How to sew a make up with their own hands

Cosmetics in the lives of most women plays an important role in the process of self-care. And due to the fact that it needs to be stored, we need such a beautiful female accessory, like a cosmetic bag.

How to sew a make-up bag with your own hands?

Today in the shops you can buy a cosmetics bag of any kind, size and quality. But precisely because she expresses the individuality of her mistress, she is worth a your own hands. And thanks to many different ways, it will not be as difficult to do as it seems at first glance.

How to sew a simple beautician?

  • Any sewing process begins with a pattern, the same applies to a cosmetic bag. The make-up pattern is very simple. Its 2 parts have the same rectangular shape. The cosmetic bag can be sewn in any other form, not only rectangular, but also oval or round.
  • After you have decided on the form of a cosmetic bag, make a pattern consisting of 2 parts from a cardboard or paper. For details on the top, uncover the lining.
  • Attach the zipper on the upper edge, then combine the 2 halves and sew them together. Treat the seam with an oblique satin banding or edging. If you need a lining, sew it in, turn it inwards and then iron. To make the cosmetic bag easier to open, fasten a keychain or ribbon with a zipper.

How to sew a make-up bag with your own hands?

You can decorate the finished makeup as you like. Rhinestones, embroidery, ribbons or unusual patterns of fabric can be used.

How to sew a beautician: master class

To sew smart makeup, which you can take with you for a holiday and a visit, pick up a beautiful fabric.

  • For lining it is better to choose a fabric that is well washed and does not let the stain out. After all, any trouble can happen, so it is better if the flowed mascara does not leak out. For the lining is usually chosen nylon fabric, it is not expensive, and more practical.
  • Since this is going to be an elegant cosmetic bag, for its outside pick up a high-quality, beautiful fabric, the more it will need very little. Usually the size of the fabric is 25 by 40 cm. The same size should be for the fabric that is used as a lining.
  • Also, the beautician will need strong threads that are in harmony with the color of the fabric and the zipper to fasten it. The lightning should not be too short, it is better if it is larger, then it will be easier to fit and take it to the required size.

How to sew an elegant beautician with your own hands?

  • Now you can proceed to the construction of the pattern. On paper, draw 2 simple rectangular details. Cut out the details of the cardboard and attach it to the seamy side of the main and lining fabric. Then circle a piece of dry soap or use chalk. Then cut out 4 parts.
  • Then align the upper and lining parts and attach a zipper to them. In this lining fabric should be inside.
  • To simplify the task of tailoring cosmetics with your own hands, you can make a zipper, and then stitch it. As soon as the lining is sewn, you can unscrew the stitched cosmetic bag outside.

Since you should get an elegant cosmetic bag, think of a decoration for it. Use rhinestones and beads to create bright patterns.

How to sew a bulk cosmetic bag?

To sew a volumetric square-shaped handbag, prepare a zipper of the required length, sewing accessories and fabric.

How to sew a bulk cosmetic bag?How to sew a bulk cosmetic bag?

From the selected fabric, open 2 squares. Take a zipper, tuck the edges of the fabric and sew a zipper between them. Pin off the top edges, then sew them.

How to sew a bulk cosmetic bag?How to sew a bulk cosmetic bag?

Lay out the workpiece so that the zipper is at the bottom. It should be the top seam, and the edges - lie loose.

How to sew a bulk cosmetic bag?How to sew a bulk cosmetic bag?

Sew the cosmetic bag on the sides and then do the processing of the corners. Split them and carefully sew. Then sew the corners to the base of the future beautician.

How to sew a bulk cosmetic bag?How to sew a bulk cosmetic bag?

Leather cosmetic bag do it yourself: master class

  • If you have any old leather item left, you can sew a unique leather cosmetic bag that cannot be found in any store. This beautician is very unusual, it will fit most things and, most importantly, is very convenient to use. But in order to make it easier to sew such a cosmetic bag, the skin should not be badly cured or too hard.
  • It is better to make the lining for such a cosmetic bag out of nylon fabric, and the threads to match the tone of the main fabric. For convenience and an unusual style of a future leather cosmetic bag, it is best to take a beautiful twisted cord of a contrasting color to create an emphasis on the skin and replace it with a zipper.
  • Tosew a leather cosmetic bag with your own hands, Prepare a square cardboard pattern in advance. And from nylon fabric for a lining cut two details of the same form. After that, put all the details together and sew them. The most important thing when working with leather is the obligatory thorough processing of the edges with the help of a decorative thread, in which they must be tucked, fastened and processed.
  • Now make holes where the twisted cord will be inserted. To do this, cut the holes, cut the edges, and insert the cord with a pin. Decorate such a leather cosmetic bag with rhinestones, embroidery or make an application of beads. A chain or key chain will look very beautiful on a leather cosmetic bag.

How to sew a bulk cosmetic bag?

To always look stylish and fashionable, it is not necessary to purchase a cosmetic bag in the store. You can sew it yourself, choosing a beautiful fabric and decorations. Any thing, hand-sewn, best reflects and emphasizes the individuality of its owner. To sew a make-up bag with your own hands, 2 types of fabric, zippers, sewing accessories and jewelry are enough. It does not take much time, but you can create a real masterpiece with your own hands!

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