How to transplant dracaena

Houseplants Dracaena refers to perennials. Some species in height can reach about 3 m. For home breeding it is better to opt for more compact forms.

Green dracaena is grown from seeds, but, basically, this flower breeds by cuttings. Due to the growth in the first years of life, the dracaenum must be transplanted.So that after transplantation she could quickly settle down, it is very important to know how to transplant dracaena.

How to transplant dracaena?

How to transplant dracaena?

  • Adult or growing the dragon tree is usually transplanted once every 2 years in spring. If it grows fast enough, then every year.
  • For transplanting you will need a larger pot. Pebbles or shards are placed on the bottom, this will help ensure good drainage.
  • Then a substrate is made from a mixture of peat and earth. If possible, it is best to mix peat, sand, leaf and sod land. Excellent soil for soil, which is used in the cultivation of palm trees and cacti.
  • Dracaena has an extensive root system. To choose the right flower pot for her, you can focus on these sizes: a 40 cm flower requires a diameter of 15 cm. Also powerful dracaena root system develops quite quickly, therefore, it is better to take the pot not very wide, but tall. Replanting it, keep the root ball completely.

How to transplant dracaena?

  • Before transplanting dracaena, spray the roots of a flower with a preparation that stimulates their growth.Sealing is best done along the walls, this will avoid voids in the center.
  • Before transplanting dracaena, the soil should be moistened, this will allow to press the soil to the roots. If you overdo it with moistening, the risk of rotting the roots of the plant grows, which will cause the death of the flower.
  • After transplantation, dracaena needs a moderate amount of moisture. In the first month, it is advisable to add a growth regulator with water. For this you can take Zircon: 5 drops of this drug are needed for 1 l of water.

Secrets of dragon transplant at home

  • Dracena should only be transplanted in spring.. With the onset of autumn, the flower begins to prepare for winter, and it is better not to interfere with this process, if you do not want it to die.
  • It is best to buy a flower pot 2 cm wide more than the one in which the beautiful dracaena is already growing. This protects the roots from excess soil and moisture, which can lead to rotting of the roots immediately after transplanting.

Dracaena after transplant

  • Put claydite in the bottom in the amount of about 1/10 of the flowerpot. If the roots of dracaena are in good condition, there is no need to cut them, but it is necessary to remove them that are dry or rotted.
  • To transplant dragon flower you need to transfer. The ground from the old pot is easily removed and everything together with the roots is placed in a new flower pot. The ground at the roots must be watered and compacted, and sprinkled on top with good loose soil.

How to plant dragon flower? Breeding dragonfly cuttings

  • To transplant dracaena, prepare in advance sand, humus, peat, leaf earth, activated carbon, perlite, turf ground and a large flower pot. To transplant the dracaena stalk, the best time is mid-spring.. To transplant the top cut it with shears, the cut should be smooth without splitting and protruding fibers.
  • When planting the finished dracaena stalk, if the cut is uneven, cut off the leaves from its base and the tattered part of the trunk itself. Dry the cuttings for 3 hours in air. Then put them in a vase with warm water and add activated carbon to the water. Water change 1 p. in Week.

How to transplant dracaena? Reproduction kids

  • To plant dracaena stem cuttings, cut the stem into pieces from 5 to 15 cm long. All sections should be straight. Cut the stem where the leaves go. To pieces the stem rooted, suitable perlite or washed sand.
  • Pour the moistened substrate into a container with drainage holes and place cuttings in it. To cut the stem rooted vertically, it must be the lower end recessed into the soil by 2-3 cm. Cuttings can be rooted horizontally. Lay them on the substrate and press in half the stem thickness. Cover the flower container with a film or glass to keep it moist, put it in a well-lit place.
  • In order for a dracaena to take root well, the temperature of the soil and air must be within 240WITH.
  • Water the substrate with separated water at a temperature not lower than 200C. The soil should not dry out, and below should not be stagnant water.
  • From the container, remove the cover 2 p. per day for 20 minutes Dracaena rooted in about 2 months. After this, the dracaena with regrown roots can be transplanted into another container with a substrate made of equal parts of humus, peat, leafy and soddy soil with sand.

How to plant dragon flower? Breeding dragonfly cuttings

Indoor flower tends to require careful attention, especially when transplanting. Before you start it, you should definitely find out how to transplant dragon flower. This will help the flower to settle down faster and get used to the new place, avoiding disease and even death. But for the care and attention to yourself dracaena will give you real pleasure from the contemplation of her beauty.

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