How to sew a suit of the red hat

Little Red Riding Hood is a little girl from the fairy tale of Charles Perrault, which appeals to both adults and children. Many girls imitate Red Riding Hood, taking a wicker basket and, putting on a red rag instead of a raincoat, rush out into the street to look for the hidden hut of the Grandmother and the evil gray wolf.

Sometimes on the matinees in kindergarten or school often play "Little Red Riding Hood". So how to be if exactly your daughter was offered to play the main role? How to please the child with a new suit of Little Red Riding Hood? The easiest option is to buy a ready-made costume at a carnival costume shop, and if you want to please your daughter even more, sew the costume yourself.

How to sew a suit of the Red Hat?

Little Red Riding Suit: materials

For sewing the costume of the Red Riding Hood, you will need:

  1. Satin red fabric;
  2. Scissors;
  3. Threads;
  4. Lace, ribbons, ribbons and other decorations;
  5. Needles;
  6. Fatin;
  7. White pencil (for pattern);
  8. White cloth (for an apron).

How to sew a suit of Red Riding Hood: instructions

The costume of the Red Cap consists of a white blouse, apron, shoes, skirt, corset and red cloak with a hood. The most difficult thing is to sew the cape of the Little Red Riding Hood, because everything else can be bought in the store. You will not sew a white blouse when you can buy it in the children's world.

The first step is to determine the fabric. It is better to choose a red cloth for the skirt, a white one for the blouse, a thick red cloth for the cape with a hood, a black one for the corset and a white one for the apron. It is better to sew a skirt and a cape from red satin.

Red Hat Costume

  • Sewing skirts. Open the skirt. Perfect skirt sun. It is rather lush, keeps its shape well and is easy to sew. Measure the waist and determine the length of the skirt. Draw 2 circles on the fabric - inner (for the waist) and outer. Do not forget to make allowances for seams. Cut circles, turn the hem and sew. Fold the belt by 2-3 cm - sew and insert the gum. To make the skirt lush, sew a lush white tulle petticoat, which should look out from under the skirt.
  • The apron is one of the most important parts of the costume of the Little Red Riding Hood. To sew an apron, cut out a half-woven fabric from the selected fabric, process the edges of the fabric with an overlock or zigzag and fasten stitches. Apron can be decorated with braid, frills, flowers and lace from the same fabric as the apron.
  • Blouse is best suited with wide long sleeves, with the assembly at the wrist. A white blouse with short sleeves-lanterns is also suitable. A black corset with lace-up front is worn over the top of the blouse. Corset and blouse is better to buy in the store. The corset can be replaced with a black vest.
  • The cape with a hood is the most important element of the Red Riding Hood costume. The simplest element of a cape is a bonnet. Cut a circle from red satin (the diameter of the circle depends on the circumference of the child’s head + 7 cm on the frill). Process the edges of the fabric with a lace seam and gather a bonnet on the elastic band along the dotted line. Make sure that the cap is not too tight and does not squeeze the child’s head. Now we proceed to the cape itself (cape). Cape fabric must be exactly the same color as the cap and skirt. For sewing capes fit half skirt pattern. The diameter of the inner circumference should be several centimeters larger than the girth of the neck, the outer circumference should be the length of the cloak. Cut the cape, process the edges of the fabric and sew the stitches. If you want, you can decorate the cape with lace or embroidery.

To complement the costume of Red Riding Hood, black shoes, white knee-highs and a wicker basket with pies will help.

You can also use the following patterns for sewing the costume of the Red Riding Hood.

How to sew a suit of the Red Riding Hood: pattern

How to sew a suit of the Red Riding Hood: pattern

How to sew a suit of the Red Riding Hood: pattern

How to sew a suit of the Red Riding Hood: pattern

The costume is ready! Now your child can safely portray Little Red Riding Hood and show off to friends that you have made this costume for him.

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