How to sew a top do it yourself

Currently, fashion stores have a huge selection of summer tops. The range is present for every taste. However, sometimes it turns out that the proposed models do not like the buyer - the color, the material from which the thing is sewn, or the model is not suitable. Then the thought comes to sew a summer top with their own hands. In this case, you are completely satisfied with the finished version - after all, you yourself chose the material and colors, you yourself decided on the model.

How to sew a summer top on the pattern?

There is absolutely nothing difficult to sew a summer top on the pattern. But you can become the owner of a beautiful thing!

How to sew a top with your own hands?How to sew a top with your own hands?

To sew such a top, you need material, scissors, threads with a needle and a little time.

It looks like Pattern on which you can sew this top. The dimensions on it are approximate. You, making the pattern, of course, will focus on their size. Please note that the top is sewn only where there is a designation in the pattern in red. Where there is a green mark, is the place for sewing hlyastikov.

Time for tailoring this topic takes a minimum amount. In one evening you can sew such a top and thereby update your wardrobe!

How to sew a summer top with inserts on the sides?

One more easy way to sew a summer top do it yourself.

How to sew a summer top with inserts on the sides?How to sew a summer top with inserts on the sides?

  • To do this, take some of your shirt, which has no sleeves, and circle it with chalk on the fabric of the same color. Add 2 cm to the edge processing on each side and cut. This is the back of the future top.
  • Then do the same with a different color material, although you can use the same one. Here, on the contrary, it will be necessary to slightly reduce the detail, because the inserts will still be inserted on the sides.
  • The next stage is the cutting out of those very inserts.
  • After the inserts are ready, we begin to sew together the shelves along the shoulders, we process the seams, neck and slots for hands. The next stage is the insertion of the side panels.
  • When all the steps are done by you, process all the edges, remove the excess threads.
  • In the event that you sewed summer top made of thin lightweight material, may not need to handle the bottom so that it does not look rough.

Your summer top is ready!

How to sew a top without a pattern?

You will need a cut of material. Patterns in this case is not necessary, all manipulations can be carried out directly on the fabric.

How to sew a summer top with inserts on the sides?

  1. Take off two measurements - the volume of the breast and the desired length of the product. Cut a rectangle out of fabric that will be the width of your chest. If you have purchased stretch fabric for sewing the top, you do not need to leave room for a loose fit. If the fabric is silky and does not stretch, leave 2-3 cm for a free fit. At the top and bottom, leave 2 cm of fabric for stitching.
  2. The resulting cut fold in half and sew. You should have a pipe.
  3. Then you can give your top an interesting item. For example, you can pull the thread with which you sew the sides of the cut. In this case, you will have a flirty side assembly. You can also not sew the sides to the very end, and put the seam in the back. In this case, you will have a top with a slit at the back.
  4. The next stage is the processing of the bottom and top of the top. Tighten some material inside and attach to the product. In the upper part of the product, you can make a lapel of a larger size - then you can insert a rubber band, and the top will fit just above the chest.
  5. From the rest of your fabric, cut 2 shelves about 45 cm long and 5 cm wide. From them you will make the top webbing. Fold each strip in half, stitch on the side, and turn it over the face.
  6. You can sew straps as you like. The usual option is to sew in front of the shoulder straps at chest level, at the back slightly shifted to the center. A more interesting option is to cross-stitch the straps. In addition, you can make one strap, and then sew it in the form of a loop. However, do not forget that in this case it is necessary to make a longer strap. If desired, you can decorate the finished top with various rhinestones, embroidery or appliqué.

How to sew a summer top without a pattern for half an hour?

The way to sew such a top is incredibly easy. Even a seamstress can sew a top this way.

How to sew a summer top with inserts on the sides?

So, you need a piece of material measuring 80 cm by 80 cm. We fold the edges of the cut together on the wrong side. If you want the top at the top to fit the body, and to the bottom slightly expanded, you can make the upper part 70 cm.

Then sew the cut, and that's it! We carry with pleasure!

Such a top could well become part of your basic summer wardrobe.

Rarely when the store comes across exactly the thing that you would like to purchase. Therefore, it is best to sew such a thing itself. You will be doubly pleased to wear it, because it will fully meet your taste, and you will know that it was you who created it.

Be beautiful!

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