How to sew a tunic with your own hands

Favorite may be the thing bought in the store. But it is best to sew it with your own hands. Firstly, you will be sure of its exclusivity, and secondly, you will definitely make it what you want: so that it emphasizes your beauty, all your virtues. We offer needlewomen sew a tunic with your own hands.

Tunic- the well-known, recently becoming very popular model of women's clothing. Of course, now this is not the kind of tunic worn by the ancient Greeks or Romans. They had, in fact, just a cloth bag with openings for arms. Now, a tunic is understood as direct women's clothing with or without sleeves below the hips.

How to sew a tunic with your own hands?How to sew a tunic with your own hands?

As in past times, the main feature of the tunic is convenience. Besides, it is very easy to sew. So feel free to start an independent sewing tunic!

How to sew a tunic: materials

It is not necessary to buy a special fabric. You can simply use the thing that you don’t already wear and feel sorry for throwing it out. For example, you are tired of the style of an old blouse, and you like the material very much. Then boldly cut the blouse and alter it in a tunic!

In addition to the fabric, of course, you can not do without sharp scissors and thread. You can sew all the seams by hand or do the work on the sewing machine as you like!

Now that all the necessary materials are ready, it is necessary to take measurements.

DIY tunic measurements

Stand away from walls, cabinets and other furniture in the room and spread your arms to the side. Now take off measure from the center of the chest along the arms. Stop where the tunic sleeve should end. Note that the measurement of this length in the unfolded state will be different when you lower your arms.

Part of the length will go to the shoulders, so add a little to the length to get the desired length of the sleeves (a couple of centimeters, or even more). You must also add the length of the seams (3-4 cm, depending on how you will be comfortable to sew). Measured. Everyone added up and got the right length. Write it down on paper - this is the length BUT.

DIY tunic measurements

LengthB - arm girth in the place where the tunic sleeve will end.

LengthAT - half hip hips.

And, of course, how to start sewing a product, not knowing what we want to get in the end. So draw a sketch of a tunic!

How to sew a tunic: instructions

  • It is necessary to double the value of A and cut the resulting value from the material. Consider this tunic width (its blanks), and the length should be the one that you choose for yourself. remember, that a piece of cloth must be continuous. Therefore, if the blouse you are sewing from does not suit you, take a dress or other fabric longer.
  • We fold our blank in half and cut the neck.
  • You can try on the workpiece for yourself. If you are not satisfied with the length, adjust, if you are not satisfied with the width, then we also mark it on the fabric with the help of chalk or a piece of soap.
  • We correct the flaws. We cut all unnecessary.
  • We fold the workpiece again, but now in half in the middle of the front. Do the following:
  • From the upper fold of the blank down we put off a length equal to half the length of the Brooke plus 5 cm plus a few centimeters for the seams. This value R - minimum sleeve size.
  • To the side of the fold line, we set aside a length equal to half the length B plus 5 cm and plus a couple of centimeters for the seams. This valueD - hem minimum width.
  • The next stage is the most difficult, but the most creative.

How to sew a tunic: instructionsHow to sew a tunic: instructions

  • Refer to the sketch of the tunic. On the line of the silhouette we fasten the fabric on the sides with pins or we make a basting seam. We measure. If everything suits you, then we leave the required number of centimeters on the seam and cut off all unnecessary from the sides.
  • We turn the fabric inside out and proceed to high-quality stitching seams (on the machine or manually). It is important to correctly handle all the seams: the bottom of the tunic, the side seams, the seams on the sleeves of the tunic and the neck. If you are in any doubt, try on one more time. As the saying goes, “measure a hundred times ...”. If you have an overlock, then treat them with the seams of the sleeve and the bottom of the tunic, it will be very elegant!

Your tunic is ready!

DIY Tunic: Useful Tips

  1. Knowing the basics of sewing a tunic with your own hands, you can now experiment with different styles and fabrics, as well as decorate your work with embroidery or knitted details.
  2. Decorate the tunic with a belt. It is better if you have several belts of different widths. This will help you create new images.
  3. For convenience of use of a belt make on a tunic loops. To do this, use the remnants of the fabric. Sew loops where you want to wear a belt: under the breast, at the waist or along the hips.
  4. To sew a beach tunic, beat the marine theme. She is very fashionable this season. It can be a sail-like appliqué or an accessory - a metal anchor on the chest.
  5. A simpler version of the tunic without a pattern you can sew from shawls. Sewing technology presented in the image below.

DIY Tunic: Useful Tips

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Include your imagination and boldly proceed to the tailoring of the tunic, especially after you have read the recommendations for its decor. You will never find such an exclusive tunic!

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