How to sew a tulip skirt do it yourself

The tulip skirt is so named because it has the shape of a beautiful flower - a tulip, only the cup of it does not look up, but down. The style of this skirt is truly universal. It can be safely worn and for walking, and at work, and in some cases even be used as an evening outfit.

How to sew a tulip skirt and what to wear it with?

The style of this skirt was invented long ago. Over time, the length, texture, various additions in the form of numerous draperies, pockets, layering underwent changes. Now tulips look very modern, you will not find in them a retro hue of the sixties.

How to sew a tulip skirt and what to wear it with?

One of the main advantages of this model is that it can easily be sewn by itself. If you have ever sewed your usual straight skirt and were satisfied with the result, then you will definitely cope with this option.

At the top of the skirt - volumetric cut, its length should be slightly above the knee. If it is longer, the beautiful flower bud effect will disappear. Since the tulip skirt style is best for summer and spring, It is best to sew it from lightweight fabrics that are easily draped. Ease, fragility, femininity, lightness and airiness gives its owners a skirt of this style.

How to sew a tulip skirt with your own hands? Pattern skirt tulip

How to sew a tulip skirt with your own hands? Pattern skirt tulip

This part of the toilet looks great with a wedge, a stud (just keep in mind the existing pattern - the longer the skirt, the longer the heel) and boat shoes.

You can wear a tulip skirt with ballet shoes and sandals, as, for example, famous actress Reese Witherspoon likes to do. True skirt for such shoes is chosen somewhat shorter - approximately to the middle of the thigh.

How to sew a tulip skirt and what to wear it with?

As for the top for a tulip skirt, it is easy to pick it up for every taste in all its diversity: shirts, blouses, bright tops, short jackets, stylish jackets. The ensemble of the skirt with shiny corsets and bustier tops is also excellent. This option is suitable for sexual and passionate persons.

For business style, such a skirt should be worn with strict shirts or blouses made of heavy material. A light and graceful image will help to create an ensemble of a skirt with a light blouse.

Tulip skirt is perfect for women and tall and medium height. Low ladies this skirt will be a little fat.

How to cut a tulip skirt?

Cutting the tulip skirt is not as difficult as it seems. Here are the phased steps.

  • First, draw a yoke on the front skirt.
  • Then transfer the value equal to the width of the coquette on the side cut line of the front part (about 8 cm) to the side cut of the back part of the skirt. Make the back hemline line slightly curved. In front draw lines of cuts in the form of 2 vertical lines. Side auxiliary you will take place in the middle of the tuck to the bottom line. Front auxiliary hold from the middle of the tuck and to the middle of the front.
  • Depending on the type of tulip model chosen, both the location and the exact number of indicated lines will have many options. Cut the yoke, close the tuck, trim the sections. The front part of the skirt should be extended only from above, keep this in mind, leave everything unchanged along the bottom line. Having drawn lines, cut the front part, without cutting it to the end. Spread these parts of the skirt by a distance that is equal to the depth of the folds (approximately 5 cm).


  • At the back of the silhouette change the same way as in the front, or leave it straight. In accordance with this, there can be only 2 options for distributing the stop darts in their total amount after you cut the flirt:

a) combine 2 tucks in 1 on the back of the skirt and lengthening by 1 cm, position in the middle;

b) divide dart solutions into 2 parts: remove one in the side cut, the other in the middle cut.

  • You can cut the skirt in a different way. On the pattern of a straight skirt, mark the places for cuts. Their number depends on the desired volume of the skirt. Make a cutter about 20 cm, depending on the length of your skirt. Dissolve the strips that you have formed, and connect them with a smooth line. Belt leave the same width, and the excess fabric gather on the belt in beautiful folds.
  • Pattern the tulip skirt with pockets simulate on the same principle. Mark welt pockets on the side seams, and overhead pockets - on the front canvas.

The tulip skirt, cut and sewn by yourself, will bring you many positive emotions, because you will put inspiration, imagination, work and unique individuality into it. Family and friends will appreciate your skill - be sure!

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