How to sow lawn grass

In the city - in parks, squares, reputable buildings with many offices, as well as in country villas and suburban areas in our time you can more and more see the magnificent green lawns.

How to sow lawn grass?

Lawn grass has become an almost indispensable component in landscape the process of registration of sites and territories adjacent to them.

What is lawn grass for?

  • The purpose of the lawn is understandable to almost everyone, but, besides the main ones, it performs a number of other functions. It is not only the decoration of the site, but helps to protect the soil from weed plants, because a fairly dense lawn is an obstacle to the formation of plants of this kind.
  • In addition to the aesthetic, lawn grass performs another important function - protective, it retains moisture in the soil, thereby protecting it from drying out.
  • Lawn grass seeds are divided into different varieties: lawns are regenerating, blooming, decorative, sports and universal. Universal, decorative and flowering varieties are best suited for garden plots.

How to sow lawn grass?

  • The most common type of lawn grass is a parterre view. The care for him is quite complicated, but with its magnificent appearance it will please the eye of its owner for several seasons, and if garden arbors are located on the garden plot, then it will look just gorgeous.

How to plant lawn grass from seeds?

Lawn grass is supplied in different ways, the simplest of which is seeds. But simply planting seeds in the soil and waiting for lawn grass to grow by itself is not enough. For those who do not know anything about the lawn - it can only remain a dream.

First of all, you need prepare the ground for planting lawn grass seeds - dig it up, fertilize it and for some time plant it with any herbs, the main thing is that these herbs belong to the legume family (beans, peas, etc.). After they bloom, the soil must be treated with a special mixture - a herbicide. The plot will remain in such a condition until the beginning of early spring, and only then it can be sown. Some experts advise to add a little sand to the ground, as the grass is not very indifferent to such a ground.

How to sow lawn grass?

How to plant a lawn: the main stages

  • First, in the area designated for lawn grass, remove trash and weeds and get rid of old plant roots as much as possible. For this purpose, herbicides of continuous action can become good helpers.
  • Then you need to outline the plan of the lawn itself - how do you imagine it, and what elements of the decor will be present on it, this procedure is best done in advance - before planting the lawn grass. The lawn should be well combined with other decorative elements of the owner’s garden plot.
  • Upon completion of the preparatory work, you can proceed directly to the planting of lawn grass. How to sow each individual lawn seed mixture is described in detail on the package. Sowing dates do not have rigid boundaries - it can be absolutely any time from mid-spring to mid-autumn. Land before planting seeds must be well fertilized - this is necessary for a good start of growth and development of the lawn, and, in order not to wrestle with the choice of fertilizer, you can take the universal one.
  • Sowing seeds is better to produce in windless dry weather. For the best quality of sowing it is produced across and along. Approximately 25-40 g of lawn grass seed is required per 1 m² for growing a good lawn.
  • After the seeds are sown in the ground, they need to be sheltered from the birds, for this you need to slightly loosen the ground with a rake, so that the seeds go deeper into the soil.
  • It remains the final stage of growing lawn grass - good quality watering.

How to sow lawn grass?

  • Lawn needs constant care and after growing. It needs to be cut and maintained regularly in excellent condition, for this purpose there will be a very good electric lawn mower.
  • Another point - the lawn grass must be constantly watered so that it does not lose all the original charm of its appearance or does not die at all.
  • Nowadays, lawn grass can be purchased through the Internet, buying it on specialized sites or in garden stores, it is often sold already prepared for sowing in the ground. There are companies that process the seeds of lawn grass and put them in a special shell that is saturated with nutrients.

How to care for a lawn?

For the first time, lawn grass should be mowed when it reaches 10–12 cm in height. At the same time, the mower should be adjusted so that it does not exceed 1/3 of the length, the height of the cut from the ground level should be 6–8 cm.

Then lawn grass shearing it is necessary to produce, not allowing it to grow more than 6 cm. Species that are fast-growing should be mowed 2-4 times a month, but slow-growing ones - 1-2 times.

How to care for a lawn?

Lawn grass care (its feeding, watering), soil fertility, and specialized varietal characteristics of seeds influence the growth of a lawn. Grass that has been mowed should be immediately removed from the lawn area, otherwise brown spots of plant attack on the lawn may form, and its reconstruction will be required.

Lawn mowing should be stopped in the fall, when the average daily air temperature is set at +10 C. The height of the grass for the winter should be about 10 cm - it will save her from freezing.

How to deal with weeds on the lawn?

  1. The best option for weed control on the lawn is to take care of this before sowing the seeds. In the first year of lawn grass growth, most weeds, especially large ones, will need to be removed from the site manually.
  2. Weed control should be carried out after 3-4 months from the date of sowing the seeds of the plot. In the future, regular grass mowing will not allow weeds to develop, and sod grass will become predominant.
  3. Moss often occurs in lawn areas. This is a bad sign, because moss grows in dark places with a high level of soil moisture and with very low mowing, in acidic or nutrient-poor soil.

How to deal with weeds on the lawn?

Long-term lawn grass

If the place for planting, the technology of sowing and bookmarks, as well as the proper care are chosen correctly, then the lawn will exist on the site for many years - even decades. The main factor in the longevity of lawn grass - the right choice of lawn varieties. If, when sowing for lawn grass, ordinary agricultural grasses are used, more suitable for meadows and hayfields, the lawn will soon acquire an untidy appearance, and bumps may appear on it.

In order for the service life of lawn grass to be extended, it is necessary to periodically carry out its reconstruction, which includes aeration of the soil and sowing of new grass seeds.

Some gardeners, instead of each year loosening near-stem circles of fruit trees, sow them with a lawn. At the same time, the harvest of fruit trees does not decrease, but the background of a green lawn seems to unite the trees on the site.

Lawn rolls: how to plant?

Not only advertising, but also laziness is the engine of progress, for such gardeners there is a special lawn grass rolls. For those who do not want to work once more and wait a long time for the first appearances of lawn shoots in their area, there is a simple solution - lawn grass, produced in rolls.

Everything is quite simple here - a company engaged in the production of such a lawn grows it on special plantations and delivers to the customer an already grown and twisted roll. Plus lawn in rolls - the owner relieves himself from the difficulties of tracking the seeds and young shoots of grass, which they strive to eat annoying birds.

How to deal with weeds on the lawn?

The lawn is collected at the planned time from the plantations with specialized equipment and all that remains to be done by the customer is to plant a grass roll on his plot on the prepared soil. Then you must wait until the grass takes root on the plot, for this the owner must regularly water and cut it. Additionally, you can carry out periodic feeding.

More often such lawn grass takes root without any problems and pleases its owner with rich green, as if emerald soft carpet, which is located next to the house.

The most important thing is to have a desire to create lawn on the site, and everything else is just a matter of technique. A little effort and perseverance - and you are the owner of a luxurious lawn!

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