How to sew a russian folk sundress

Not only famous names and significant events form the basis of the national history of any nation. It differs in national clothes, which everyone has without exception. And if in most cases it still remains just a decorative element for performances and performances in museums, then the Russian folk sarafan is becoming more and more popular as everyday clothing.

How to sew a Russian folk sundress?

Despite its popularity, it is not so easy to buy it, and it costs a lot, but if you want to have such a sundress, sew it yourself.

Pattern of Russian folk sundress

  • To build a pattern you need to take 3 measurements: the length from shoulder to chest, chest girth, length from chest to floor. Then build a large rectangle. Its width should be equal to the half-grip under the breast, and the height - the length of the product. It is also necessary to leave 4 cm for the allowances for seams.
  • Next, make the top pattern. It is necessary to draw a trapeze, the height of which is equal to the length from the top of the chest to the line where the hem of the sundress begins, to round off its sides under the armholes. Then build a strap pattern of any width. Its length should be equal to the size from the shoulder to the beginning of the chest, multiplied by 2 with the addition of seam allowances. The pattern should be transferred to the fabric, and then cut into 2 parts.

How to sew a Russian folk sundress?

Russian folk sundress: pattern

Russian folk sundress: pattern

  • For the pattern of the Russian folk sundress according to the old sewing method, 8 m of viscose silk will be needed for a sundress, 5 m of linen - a shirt, 4 m of white calico - underskirt, 3 m of white calico - lining, 3 m of silk of the awning - shirt.
  • The classic Russian folk sundress consists of 6 parts lined up to the hips. 2 pieces go to sides, front and back. All the seams in the sides are sewn around the waist, on the chest and back - tucks together with the lining. In the center of the back, back, fold to the waist is sutured, and then goes freely. In the form of a fastener, a series of glass colored buttons usually runs in the center. The finish of the sundress is a simple lace with curly braid.
  • A shirt for a dress on the hem embroidered. Wedges are inserted into the sides of sleeves and shirts. The sleeve, cut from a straight panel, at the shoulder is assembled several times and, overlapping, forms a short shoulder. At the wrist, the sleeves are cut with teeth, then gathering on an elastic band, form frills. The fasteners and collar of the shirt are trimmed with a white curly braid and narrow lace.

Russian dress for girls

  • Start the sewing process by selecting the material, paying attention to the brightness and quality of the fabric. Russian sundress should look monochrome, bright or be with an ornamental pattern. If you choose a shirt for a sundress, the fabric can be selected for its decoration. Now you can begin to build patterns sundress. To do this, measure the growth of the girl from the floor to the armpits. This measure will be the length of a sundress, but for a girl, sew an outfit not to the floor, as for adults, but a few cm higher.

How to sew a Russian folk sundress?

  • Measure the circumference of the chest and increase the size of 2.5 p. This measure will be the width of the skirt. If you want to make the sundress flared down, sew it from 4 parts that extend to the hem.
  • After this, cut out the remaining parts. Draw a yoke, drawing a strip, the length of which coincides with the chest girth with the addition of 6 cm on each side. Its width is from 10 to 12 cm. Open the straps with a width of 10 cm and 40 cm long. Cut off the extra parts during fitting. Sew the side seams and brush over the edges. Position the first seam at the back, but do not sew it to the end, leaving a small place for the fastener. Fold the edges of the fastener and sew from the edge of 1 cm in the shape of the letter "P".
  • At the top of the dress skirt, make a line with large stitches. It should be pulled off so that the length is less than the length of the coquette by 4 cm. Distribute folds evenly. Sew the yoke and center. After that, the joint should be in the area of ​​the fastener. Sweep the edges of the coquette along with the upper cut of the skirt.
  • Bend the yoke in 2 p., So as to flash the ends from the inside. After unscrew them and, turning the free side of the coquette, manually sweep. Then sew on a sewing machine. To make the seam even, the seamy side of the yoke can be sewn with hidden stitches. Hem sweep and hit. Sew a button on the yoke and make a loop on the other side.
  • Straps along the length sew from the inside out and turn out. Sew on the front of them so that the edge inside is on the front. Dress the girl with a sundress and determine the length of the straps by cutting off the excess. Sew the straps from the back closer to the center, so they will not fall from the shoulders. Trim it with decorative frills, satin ribbons on the hem, on the straps and the top.

Sundress in the Russian style

You will need 2.5 m with a width of 110 cm of sateen and monochromatic calico, 2 m wide 90 cm - colored fabric in small pattern, 10 m of lace, pattern paper, centimeter tape. To begin, measure the width of the chest and back. Build a pattern on paper with these sizes.

How to sew a Russian folk sundress?

  • Cut out 2 pieces of colored fabric, which will be the straps and yoke of a sundress. Cut out 10 cm wide ribbons from the remnants of the fabric and can be used for finishing. Open 2 trapeziums from a single-colored fabric and determine their height, taking into account the desired length of a sundress. The upper base of the trapezium should be different, and the length of the bottom should be 110 cm. Also, the front panel should be 8 cm, and the back should be 5 cm more than the width of the back. Sew the side parts of the yoke with a braid on the upper part.
  • Lay the colored ribbon in the center of the front and the braid along the seam, sew them together. Sew the side parts of the back and front panel. Process the hem with colored finishing tape along with the braid that runs along the seam. Smooth hem. Sew a large stitch top of the panels, gathering the width of the bottom of the yoke "in the drawstring."
  • Sew a yoke together with the bottom of a sundress. Smooth and process all seams from the inside. Fold the webbing in half, sew and lay the braid around the edge. Smooth the straps and, putting on a sundress, adjust their location. Then stick to the yoke. Your Russian folk dress ready.

If you want to buy for your wardrobe unique clothes that will not leave any man indifferent, sew a Russian folk sundress. This primordially Russian clothing has always occupied a special place in the wardrobe of every woman and today is back in fashion. A variety of patterns, beautiful fabrics, decorative elements of decoration - all this will help the owner of a sundress in the Russian style to easily create an airy and feminine image.

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