How to sew a gnome suit with their own hands

Any holiday for a child is a long-awaited event, and a costume party gives many more unforgettable emotions and becomes a real gift. Any kid wants to look at such a holiday.

To make the holiday special, sew a gnome costume with your own hands. Creating such an unusual costume will not require too much effort from you, but the sea of ​​joy will provide.

What is the costume of the gnome?

How to sew a gnome costume with your own hands?How to sew a gnome costume with your own hands?

The elements of the costume of the gnome are several elements: pants, socks, shirt, vest and cap. You can not sew a shirt yourself, as any that is in the wardrobe will do. But over the waistcoat for a suit will have to work hard.

To get the pants, you should decide on the color of the entire suit and buy breeches or trim old pants of the desired color, making them necessarily just above the knees. It is desirable to sew a gold or silver braid along the seam line on the side in order to give the costume shine and festive decoration.

Under the ready pants you need to pick up leggings or socks with wide horizontal stripes that will contrast with each other.

To suit the gnome and need shoes. There are no special requirements for it, but it is better if these are square shoes or dark colored shoes.

The most important element of the gnome's costume is, of course, the cap. It can be made of cardboard, giving the shape of a cone, and painted in the color of the suit, decorating the bottom with gold or silver foil. If there is a hat belonging to the costume of Santa Claus, it can starch, and she can replace the cap of the gnome.

Also for the future of the gnome will need a beard, for the creation of which cotton wool can not be sorry. The image of your little gnome will be completed by a bag of coins and a paper lantern, because the gnomes are in fact very rich, they constantly collect valuables underground.

If you want to please your child, looking forward to the upcoming holiday, sew him a suit of a gnome.His creation does not require much effort, because many things for him can be picked up in the wardrobe. A shirt of bright color, old pants that can be shortened, leggings with wide stripes - they will all become an integral part of the future costume of the gnome. Believe me, the child will be very grateful to you for such a wonderful gift.

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