How to store cannes in winter

Cannes - one of the few flowering plants, blooming until the first frost. Despite this, the problem of preservation of the tubers of a flower should be taken seriously. The ability of a plant to bloom for a long time and to withstand adverse weather conditions does not mean that its roots are as hardy as it is.

Canna is a perennial flower, it has long straight stems (from 50 cm to 3 m) and large rhizomes resembling tubers. The leaves of the plant are large, elliptical, oval-shaped, green, maroon, with and without border, with various shades, 10-30 cm long and 25-90 cm wide. The shades of flowers are also very different: from white and cream, to red and pink. The decoration of the petals of these flowers is a fringe or a bezel. They don't smell.

Species cannes have small flowers with powerful leaves. They differ in terms of flowering: early varieties bloom earlier in weeks 2 and even in a month.

The cannes begin to bloom from the second half of June, and, as has been said, with the first frost, they finish flowering.

These flowers can use for landscaping areas near fences, in the alley, around water bodies, because they have a powerful stem.For planting in fences, the variety “canna hybrid” (Canna hybrida), obtained as a result of selection works with the best natural species, is usually chosen.

How to store cannes in the winter?

As a rule, beginner gardeners take less time to plant and bloom cannes than to store them.

How to store canna bulbs?

  1. To begin with, the plant itself should be prepared for storage. Dig out cannes at the end of October, in dry weather. Tall bushes break in from all sides, gently shaken. All the land must be shaken off, otherwise during storage the rhizomes (bulbs) may dry out.
  2. Cut the leaves and stems at a height of 20-22 cm.
  3. If you forget which varieties of flowers you plant on your plot, attach a label with a name to one of the bulbs.
  4. Place the plants in boxes in one row, put them in storage. There, in about 1-2 weeks, the stems are a little tight.

Cannes tubers: storage

Cannes are well tolerated transplant. If the plant is left with blooming buds, you can plant them in containers or pots. And they will still delight you with their appearance, but only at home.

Tubers are stored until warm. Then they are separated and planted.

Properly chosen place to store such a flower is very important not only to save the rhizome, but also for the future productivity of flowering. Keep the plant in a dry basement, a cool room, grooves of the front garden, but always and everywhere at a temperature of + 8-12 degrees.

A special example is the storage of bulbs on the site. Uncut rhizomes lay in the grooves, sprinkle with soil. Green tops gradually wither. At the same time, the buried part will not dry out. Maintain the plant at this level until early spring. As you can see, this option is the most risky.

Without preliminary germination canna will not have time to bloom. Therefore, in the spring, be sure to remove the roots from the container or dig, and plant them in pots.

Cannes tubers: storage

How to store cannes for the winter?

  • When the first frosts come, cut the cannes, but leave 15 cm, dig up the rhizome. Shake the rhizomes from the ground, dry, put in paper bags (cardboard boxes), completely fill with earth. Place in the cellar or basement.
  • During storage, tubers should be inspected at least once a month. If you notice the rot appeared on them, remove it to a healthy base, and place the cut powder with charcoal.
  • Rhizomes with earthy clod, trimmed at a height of 10-15 cm, the stem can also be transplanted into pots and stored in bright rooms at a temperature of 12-15 degrees, watering moderately. Throughout the winter, the buds will slowly grow and mature well.
  • At the end of February, remove the roots, cut them. Most likely, they will come to you and dry up. Replant the bulbs in a shallow container (for example, in a plastic cover from under the cake) and put on a bright, warm place. Do not forget to water. When sprouts appear, put them on a table or window sill, followed by planting in the garden.
  • If you have acquired early cannon tubers, then it is better not to store them, but immediately treat them with an antiseptic and land them in a container, and then plant them later.
  • In March or April, divide the rhizomes by the number of young shoots, plant them in pots so that they grow. Planted on open ground at a time when the threat of frost recedes.
  • Make a deep hole for disembarkation, pour manure into it, then a layer of earth, put cann roots. From above pour the ground in such a way that from above you can still pour a bucket of sand. Do not forget to water the plant well (at least 2 times a week).
  • If you do not have a front garden, do not worry, you can not only store cannes, but also grow them in your home. Drop them into big crates, pots, or pots. In the room they can bloom almost all year round, being satisfied in the winter period with an insignificant rest period of up to 2.5 months. This period is marked by the fact that almost all the leaves of the plant dry up, but after a while new shoots begin to grow.

How to store cannes for the winter?

By the way, growing cannas at home is another way to store them. Grown flower can be planted in the garden. And then the problems with grooming will disappear by themselves.

As you can see, tubers of a seemingly such a hardy and frost-resistant flower need to be cared for during the cold season. However, your efforts will not be in vain. The bulb preserved in winter will germinate, and a wonderful and lovely flower will bloom. Use any of the ways to store roots, grow flowers. Create your little beautiful corner to relax from the bustle of the world.

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