How to sew a musketeer costume

Almost everyone knows the work of Alexander Dumas "Three Musketeers" and the motto "One for all and all for one!". Many boys try to imitate the protagonist of the novel. Boys like to fight, make fortresses and stand up for the weak. In a word, they want at least once in their life they want to be in the role of Musketeer.

How to sew a musketeer costume?

That is why children's matinees often put on scenes in which musketeers participate. And many mothers have to deal with the fact that you need to sew a musketeer costume for some holiday.

What does the classic musketeer costume consist of?

  1. Sword.
  2. Pants.
  3. Treads.
  4. Belt and sheath for the sword.
  5. Tight-fitting jacket and cloak. There should be white crosses on the cape.
  6. Shirt with a big collar and flounces on the sleeves.

How to sew a musketeer costume?

How to sew a musketeer costume: materials

You will need:

  1. White satin (about 20 cm wide);
  2. White lace or braid;
  3. Satin blue or blue;
  4. Satin ribbon in white, silver or gold;
  5. Secret zipper in blue or blue;
  6. Ribbon white (for crosses);
  7. Cardboard;
  8. Glue;
  9. Paints;
  10. Black fabric;
  11. Pen;
  12. Threads;
  13. Scissors;
  14. Needles.

How to sew a musketeer costume: instruction

  1. Collar. Cut a rectangle out of white satin. Fold the resulting rectangle, stitch it on three sides, turn it out and iron it. Raw edge (about 0.5 cm) smooth and stitch again. Sew lace on top. Sew a collar to a white shirt or a white turtleneck.
  2. Cape Cut two rectangles from blue satin. For the first rectangle you need to measure the width of the shoulders and the length from the shoulder to the hips of the child. Width of the shoulders - the width of the rectangle, twice the length from the shoulder to the hips - the length of the rectangle. The second rectangle is the cap sleeves, which will be 6 cm shorter in width and 6 cm shorter in length. The second rectangle is cut in half. Sew a gold ribbon to the edge of the first rectangle, fold it in half and cut the neck. Make a cut from behind and put it on the child - the neck of the cape should pass freely. Sew a zipper at the back. Treat the neck with a golden ribbon.

    How to sew a musketeer costume? Pattern
  3. Sleeves capes. Give the top of the sleeves the shape of a semicircle so that they lie naturally. Sew a ribbon and a hem to three straight sides. Spread the top of the sleeves and sew them to the base. Form crosses from white ribbon and sew them to the sleeves.
  4. Sword. From the atlas, open the handle, sew it and tamp it with cotton wool. Insert a stick from the ball into the hole. To make the handle more festive, decorate it with beads.
  5. Hat. Measure the head circumference and draw an oval in size on the picture. Draw the fields and cut. Using a glue gun, glue the parts together. Paint the cardboard hat with black paint or glue with colored paper. Instead of paint and paper, a hat can be sheathed with a cloth. Cut the fabric, leaving seizures for seams. Sew the inner seam of the top of the hat, sew the inner strip to the lower fabric of the hat margins. Put fabric items on the cardboard base and glue all the parts together. Attach a feather to the hat. Hat can be decorated with tinsel or rain.

Musketeer costume is ready! If you manage to sew a musketeer costume yourself, the child will proudly show off his outfit to all his friends. Do not be lazy and sew a suit yourself, the more it is not so difficult.

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