How to sew a gypsy skirt

If you want to diversify your wardrobe, make it an element of novelty and mystery, the skirt of unusual shape will help you to do it. The most suitable skirt for this is the gypsy skirt. The best means to feel differently, you just can not find. It will help emphasize your originality and sense of style.

Gypsy skirt will give you the image and style of relaxed and exotic beauty. Using a simple type of cutting, two panels and a dense, easily draped fabric of bright color: blended fabric, silk, satin or polyester, you can sew a gypsy skirt with your own hands. To do this, you will need to use a pattern that is suitable for the pattern of a skirt-sun, decorations and ribbons. And after a few hours of work, you can feel like a mysterious free beauty.

Stages sewing gypsy skirts

How to sew a gypsy skirt?

The sewing process includes 3 stages. The first stage is the removal of measurements, the second is the cutting of the fabric, and the third is the sewing process itself. In order to determine the size of your gypsy skirt, from the beginning decide how long the skirt you want, and measure the volume of the hips and waist. Next, you need to make a pattern or you can take it ready and put it on the prepared fabric. Before cutting the fabric, wash it in water or steam it with an iron, this will help to avoid shrinking of the already finished skirt. Then you need to carve out the cloth, belt and frills. Cutting the fabric, you need to add 1.5 cm to the seams and to bend the bottom of the skirt.

The process of tailoring gypsy skirts do it yourself

Take the cut 2 cloth skirts and fold them face up to each other. After that, the side seams need to sweep and stitch.

  • Sweep the edges of the stitches with a zigzag or overlock, then be sure to iron out. Frill the details fold each other inside the face and side seams stitch.
  • Frill up to the length of the hem need to prisborit and stitch to the bottom cut. Sweep the edges of the seams and iron the bottom. The bottom of the frill also need to sweep over and make a hem.
  • Then be sure to add non-woven fabric to the belt. After that, sew the cuts, fold the detail in half lengths, and press the inside allowances.
  • Next, the skirt should be inserted into the belt, leaving a small section of the seam uncovered, and an elastic tape to pass through the belt. After which the seam must be sewn.
  • Ready skirt necessarily ironed.

How to make a pattern for a gypsy skirt?

How to make a pattern for a gypsy skirt?

The pattern for the gypsy skirt is quite simple, so the beginning fashionista can cope with it. The most important detail here is a large circle with a small center and a belt. To make a pattern, take a newspaper or tracing paper, working canvas, pencil, scissors, compasses, meter and crayon.

  1. To determine the size of the circles, measure the hips and add 5 cm to the resulting size. The radius of the outer bottom of the skirt is determined by the length you want to receive.
  2. Gypsy skirt should be cut out from 2 parts. Detail cut is a semicircle.
  3. When determining the size, be sure to leave for the seams allowances from 0.7 to 1.5 cm on each side.
  4. The size of the allowances depends on the type of fabric. To make it more convenient, you can make a pattern ¼ of the outer and inner radius.
  5. The paper should be folded into 2 halves and outline the cut lines. When you cut out the part and deploy, you should have a semicircle.

Recommendations before sewing a gypsy skirt

For sewing gypsy skirts, use fabrics with bright floral appliqués. If you want to sew such a skirt by choosing a plain fabric, add it with a braid or a ribbon of bright color. To give the skirt a special pomp, the bottom of the skirt should be treated with a fishing line. If you want to dance in such a skirt, sew a petticoat. The petticoat is a straight skirt, which should be the same color as the gypsy skirt itself. It should be done on an elastic band, and its length should not hamper your movements.

How to sew a gypsy skirt?

The fabric can be any, only necessarily light. Open up the belt detail for the gypsy skirt of the required rectangular width. Its length should be equal to the radius of the main blade. Add 6 cm to the hem of the belt and the buckle. Cutting out, you need to lay out the fabric in a single layer on the table and smooth out all the folds. Cut the fabric over the lobe thread. The side seam at the same time should lie parallel to the vertical edge of the cut. Belt draw on the working fabric on an oblique line. Do not forget to leave a distance for hem allowances and seams, laying out the details on the fabric.

How to make the whole gypsy costume?

You can sew not only a gypsy skirt, but also create the whole costume in this style.

  • You will need for this fabric for the skirt, blouse, knitted shawl, beads, flower, fringe and varnish.
  • After sewing a gypsy skirt, find a suitable blouse. Her sleeves should reach to the elbows. They will need to be decorated with flounces.
  • For the neck, make flounces too, one or two is enough. For this you need to cut out the strips of fabric more than 2 times the line of the neck and sleeves.
  • Process fabric overlock, remove the edge. The resulting shuttlecocks need to sew to the blouse.
  • Shawl for a suit any suit. If you do not have it, you can sew it yourself. To do this, you need to cut out a large rectangle of rectangular shape.
  • Fabric take double-sided with a large pattern, not dense. The long side needs to be hemmed.
  • To the other two hem the fringe.
  • Do not forget about the beads, they are necessary for the costume in the gypsy style.

The most important thing in a gypsy skirt is that it mysteriously hides a female figure, makes men turn around on you.

Gypsy skirt can be sewn with your own hands. To do this, just take a cut of a beautiful motley fabric, do not forget about the correct pattern and the length of the cut, increased 4 times, as well as an important part of the skirt - frill, which should be 2 times longer than the hem. And you can safely start sewing skirts. Fabric is better to take silk or cotton, it will help you not to make extra stitches. Do not forget about the belt for your skirt. Gypsy skirt, if desired, can be made even from several layers. And it will help you to become special and unique.

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