How to sew shorts with their own hands

Among the summer women's clothing special position is occupied by shorts, ideal for hot days in the city and on the beach. This element of the wardrobe is very easy to do with your own hands: just find an attractive pattern and buy a light natural fabric. In addition to the classical variation, there are skirts, shorts, overalls, and other types of such a simple, but universal thing.

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How to sew shorts with your own hands?

The fabric on the shorts are selected depending on the season in which they will be worn. This wardrobe item is most popular in summer, but it can often be found on young girls in the fall and spring, and in the southern regions - even in winter. Despite the fact that any rule in fashion can give rise to quite a few exceptions, stylists say that shorts for tight tights, when it's cold outside, often look ridiculous. Therefore, lightweight fabrics (cotton, cotton, etc.) for summer and denser (satin, jacquard) at the end of spring and beginning of autumn are most preferable for sewing shorts.

The most convenient way is to take a classic pattern of trousers and modify it, removing the extra length. This option is considered the simplest, especially if the skills in the sewing business are not great, and you really want to sew shorts with your own hands. As such, the differences between the latest and basic trousers do not exist. And even if you decide to base a ready-made pattern of designer shorts, by increasing the length of the product, you can get pants. From this it follows that for sewing shorts it is required to take the same measurements as for the manufacture of trousers.

Each technique has its own nuances, but according to the classical school, the parameters of waist circumference (OT), hips (ON), and seat height (BC) are necessarily measured. To build the basic scheme with the right leg narrowing down, the knee girth (OK) is also taken, and it is desirable to immediately identify the length of the product. All data, with the exception of "VS" and "DI", are taken in half.

In the classic models of shorts, not focused on the fitting over the hip, to the pattern of trousers increases are made at the bottom edge: they are shown in red on the main diagram. From the vertical lines, which are the axes for the pattern, there is a diagonal extending no more than 2 cm to the side. This deviation does not increase in any way, even if a wide and free model is conceived. In such a situation, an increase is made on the girth of the hips at the time of the creation of the pattern, and the vertical axis itself is shifted, which increases the leg in width. Front and rear tucks, if their depth is small, can be hidden in the side. This is an ideal way out for girls whose difference between the front and back panel does not exceed 1 cm, since in this case the presence of noticeable tucks becomes inappropriate.

How to sew a skirt-shorts with your own hands?

How to sew shorts with your own hands?

The skirt-shorts as an element of the wardrobe began to gain popularity only at the beginning of the 21st century, gradually acquiring many modifications. The basic version looks the same as the skirt-pants, but in a shortened version of the necessary level. Due to the cleavage from the hip and a sufficient amount of free space (the fabric did not fit the body) in a static position, the thing resembled a skirt, and the legs can be recognized in motion. Thus, in essence, the skirt-shorts, as well as the skirt-pants, could be called a variety of very loose pants.

Later, design versions of this wardrobe item appeared: for example, a worn skirt-shorts, thanks to which, on the front side, even during walking, the impression was created that a skirt was worn. Behind it were classic, albeit loose, shorts. Such a variation of the usual shorts was successfully used by the dancers, made from supplex and similar fabrics.

Therefore, for sewing this thing, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic technique of sewing trouser articles, as well as take all the necessary measurements: from the hips to the size of the step and the depth of the seat. It is allowed to work according to the classic trouser pattern, but here it is assumed that there will be a significant blending on the inside of the product. From the inguinal region, the diagonal goes outward at the same angle as inward for traditional tapering to the knee. On the outer side, instead of a full-length clipping, an increase of 3 cm or slightly more is made (depending on which product you wish to receive).

The front and rear tuck on the skirt-shorts are put differently: the rear are most often located on the middle line of the cloth, and the front - in a place, cutting off 1/3 of the fold line. The dart solution is measured by special formulas, but its total length is considered to be 3.5 cm. If pockets are needed, they are laid out at the drawing stage of the scheme, since it will be difficult to sew them in the future. At the same time, places are marked where tucks and other decorative elements will appear. If you want to make a wrap skirt-shorts, additionally prepare the necessary piece of fabric that will be sewn into the side seam.


How to sew shorts with your own hands?

Jumpsuits - the choice of girls who actively follow the fashion. But choosing the perfect option for yourself is even more difficult than a shirt and pants separately, because manufacturers sew by average standards. With a non-standard figure, you have to go around a lot of shops, and there is no guarantee that you can find the necessary. Therefore, it is best to do this piece of clothing with your own hands, and it’s worth starting with such a thing as a jumpsuit-shorts. The pattern for them is made fairly quickly, and all stages are fairly simple.

The same measurements are taken for this product as for the classic sheath dress, as well as the seat height (BC). If you want to get a jumpsuit-shorts, in which the leg will fully fit the thigh, you will need to measure the knee girth (OK) and take it in half the value.

Depending on the model chosen, a pattern is drawn up. She often has 3 parts: one-piece back, a separate front half of the leg and a bodice shelf. If the material is chosen easily stretching (knitwear), and there is no desire to get additional seams, you can make both front and back parts of the jumpsuit with one-piece. However, due to the peculiarities of the cut, it is impossible to avoid the central seam, and if you want to get rid of it, the overalls are cut off at the waist or hips: the shorts are cut out separately, in quarters, and the upper part in 2 halves - the front and back. Then only the side seam will appear on them.

Your model will be free or it will become feminine to fit the whole body - it depends on you, but then you have to immediately decide how it will be put on. Free options suggest the absence of zippers and hooks, but to emphasize the waist, they are often complemented by a cord inserted into the drawstring or a belt. For the latter it is necessary to make the slots. If you want to get a close-fitting, catwalk model, most often sewn not for summer and made of non-elastic fabric, you need to place a long zipper in the side seam.

Dress the doll with her daughter

How to sew shorts with your own hands?

While mom spends evenings at the sewing machine, the little fashionista may also want to follow her parent's example. But few people trust children to sew a serious thing, therefore, in order to allow her daughter to feel involved in an adult lesson, we can offer her to make shorts for her favorite doll. Let them be of the same style (simplified) and material as for the girl.

The pattern can be used any, but to make up the parameters of the dolls: they also take all the necessary measurements. The only thing that does not have to be taken into account is the stretch ratio of the fabric, various increments for the stride length, etc., since the shorts will be worn in a static state. Be sure to calculate the allowances for processing the fabric at 0.7 cm, and on the top it is better to take 1.5-2 cm, which after addition form a drawstring: it will have an elastic band holding the shorts on the doll.

When cutting fabric stacks so that the pattern is located on the share thread. Sweeping parts easier, fasten them with safety pins. Sheathing the shorts of the doll can be done not on the overlock, and even avoiding complex actions with a slanting bake: you just need to go along the edge of the zig-zag stitch. In loose fine fabric (silk, chiffon), the edge can be treated with a candle flame. The final seams are made while keeping the pins in place, especially if the fabric slides or strives to be pulled.

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There are no more difficulties in working with short-cut patterns than with simple skirts. Each girl, if she has the desire and free time, is able to make this object with her own hands. Finishing and modification of the style will allow you to get a truly unique thing, the analogues of which will not offer any, even the best, store.

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