How to sew takes his own hands

Very often in the female image something is missing, and this gives it an incompleteness. It seems that you need to add just one accessory, and everything will fall into place, for example, putting it on your head. This is a very stylish and original thing.

In the shops you can find a lot of different berets, different in shape, color and style. However, no one will give you guarantees that when walking down the street, you will not see someone else wearing the exact same headgear. But you always want to look unique. For this you can try sew takes with his own hands.

How to sew takes his own hands?How to sew takes his own hands?

It is best to undertake the manufacture of headgear soft form. It is quite easy to make, it is very comfortable and goes with many things. To create a beret with your own hands, you can take different materials - suede, leather, drape, and even fur skins. How can you, without any help, sew a beautiful and spectacular beret?

How to sew the beret?

First you need to measure the size heads. To determine the size that will be required for a headdress, you need to place a tape measure at the widest point of the head, as shown in the diagram. The tape passes through the frontal bumps, then through the protruding occipital bone, the length of this girth is the size of the future beret. Suppose if the circumference of your head reaches 56 cm, then a headdress will require 56 sizes.

When measuring, you do not need to strongly tighten the tape, but you should not weaken it too much. It is very important to show accuracy when taking measurements, because if the measurements are incorrect, then it may take not to fit.

How to sew takes his own hands?How to sew takes his own hands?

Pay attention to the picture. soft beret for women. The headpiece of 57 size is shown here, the round bottom can be cut out of four wedges or it can be made solid. If you do well with fur, then you can try to sew a fur beret, for example, from a mink.

Technology pattern beret

Cushion - the so-called dimensional strip of fabric, which is folded in half and stitched on the gasket to give rigidity and shape. The side can also have 2 or 4 parts. The wedges for the bottom of the beret are ground off, then they are poured out with a separate line, the bottom is attached to the prepared side, and then the side and kashpen are joined.

The lining is cut in the upper parts, the lining details are sewn on the sewing machine, an untreated window of about 10 cm is left at the junction of the flange and the bottom. Through the place of the untreated window you should turn out the cleaning on the front side and sew up a hole on the sewing machine or manually.

Takes from fur, drape and knitwear do it yourself

Takes from fur, drape and knitwear do it yourselfTakes from fur, drape and knitwear do it yourself

  1. Fur take- This is a very interesting, attention-grabbing thing. Many ladies would gladly sew such a hat for themselves, but they just don’t know how. And it is sewn almost the same as any other beret. It is only necessary to pay attention to the nap, as it should be located in one direction. It is not necessary to unseal the seam allowances, it is better to gently straighten them with scissors rings. Villi that protrude from the seams, slowly pull the needle, and sew the fur side with lining with hidden stitches.
  2. In tailoring drape beret there is also nothing new, but the density and severity of the drape as a material must be taken into account. It is best to steal the drape before the pattern. In the sewing machine, select the appropriate needles and threads that will cope with the "strong" drape.
  3. Knitwear - This is a thin and stretchable fabric, so you need to work with it very carefully and be sure to repeat the fabric lining.

How to sew takes for a girl?

Taking for a girl is just a necessary thing, because very often little beauties can not be made to wear a hat in cool weather. But if you propose an elegant and beautiful beretik, they will happily agree.

How to sew takes for a girl?How to sew takes for a girl?

To sew takes with his own hands for a girl, You will need: pink artificial fur, pink knitwear - multirip, rep decorative ribbon and a button. You will also need an A4 sheet and a bit of theory from geometry.

How to sew takes for a girl?How to sew takes for a girl?

Measure the circumference of the girl's head. For example, it is 48 cm. To calculate the radius of a circle, the circle should be divided by 2 pi (pi equals 3.14). Thus, we get 7.64. After that, we multiply the radius by 2, we get a radius of about 15 cm.

How to sew takes for a girl?How to sew takes for a girl?

Why do you need to count it? This is required to build the right circle, which is cut into the dressing under the girl’s head. Draw on the paper a circle with a diameter of 15 cm. Fold the pink fur facing each other, pin the circle and draw a circle around it. Then pull back 5.5 cm from the edges of the cut circle, this will be the upper part of the bead. Cut along the intended line. Get 2 large circles. Now in one of them you need to cut a small circle. Fold the two circles face down and pin with pins. Edge stitch a large zigzag.

How to sew takes for a girl?How to sew takes for a girl?

And now we will make cuffs for the cap. Considering the elasticity of the material, cut a piece of about 2/3 of a circle (48 cm). The width of the part is about 15 cm. Connect the part to the ring, sticking the seam on the side with a zigzag. Top and bottom seam allowances. Now sew the part manually to the beret. Bend the cuffs and sweep them again, then sew it with a double needle or with the help of any other elastic seam.

How to sew takes for a girl?How to sew takes for a girl?

The beret is almost ready, you can leave it that way, but it is better to decorate a little more. To do this, take 3 pieces of rep tape - two shorter and one long. Make a bow and sheathe its details. Sew a button in the middle of the bow. Now this bow can be sewn on a hat. Now takes a completely ready!

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Some people think that taking is an old-fashioned thing that can only spoil the impression of the image. But it is not. Properly selected beret emphasizes the image of its possessiveherts, gives a highlight and charm. Do not be afraid, experiment with the color and style of this headdress!

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