
  6. You can become infected at an exhibition of animals.

Preventive measures

  1. Good living conditions.
  2. Hygiene.
  3. Regular visits to the vet.
  4. The use of vaccines against fungal infections.

Remember, before treating ringworm in cats, the first thing you should do when you suspect an illness is to consult a qualified veterinarian. It will be the best and right solution for your pet.

Deprive is difficult to diagnose early, and even harder to treat, so that we must do everything possible to prevent it. There are many vaccines that protect against some forms of ringworm. But, first of all, cat owners should take care that the animals are well-fed and healthy. An important factor is proper hygiene. For the daily care of your pet's skin and hair can help various compositions and shampoos for animals.

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