How to sew a tulip skirt

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Tulip skirt almost never leaves the world catwalks. It has an amazing appeal and an unusual shape, which makes it an integral part of the collections of fashion designers. Due to its shape, many women like it, allowing it to visually reduce figure flaws.

It is not necessary to buy a tulip skirt in a clothing store, it is so easy to manufacture that even a person who is just trying to cut and sew can sew ite.

How to sew a tulip skirt with your own hands?

You will need a straight two-piece skirt pattern, a measuring tape, patterns, tailor’s chalk, pattern paper or tracing paper, ruler, pins, hook-and-loop fasteners or buttons, fabric, needles, threads, zipper, sewing machine, scissors.

How to sew a tulip skirt?How to sew a tulip skirt?

  • First of all, redraw the pattern of a simple skirt on the paper you have prepared or print from the Internet.
  • After this, make longitudinal cuts going from top to bottom. They should not reach to the bottom of the pattern quite a bit.
  • Spread the finished strips to the desired angle. The more they are divorced, the greater the volume of the hips will turn out.
  • Transfer the finished pattern to the fabric, leave the seam allowances. Then cut out the parts that will be made out with a belt after assembly. Those parts that are attached to the belt and on a straight skirt are sewn to the belt. Also during sewing there will be excess fabric from the cuts made by you on the pattern. This fabric will then need to lay the folds that go under the belt.
  • To cut the belt, cut 2 rectangular parts 8 cm wide. The length of these parts should be equal to the waist girth.
  • Tie parts of the skirt by hand, then sew the belt to them and work on the bottom edge of the fabric.
  • Sew a zipper on the side, and attach a button, hooks or button that you have chosen to your belt.
  • Now it's time to try on the skirt. If you liked everything, stitch all the seams on the typewriter. Remove blotting marks and traces of chalk.
  • If you want to visually increase the volume of the hips, dissolve the strips at a large angle, and if you hide - make the dilution angle minimal.
  • Cuts on the patterns can be made diagonally, then the folds will lie obliquely.

Pattern skirt tulip

For to learn how to sew a tulip skirt, you need to make her pattern. For a start, a straight skirt pattern is made. When the pattern of such a skirt is ready, proceed to the modeling of the front to make it a tulip skirt.

Pattern skirt tulipPattern skirt tulip

  1. Cut off the top of the front half. Do this in any order in the form of a coquette, but so that on the top of the coquette there is a tuck.
  2. Cut the yoke from the main part of the front part of the skirt. Connect on yoke tuck. Cut the lower part of the front part into several pieces. The more you get such cuts, the more folds you get on the skirt. Make 3 sections in 4 parts.
  3. Then cut the canvas from top to bottom into 4 pieces, leaving 0.5 cm uncut below. Now move them apart a couple of cm. The greater the distance, the wider the folds will be.
  4. Folds can be made of different lengths, this will allow you to get a very interesting tulip skirt. In the upper part, connect the strips with a smooth line, but so that all the tops that are in contact with each other. It remains only to determine the fabric and the optimal length. The shorter the skirt turns out, the more luxuriant it will appear, and any fabric will do, the only exception is coarse.

Tulip Skirt

  • Manually sweep all the parts, sew the belt, insert a zipper on the side, brush over the edges, attach a button to the belt. Try on a tulip skirt, and if everything is fine, stitch the seams on a typewriter.

To sew a tulip skirt, do not use ready-made patterns. They are created by approximate standards, not taking into account the individual characteristics of the figure. To make the tulip skirt sit perfectly, take your own measurements and build a pattern on them.

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