How to sew clothes for a barbie doll

Sewing remained one of the most popular types of needlework at all times. What a little girl does not dream of a big wardrobe for her favorite doll! But it is not at all necessary to spend money on elegant dresses and suits. You just need to learn how to sew clothes for dolls, try them in practice - and you can create beautiful clothes with your own hands.

Principles of tailoring for dolls

How to sew clothes for a doll?

Before you take up the thread and needle, it is important to learn some of the nuances of sewing for dolls.

  • Thoughtful sketch. In order for the outfit to go out harmonious and be a doll to face, you should take into account all the details of the style, choose a suitable line and decorative elements.
  • Prepared materials. For clothes to turn out exactly as you intended, you need to stock up in advance with patches, beads, ribbons and other trifles.
  • Properly constructed pattern. The selected style must be drawn to see the outfit in the form of a solid image.
  • The combination of fabrics. In the creation of outfits for dolls, the principle is inverse to the rule of tailoring for people: the more original the combination of materials, the more advantageous it will look. That is, silk may well be complemented with wool, and tulle - with fur.

Required Tools

If you are new to sewing, it does not matter. Care and accuracy will help you learn how to make beautiful clothes for dolls. But you can not do without the tools and materials mentioned above. As for devices, you will need:

  • graph paper for patterning;
  • a simple pencil in order to transfer measurements to paper;
  • a piece of soap to transfer measurements to the fabric;
  • thread and needle of suitable thickness;
  • scissors;
  • measuring tape to take measurements from the doll;
  • the cloth.

If there is an opportunity to use a sewing machine, this will speed up the process of creating clothes and allow you to more carefully sew the elements of the costume. But if the ability to perform a professional line is not, then you can do with hand stitches.

Pattern building

How to sew clothes for a doll?

How to sew clothes for a doll?

Whatever your experience of a seamstress, the key to a successful outfit for a doll is a quality pattern. And it is impossible without taking measurements. You can make separate measurements for dresses, skirts, jackets, but it is much more convenient to immediately measure all parts of the doll’s body and write them on a sheet of paper or in a special notebook. This will significantly save your time in the future. So, we need to define:

  • pectoralisation of the chest, waist and wide part of the hips;
  • length from the cervical vertebra to the waistline from the back and front;
  • length from shoulder to chest;
  • the width of the doll back;
  • froze from neck to shoulder;
  • length from the shoulder line to the elbow and to the hand;
  • half-grip at the shoulder and wrist;
  • half-grip wide part of the leg and lower leg;
  • pupa growth and separate leg length.

These measurements can be marked in centimeters or in millimeters - it depends on what is more convenient for you to operate.

How to sew clothes for dolls with your own hands?

The game of dolls is an essential attribute of each girl’s childhood. In order to instill in the little lady a taste and a sense of style, one must definitely encourage her desire to sew for her lovers. But so that your craftswoman does not fear complexity, you will have to help her.

Dress up barbie

Blouse for Barbie - a necessary part of the wardrobe, because it is combined with both skirts and trousers. So, there is a mass of options for creating new ensembles. We will begin with the pattern.

How to sew clothes for Barbie dolls?


  1. We make on paper a vertical mark of the middle of the back.
  2. On this line, we note the half-grip of the neck, chest, as well as the waist and hips.
  3. Along the upper edge we mark the length of the shoulder.
  4. We retreat 4 mm from the center downwards and set aside a segment with a shoulder line - this is the neck.
  5. On the chest line, we mark ½ the measure of the width of the backrest - this is the armhole.
  6. At the waist, we make a mark of the middle and build an isosceles triangle to the thigh line from this point - this is a tuck at the waist.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for the front.
  8. We build an isosceles triangle along the bottom line of the sleeve of the jacket at the front to the point at the mid-waist level - this is a tuck on the chest.
  9. For sleeves you need to postpone a piece of paper equal to the length from the shoulder to the wrist.
  10. Measure the width of the armhole, divide the value in half and draw a perpendicular to the length of the sleeve.
  11. From the opposite side we draw a perpendicular equal to the girth of the wrist.
  12. Connect the dots so as to make a trapezoid.
  13. With soap, we transfer all the measurements to the fabric, we sweep the parts and stitch them on the machine (in the absence of a sewing machine, we can carefully fasten the parts with a close-up sweep).
  14. We make small bends along the edges of the product and sew them so that the jacket has a neat look.
  15. Sew on the finished product beads or rhinestones for decoration.

How to sew clothes for Barbie dolls?

Dress for Monster High

Monster High miniature dolls are very comfortable models. The fact is that their figures make it possible to do without drawing a pattern. And, for example, a beautiful ball gown of knitwear and satin can be sewn in just an hour.

How to sew clothes for monster high dolls?


  1. We measure the pupal chest girth.
  2. Cut a piece from the knit flap that corresponds to this measure.
  3. We sew narrow edges - it turns out a kind of elastic. This is a corset of our dress.
  4. Lay a piece of satin on the table and draw a circle equal to the waist girth.
  5. From this circle draw a segment equal to the length of the skirt.
  6. Through the bottom point we draw another circle.
  7. Cut the middle along the borders of the circle and sew the part to our corset - the dress is ready.
  8. For decoration, we sheathe the hem with lace or ribbon. The corset can be decorated with beads or beads.

Body for Baby Bon

Baby dolls, unlike baby dolls, are not so demanding of their wardrobe, but still it will not hurt to have a pair of bodysuits. Bodie is a one-piece combination of undershirts and panties. For tailoring it is better to take knitwear, as it is well stretched.


  1. We start with the pattern. We measure the length from neck to hips and set aside the value of a vertical segment on paper.How to sew clothes for baby doll bon?
  2. We measure the chest girth - it is perpendicular to the length.How to sew clothes for baby doll bon?
  3. The second perpendicular to the bottom is the value of the half hip.
  4. Measure the length of the shoulder and mark this segment from the edge of the upper perpendicular.How to sew clothes for baby doll bon?
  5. We note the half-grip sleeves and connect with the previous measurement. The line should be slightly curved inward.
  6. Measure the hip half-grip and mark the bottom of the vertical line.How to sew clothes for baby doll bon?
  7. We retreat 3 cm from the bottom and combine with the mark from the previous step, again giving the line a curvature.
  8. We finish the flap valve at the bottom in the form of a rectangle with a height of 5 cm.How to sew clothes for baby doll bon?
  9. We take a measure of the length of the shoulder, make a segment on the top line. To the middle we conduct the line of a mouth, slightly rounding off it inside.
  10. Similarly, we build a back, making the cut a little less.
  11. We transfer the pattern to the fabric, sew the details.How to sew clothes for baby doll bon?
  12. At the bottom of the sew buttons for fasteners.

It is enough to know how to sew clothes for dolls in order to diversify the wardrobe of your favorite toys. Moreover, this occupation does not require any professional skills. Be patient and prepare the necessary materials and tools. It is likely that, having learned this kind of needlework from dolls, you will begin to create models of your own clothes.

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