How to sew a frill

Jabot (translated from French - bird goiter) - a fashionable element that perfectly adorns collars, blouses, shirts and dresses. The element is made of fabric or lace that goes down to the chest.

Jabot in European costume appeared somewhere in the 17th century. At that time, the jabot was an obligatory part of a men's white shirt, which was a sign of elegance and seduction. It was in the 17th century that the main form of jabot was formed. In Russia, jabot appeared only in the 18th century, along with a western dress.

How to sew a frill?

Not so long ago, the jabot returned to fashion, which made fashionistas all over the world think about the question - How to sew a frill? Many girls are confident that such a work of art can build only a real seamstress motorist. But it is not so! Even novice needlewoman can easily sew a jabot, if you follow the technique of implementation and the proposed advice.

How to sew a frill: materials

Necessary materials for sewing jabot:

  1. Paper;
  2. Eraser and simple pencil;
  3. Pins;
  4. Remnant;
  5. Scissors;
  6. Lace;
  7. The cloth;
  8. Threads and needles;
  9. Thelma;
  10. Sewing machine;
  11. Button and brooch.

How to sew a frill: materials

How to sew a frill: pretreatment method

  • The first pattern of jabot. First, measure the neck circumference and determine the length of the frill. Take the paper and with the help of a pencil draw an oval. The size of the oval should be 2 times larger than the girth of the neck. The width of the oval should be 2 cm less than the length. Swipe from the extreme points of the oval in width and length, marking the center. Cut in half lengthwise to the center.
  • Second pattern jabot. This pattern is needed for fasteners. Draw a strip of neck length + 6 cm, width - the size of the fastener multiplied by 2 (about 4 cm will turn out).

How to sew a frill?

  • Fasten the patterns with pins and use them to transfer them to the fabric. Cut out scissors from the fabric of the oval, make an incision to the center. Handle the edges. After that, fasten a small fold from the center and sew it to the folded double buckle. Before this, first sew the edges of the fastener on a sewing machine, sew a button and make a loop.
  • If you want to get lush collar frill, sew on the first oval a little smaller oval. The main thing in this business is to choose the right fabric. The fabric should be very light, otherwise, the frill will look cumbersome and ugly.
  • The pinch to which the clasp is sewn can be decorated with a beautiful brooch. With this element the jabot will be festive and even more beautiful.

How to sew a frill?

How to sew a frill?

How to sew a frill?

How to sew a frill: a way without a pattern

This method is perfect for girls who do not like to mess with the patterns.. Take a cloth (preferably silk) and cut a triangle out of it (sharp). Depart from the top of the triangle 3 cm and divide it into 3 identical segments. The segments must be parallel to the base..

Take a lace fabric, cut several tapes from it (the width of the tapes should be at least 1.5 cm larger than the width of the segments on the triangle). The length of the tapes should be 2 times longer than the segments on the triangle.

How to sew a jabot without a pattern?

Process the edges of the patterns and attach the tape on the thread to the length of the segments. Sew the ribbons so that each short ribbon covers the long. Podshite the top of the triangle, bending inside out. In this place, make a hole for the buttons. Jabot is ready! It is easier to take care of such a frill than the previous one.

How to sew a frill: simple method

This method is perfect for those who practically can not sew. For such a jabot you need a dense matter, from which you need to cut a trapezoid. Tape the edges of the trapezium and sew lace without assemblies in several rows. This simple method requires almost no sewing skill and even a sewing machine.. This frill needs to be decorated with a brooch, with the help of which it will be possible to fasten the frill to clothes.

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