How to start an apartment renovation

What is the best way to start repairs? First of all, carefully inspect the apartment. If you have been living in it for a long time, try to look at it with the eyes of a stranger and think about what you would change in it.

If you do not use the services of a designer, then try yourself in his role. Imagine what your apartment will look like after renovation. You can even sketch a sketch of your future apartment.

Types of repair in the apartment

Each type of repair requires certain material costs.

Repair can be cosmetic, capital and repair.

Redecorating involves small changes. This is most likely an update of the walls (wallpaper or painting), whitewashing or painting the ceiling. Psychologists advise every five years to change the situation in the rooms so as not to feel oppressed in the room. To do this, you can not just re-stick the wallpaper, paint the ceiling, but also rearrange the furniture, bring something new to your interior.

Redecorating requires you the lowest cost, both physical and material, compared with other types of repairs.

Overhaul involves more dramatic changes and costs. This is the replacement of doors, windows, perhaps even the redevelopment of the entire apartment.

Renovation is a major overhaul, but at a higher level. Here, expensive, more practical materials are most often used, and hired work is resorted to. Renovation is done for a long time and according to certain high standards.

What room to start repairs in the apartment?

After you have figured out which type of repair is preferable and calculated approximate cash costs, you need to determine which room in the apartment you need to start repairing.

There is a saying that the apartment begins with a hallway. However, this has nothing to do with the repair of the apartment. Because the hallway, which was repaired first of all, will very soon lose its luster, if tools and materials for repairing other rooms are brought in through it. It is not excluded that after all you have to forge the hallway.

Therefore, in order to repair your apartment was the most efficient and with the least losses, start it from the most isolated rooms of your house. This is usually a bedroom or a nursery. Do first those rooms through which you do not need to go to the others. Repair the last one in the same way.

What to buy for the repair of an apartment?

According to statistics, people usually spend more money on repairs than expected. Why? Perhaps this is due to the fact that during the repair we understand that we need to replace and what we did not plan before, to buy in addition what we considered unnecessary. Therefore, if you don’t want to be limited to cosmetic repairs, save money for repairs than you are planning. Costs will not keep you waiting long.

In addition, do not save on materials. If you do not have much money, do not look for the cheapest goods: they may turn out to be of poor quality. Buy building materials from trusted companies with good reviews and reputation.

The sequence of repairs in the room: where to start?

  1. To begin with, general, most necessary works are being done, connected with cement, putty and plaster mixes. If you are doing repairs in the bathroom or in the kitchen, then this includes tiling.
  2. Then make wooden floors (if necessary), change windows, doors.
  3. After all this, the room will only finish by gluing wallpaper on the walls, painting the ceiling or whitewashing, laying on the floor of linoleum, laminate flooring.
  4. As for the last, final stage, it should be carried out in a certain way: the ceiling is a wall-floor, or the ceiling-floor is a wall. The first option is definitely preferable.
  5. After completing all the repair work, bring in the furniture and equip the room.

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Consistently, starting from the most remote rooms of your apartment, make repairs and do not forget about other useful tips of this article. Happy repair!

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