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How to sew a skirt with basky

In recent seasons, a skirt with a basque has taken a leading place on the catwalks of the world. She was loved not only by designers, but also by ordinary girls. Dress, blouse, skirt and even trousers with basque - the choice of modern fashionable women.

The popular trend today originated in Spain and was an element of the Basque costume - from here it takes its name. French men also decorated their clothes in Baska in the 17th century. Spanish fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga turned to the history of fashion and began to use this element in his sketches. In the postwar years, Christian Dior creates an incredibly feminine image by combining a fluffy skirt with a fitted jacket with a basque.

This year, the Basque adorns the collections of absolutely all women's clothing stores. Designers decorate it in the form of lush bows or miniature wings, light waves or a strict geometric line. It is easy to replenish your wardrobe with a fashionable and relevant thing at no significant cost - you can sew a skirt with a Basque yourself. And to be an experienced needlewoman for this is not necessary.

Design idea

How to sew a skirt with a basky?

The incarnation begins with an idea. Therefore, before you start sewing, you need to create an image of a future thing. For this it is worth answering simple questions:

  • when to wear?
  • where to wear?
  • how often to wear?
  • what to combine?

Answers will help determine what the product will be. For example, if you want to wear a skirt with a basque in the summer, you will need to purchase thin summer material in a fabric store. The place where you want to wear a thing, as well as the desired frequency of socks will determine the color, length, presence or absence of decoration. The question "with what to combine?" should be decisive, because the key to a good wardrobe is the availability of sets. If there is a favorite blouse of a pleasant color in the closet - the material for the future skirt with basque should be chosen either in tune or in a contrasting shade.

Pattern skirt with basky

So, the material purchased, thread and needles - in stock. Creating any thing starts with a pattern. In order to draw it, Only 3 measurements will be needed: waist half-grip, hips half-grip and product length.By removing these indicators, you can get to work. To facilitate the drawing task, you can use millimeter tailor's paper.

Design idea

  • The pattern of the skirt with the basque (Fig. 1) is constructed on the principle of a simple skirt, except that the pattern of the Basque is additionally constructed. First, draw a rectangle ABCD.
  • What is the length of the sides AB and DC equal to the half-length of the hips +1 cm - this will be the width.
  • The length of the sides AD and BC determines the desired length of the product.
  • From point A to the right, set aside half of the segment AB, set the point T. From it, lower the perpendicular down to the intersection with the DC line.
  • To build a line of hips, from points A, T and B we lay down 20 cm. The resulting points L, L1, L2 are joined by a dotted line.
  • To calculate the depth of the dips on the waistline, it is necessary to subtract the amount of waist half-length +1 cm from the half-hip hips size. We divide the resulting number in half - this will be the side ditch size, front = 3 cm. numbers subtract the sum of the side and front darts.
  • When constructing a drawing from point T to the right and to the left, we set aside half of the value of the side tuck. We connect them with a dotted line with the line L1, divide their side lines in half and measure 0.5 cm towards the TL1 line. From points 1 we measure 1 cm up - this is point 1.
  • To build the front tuck, it is necessary to set aside 5 cm from the side line to the left and draw a perpendicular line down. Then from the point of intersection of the perpendicular with the waist line in both directions to postpone half the depth of the front tuck - 1.5 cm - a point of 1.5. The lower end of the tuck should be moved 0.5 cm toward the side seam. The length of the tuck is 9-10 cm.
  • When building the rear tuck, the AT line is divided in half and from the dividing point to the right and left we set aside half of the obtained value (remainder of the difference), these are points 2. The length of the rear tuck is 12-13 cm.
  • To build the waist line of the back half of the skirt with the basky, connect points 1 and 2.
  • To build the waist line of the front half of the skirt, connect the points 1 and 1.5.

Important!If the difference between the half-width of the hips with the increase and the half-waist of the waist with the increase is more than 14 cm, on the back half of the skirt with the basques it is necessary to make 2 darts. The first is at a distance of 5-7 cm from the middle of the back, 3-4 cm wide and 13-15 cm long. The remaining distance is divided in half - there will be a second tuck. Its width is 2-3 cm, length is 12-13 cm.

Pattern skirt with basky

  • The Basque pattern is based on the example of Figure 2. The radius of the pattern is 1/6 of the waist circumference -1 cm.
  • The semicircle is constructed as shown in the figure.
  • Then we postpone the length of the Basques down and draw the second semicircle.


Skirt with bass hands

For newbies sewing business there is another, more affordable and faster way to get a skirt with basques.

To do this, take the fabric for the desired skirt and turn it inside out. Draw a silhouette of a pencil skirt or draw a finished product around the contour.

We leave the seam allowances, cut out. We flush the side edges and bottom contour of the product.

From the remaining fabric we cut out a wide long strip - this will be Basque.

Basque must be sewn in the form of frequent folds so that the size of the resulting shuttlecock is enough for a skirt. We outline the place where the trendy element will be located, tailor's chalk. Basque can be sewn.

Bend the upper part of the product and stitch it. We sew a lightning. New skirt with basque is ready!

Unusual basque skirt solutions

Skirt with bass hands

When it comes to needlework - there is no limit to the flight of fantasy! A skirt with basque own tailoring can be made even more unique and interesting. For example, try to make a basque itself from a material of a contrasting shade - according to the principle of fashionable combinations of this season (pink skirt - yellow Basque).

The second way to fantasize with a trendy element - variations on the theme of forms. A basque can be made oblique, long or short, with a lot of folds or a light frill. Romantic young girls fit skirts with two or three short Basques.

Basque skirt is a bright, fashionable and eye-catching detail of women's wardrobe. Many stylists attribute it to the list of musthave - that is, those things that should be in the wardrobe of every woman. Incredibly feminine, a skirt with a basque is equally relevant in the office and on a date, at an informal friendly party and at a big celebration. She will certainly become a favorite thing in the wardrobe and will allow her owner to always look spectacular. Follow the fashion and create it yourself!

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