How to sign a card

At first glance, a postcard does not seem to be a significant detail, but it is this one that can cause a lot of positive emotions to the one to whom it is addressed! And even an expensive gift will not look whole without this attribute. But how to sign and postcard appropriately?

How to sign a postcard on the day of birth?

How to sign a postcard?

So, the best greeting from century to century is the wish of health and happiness, which were expressed sincerely and wholeheartedly. Also in the congratulation should show respect for the hero of the occasion, to recognize his skills, abilities, talents. For example, you can start congratulations like this: "We (you) we appreciate, respect ... we wish you good health and life for many years."

In general, congratulations are similar to magic. The youth loves light comic greetings, so let it be short, but succinct and mischievous. If the birthday boy is a fan of poetry, and you do not have the ability to compose them, then it doesn’t matter! Nowadays on the Internet you can find greetings in verses of any genre and for any category of people - whether they are relatives, friends or colleagues.

The original and memorable card will be the one that was made with your own hands - after all, nobody will have such a card anymore! The work will require: paper, stationery knife, shells, ribbons, lace, bows, glue stick, all-purpose glue, paints, a set for scrapbooking.

Too thin paper can not be taken, like cardboard - otherwise the card will not hold the shape, it is better to use thick paper, paper for drawing with pastel is perfect, it is also corrugated - and this will make the card more lively. So, from paper you need to cut out the basis with a stationery knife. Now you need to prepare decorations for the postcard - in their role a scrapbooking kit can play a role - there are a lot of decorative trifles. But you can also use buttons, shells, various applications and everything that is on hand.

How to sign a postcard?

The decoration should be laid out on the blank and see how it all looks in the complex, because it will be much more difficult to glue the elements together. After the composition is approved by your taste, the elements need to begin to glue to the base using a universal pencil glue. If you are able to draw, then in this way you can decorate a postcard, and it is better to take paints from acrylic, metal, volumetric, matte and glossy - a drawing made with such materials will look more alive. The inscription - the appeal can be written in ink or cut letters from magazines and newspapers. That's all - it remains only to enter into the circulation - and the postcard is ready!

What to write in the postcard to the teacher?

In our schools, even in our time, there is a tradition to congratulate the teacher on holidays with a postcard. But how to sign it in order to show respect to the teacher and at the same time to congratulate him on an event? Of course, ready-made congratulations can be found on the Internet, but you cannot choose personal texts, which, for example, belong to relatives and friends.

Also, such a postcard can be made independently - just cut out the basis of thick paper and paste on it drawings of books, autumn foliage, elements of the subject that this teacher teaches. Then you just need to sign a card and you can congratulate! You can also not glue the image onto the base of the postcard, but paint it with pencils or paints, and then decorate it with sparkles or beads along the outline of the drawing. But whatever the card for the teacher, she still brings him a lot of joy, because attention is sometimes the most important thing for a person!

Learning to make a beautiful card

How to sign a postcard?

Usually, a greeting written in a card can be divided into 4 parts: an appeal to the hero of the occasion, the definition of a holiday, in honor of which, in fact, the card is presented as a gift, wishes and signature. Each such section should correspond to the event and convey through itself a lot of positive emotions.

So, you need to start with treatment. For friends and relatives, congratulations can begin with the words "beloved", "dear". If at work between colleagues warm relations, then these words are also relevant in this situation. But in the case of congratulations to the authorities it is better to write "respected". For friends, the postcard can be started with a nickname or an abbreviated form of the name of a friend, especially if the friend is close.

Then you need to specify - with which event you congratulate this person. If it is an anniversary - you can feel free to write a number, only with women in this case should be more careful. If the birthday is executed, for example, 28 years old, then you should not specify a number, and you just need to write "happy birthday". On the Internet you can find many congratulatory texts, and even in verses.

It is better to rewrite the text of congratulations with a sincere attitude, because the congratulation can absorb the energy of the addressee. And if you yourself write poetry, then you should not be afraid that they will turn out to be not quite folding - just sincere and from the bottom of my heart. The character and age of the birthday should be taken into account when choosing the greeting itself so that it suits him. The signature should fit into the framework of the text itself, for example: "your loving wife.

You can buy a postcard, inside which the text of the wish has already been written - it is enough just to add such a greeting with a short text and your signature. And if the card is given not from one, but from a company of people, then a ready-made greeting is the best option. Each person will then simply sign his name or leave an autograph on request.

At the bottom of the postcard should write the date, because people tend to keep postcards all their lives and they are pleased to remember when and for what holiday they received this or that card.

It doesn't matter what form the card will be and its content - in verses or prose, the main thing is that the words be sincere and wholeheartedly. The hero of the occasion will be glad not only to receive such a congratulation, but after many years periodically get him back and again be imbued with those positive emotions that were addressed to him through this postcard. Such a trifle can bring a lot of positive moments and decorate the holiday!

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