How to sew a lush petticoats

Fluffy skirt- This is a frequent detail of an evening, ball or wedding dress. Such a dress wants to wear any girl to feel like a real princess. In childhood, mothers constantly dress their daughters in lush dresses.

The fluffy skirt remains a mystery for those who have never worn it. And everyone else knows that the secret of the lush dress is fluffy petticoat, which is hidden from prying eyes. Lush Petticoats used not only in wedding and ballroom dresses, but also for dresses with A-silhouette or Empire. Exceptions are only fitting dresses with straight cut.

How to sew a fluffy petticoat?

Recently, fluffy dresses and skirts have become so popular that they are worn not only for festive events, but also just outside. Lush dresses and skirts keep their shape well and hide figure flaws. How to sew a lush petticoats for such a skirt? It is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Any girl who has extra time and suitable material can sew herself fluffy petticoat, without resorting to the services of the studio.

How to sew a lush petticoat: materials

  1. the cloth
  2. Scissors
  3. A small elastic band for clothes that should tightly clasp the waist
  4. Fishing line or special plastic corset strip - crossbar

How to sew a lush petticoat: instructions

First of all, you need to decide on the material and long petticoat. Petrol skaters are usually sewn from tulle, silk, lace, mesh and cotton fabrics. But you can use other fabrics.

How to sew a lush petticoat: materials

  • Take 50 pieces of tulle (or any other fabric) of the same size. Ideal are rectangular pieces of fabric measuring 50x20 cm;
  • Measure the circumference of your hips, multiply by 3 and add a few centimeters to the seam;
  • Smooth the fabric with steam so that it does not sit down after the first wash;
  • Tie gum ends to make a circle and place it on any object so that you can easily tie pieces of fabric to it;
  • Take one of the cooked stripes of tulle and pass it through the gum so that there are identical sections on each side. Tie the ends of the strip together in a knot. See that the band is not twisted during bandaging, otherwise you will have to start all over again.;
  • Do the same procedure with the remaining pieces of fabric, tying them around the elastic around the entire circumference. Make sure tofatin evenly spaced across the gum, otherwise, the skirt will have gaps and irregularities. If you have too many strips of fabric or you just want to sew a very lush petticoat, twist each strip of fabric and insert them into the gum;

How to sew a lush petticoat: instructions

  • When you deal with this case, proceed to the most important thing - to sew. Sew the rectangles of the fabric to the elastic band with a double seam;
  • Throw the ends of the tulle in a wide seam with the flex, so that the fabric does not open and crumble, as well as the bottom of the skirt keep a curvaceous shape.
  • In order to keep the skirt in better shape and hold a more rigid fixation, sew in the lower section of the fishing line or transom (a special plastic corset strip).

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That's the whole trick! Our petticoat is ready! It can be used not only to give splendor to dresses and skirts, but also as a separate piece of clothing, wearing instead of a skirt. Only in this case, do not forget to decorate the petticoat with some accessories - beads or a butterfly, so that it does not look pretentious and sloppy, becausefluffy petticoat - it's still "underwear", and not a separate piece of clothing!

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