How to sew a skirt in the fall alone

The last few fashionable seasons convincingly prove that the skirt has turned into a real catwalk triumphant. The trend is not only elegant classic knee length, but feminine maxi. A skirt helps to create both an image of a business woman and a little romance. In order for this hit of the season to appear in the wardrobe, it is not necessary to go to the store. Almost all models of skirts are very easy to sew.

How to sew a skirt?

The advantage of a custom-made skirt lies not only in its cost, but also in the ability to choose a model that will suit your type of figure. On a standard skirt leaves from 1 to 3 m of fabric. With regard to models, when designing patterns, you can take into account the individual characteristics of the shape. It is considered that the pencil skirt goes without exception to all. Straight floor skirts or a sun skirt can help to visually hide wide hips.

What skirt you would not sew, you first need to take a few measurements - girth hips, waist and calculate the length.

Experimenting with the material, you can stitch the model for any season. In order to sew a skirt for autumn or winter, it is better to use dense costume fabrics, which include wool. Drape or tweed may be appropriate. It should be remembered that such a skirt will be not only warm, but also very dense. Therefore, it is better to choose a pattern for a pencil skirt or a sun skirt for such clothes, if you want to sew a longer version.

How to sew a skirt in the fall alone?

For spring and summer models, it is better to choose lightweight dress fabrics - spatula, flax, light jeans. Depending on what will be a skirt, you need to choose a fabric that differs certain characteristics. For flowing options suitable silk, satin with photoprint, batiste. In order to keep her shape, it is better to choose a thick cotton, jeans, poplin.

  1. The easiest option of how to sew a new clothes for the fall - sunshirt made of thick fabric. It is very simple to sew. To begin with, we define the upper radius. To do this, divide the waist into 6 parts. On a sheet of paper we build a semicircle, the radius of which is equal to this value. From the fabric cut out 2 parts. To do this, fold it in half, in the upper corner on the side of the fold impose a paper template, outlined with chalk.
  2. From the line lay the second radius equal to the length of the skirt. From the upper chalk line we set aside 1.5 cm, and from the lower 4 cm. Cut the part. 2nd doing the same principle. For the belt, cut a strip of fabric equal to the girth of the fabric + 3 cm. We also add 3 cm for the allowances to the width of the strip. Also do not forget about the zipper - the skirt may turn out too heavy to make a belt with an elastic band. We grind down the details on the right side seam. In the left we attach a secret zipper. To do this, we grind the details approximately to the beginning of the zipper minus 1 cm. Then we put a zipper on the open sections on both sides and sew it with the help of a special foot for piercing the hidden zippers. The remaining uncovered section under the zipper is carefully sewn with the help of a typewriter.
  3. We fold the belt in half and stitch the sides on a typewriter. We apply the belt to the upper edge of the skirt with the front side facing. We lay the seam on the machine at the level of allowances -1.5 cm from the upper cut. We turn the belt on the wrong side, bend the seam allowance, placing it below the first seam laid by the machine by 4-5 mm. We sew the lower cut of the skirt on a typewriter with a suture. Skirt is ready.

The basics of cutting and sewing: straight skirt

How to sew a skirt in the fall alone?

  • For beginning dressmakers, we advise you to sew a straight skirt without a pattern like Tatyanka. The material can be any lightweight dress fabric, which is not very translucent. Also, in addition to the fabric, we need a narrow elastic band for the belt.
  • To begin to determine the amount of fabric. The width of the canvas, the more folds we get. To create medium folds usually take the width of the fabric, which is more than 2 times the girth of the waist. For example, if your waist is 60 cm, then for the skirt we will need a light fabric 120 cm wide and the length equal to the estimated length of the skirt.
  • Cut out a rectangle in accordance with these measures. On the sides and the top, we postpone the allowances of 1.5 cm and from the bottom - 3 cm. You can carve out 1 or 2 rectangles. In the first case, we will have 1 seam, and in the second - 2. Also. If you cut out the canvas in one piece, then its width will be 2 times larger. For the belt, we cut out a strip of fabric, the length of which is equal to the waist girth + 3 cm per allowance. The belt is 7 cm wide, taking into account the seam allowances (1.5 cm on each side).
  • After carving the fabric, we grind off the side seams. Edges are treated with a zigzag stitch or overlock. We fold the strip of fabric for the belt in half and iron it. We attach it to the front side of the upper cut of the skirt. We attach a belt on a typewriter. Belt turn on the wrong side of the skirt. Fold the seam allowance inward and sew it with a needle and thread slightly below the first machine seam of the belt (about 3-5 mm).
  • We sew the belt, laying the line on the typewriter from the front side of the seam into the seam. Lining pave not to the end, leaving a hole under the gum near the side seam. From the gum cut off a piece equal to the waist girth. We catch it with a pin and drag it into the belt through the hole left in the side seam. Grind the ends of the gum on a typewriter zigzag. If desired, continue the seam of the belt on the typewriter and "close" the hole. On the other hand, if you leave it open, you can adjust the width of the belt.
  • We lower the lower cut of the skirt 2 times and sew it on a typewriter. Straight skirt is ready!

How to sew a skirt in the fall alone?

You can also sew a skirt from the grid. Usually for this buy batting of varying degrees of rigidity. Such skirts can be used as a petticoat or as an independent outerwear. You can sew a skirt from a net in the form of a tutu or make it multi-tiered - decorate it with a similar lightweight skirt made of transparent fabric. Models of tulle look very nice on little children - they are great for parties and holidays.

For a mesh skirt, we need 10 meters of tulle and elastic. Fatin cut into strips 120 by 20 cm. It should get a little more than 50 strips. For a belt we cut off an elastic band. Its length is equal to the waist circumference minus 4 cm. We connect the elastic by sewing its cuts on a typewriter. Next, stretch the gum on the back of the chair. We fold each strip of tulle in half, stretch it through the elastic and tie it into a knot. We tie a rubber band on all sides so that there is no free space left. The skirt in this way can be made from a single-colored and multi-colored grid.

Many girls love to sew their clothes with their own hands. After all, such a thing will be truly unique, reflecting the style and character of its owner. For novice needlewomen can advise to sew a skirt. The simplest of its options do not involve the construction of complex patterns. So you can sew a straight skirt of 2 pieces of fabric, carve out a skirt-sun or create a romantic tutu skirt from the grid.

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