How to sew a half sun skirt

Do you want to always look fashionable and stylish, but do not know which skirt will fit this criterion? Feel free to choose the skirt half sun. This skirt can have different variations, be short, long or medium length, can become part of the evening dress or everyday attire.

But, perhaps, the main advantage of this piece of clothing is that it will not be difficult for you to sew a half-sun skirt. For most women, it is the pattern of the future product that is causing difficulties. Half skirt can be cut directly on the fabric.

How to sew a half sun skirt?

What do you need for sewing half skirt?

  1. The fabric from which you will sew a skirt, as well as the desired fittings
  2. Tape measure
  3. Scissors
  4. Ruler
  5. Portnovsky chalk
  6. Sewing pins and needles
  7. Sewing machine
  8. Iron (with steam function)

How to take measurements for the skirt half sun?

In order to sew such a skirt, you will need to take only two measurements:

  1. OT - waist circumference. To remove it, position the tape around the waist line.
  2. DI - the length of the product. This measure is taken from the waistline to the expected lower edge of the skirt (that is, it will be equal to the desired length).

When taking measurements, you need to remember that the tape should not sag in any way, but you shouldn’t pull it too hard. To make the length of the skirt easier to measure, you can tape the waistline. Record the results of your measurements, so as not to forget.

How to make a half skirt pattern?

By itself, the pattern of the half-sun skirt is a design consisting of two semi-circles. Smaller radius - waist circumference (on the pattern is denoted R1), larger - the length of the skirt + the distance from the edge to the waistline.

How to sew a semi-sun skirt: pattern

However, before you start cutting, you need to do some calculations. First, calculate the radius of the smaller circle. To do this, you need to recall the formula for the length of a circle (L = 2πR). It should be remembered that the pattern is half the circumference. Accordingly, its radius should be calculated by the formula: 2OT = 2πR1. From this formula, we obtain the radius: R1 = FROM / π. As is known from the course of mathematics, the number π is about 3.14. Thus, we find that the radius of the smaller circle, which will be on the skirt pattern, is equal to the waist volume divided by the number π.

The radius of the larger circle is the sum of the radius of the smaller circle and the length of the skirt (DI).

After all the calculations are done, you can begin to build patterns on the fabric. To sew such a skirt is better to use a fabric that does not have a clearly defined direction and pattern or lint. In this case, you can simply fold the fabric in half along the width of the cloth. This should be done so that the distance of different sides of the rectangle is not less than R1 + R2 + 7 cm (an increase on the seam and hem of the fabric from the bottom).

How to sew a semi-sun skirt: pattern

Set aside about 2 cm from the edge of the fabric and draw a line along the entire edge. This line will be the seam and zip line of your skirt. The upper point, which is located at the intersection of the bend of the fabric and the seam line, on the pattern is called the point O. From this point it is necessary to put 2 segments on both sides, which are equal to R1 and R1 + R2. Mark segments with tailor chalk. Point Oh you will be the center of the arc. From this center you need to postpone the same segments in the form of a dotted line so that you can easily draw an arc. Do it carefully, do not move the centimeter tape from the center. Now make a hemline of the bottom of the skirt. To do this, retreat from the arc of a larger radius about 5 cm and draw a dotted line using a measuring tape. From a smaller arc set 1-1.5 cm up. Draw a dotted line. This allowance is necessary for attaching the belt.

How to sew a semi-sun skirt: pattern

From the remaining fabric you can make a belt in the direction of the share thread. It is necessary to cut out 2 widths, because you will be folded in half to sew a belt. The length of the belt consists of OT + 0.5-1 cm (for free fitting) + 4-6 cm (on the fastener in the form of a button or hook. The resulting distances must be put on the fabric. Draw a rectangle. Remember allowances, they need to be set aside and along the width and the length of 1-1.5 cm on each side.

Begin to cut out the details of the skirt. This should be done with scissors along the dotted lines of allowances.

How to sew a semi-sun skirt: pattern

How to sew a half sun skirt?

  • Skirt seam along the line of attaching the zipper. The seam must be unclamped. Then you can sew a zipper.
  • Take the adhesive fabric for the corsages and cut a strip out of it that will be equal in width to the folded belt. This strip should be ironed on the wrong side of the belt. The belt itself needs to be stitched from the sides and turned on the front side. Fold the belt in half and iron it.
  • Before you sew the belt to the skirt, the skirt needs to be sucked a little along the waistline with a wide stitch seam. You can use hand seam. Now you need to tack on the front side of the belt to the skirt and stitch the seam. The front side is the side to which the non-woven fabric is attached. On the line should not be folds or zamyatin. Sew the inner part of the belt to the skirt in any way suitable for your chosen fabric.
  • It is necessary to fit the hemline of the skirt using either a hand seam or a wide machine stitch. Bend the inside out and iron the iron. Hem can sew in any suitable way. You can use a hand stitch seam, a straight machine stitch or a hem seam. On the belt it is necessary to make a loop and sew a button. The resulting product iron.

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You've got an amazing fashionable and appropriate skirt almost everywhere half sun. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to wear a stylish piece of clothing, which, among other things, is made with your own hands.

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