How to sew a dwarf cap

Real needlewomen always need to do something with their own hands. They do not sit still idle and even at home, resting, they find an occupation for which, according to them, they are better relaxed and rest.

Needlewomen who have mastered cutting and sewing always want to sew something for the home and family members (especially children), something interesting, unusual and necessary. It's good when holidays are often held at home! But if your child still goes to kindergarten, then you are as lucky as ever. After all, it is for the children of these years that many different thematic matinees are arranged in kindergarten: holidays, birthdays of children and educators, memorable dates of a particular pre-school institution or city, or country, and finally, just a matinee for entertaining children!

Buy a new suit for the next holiday does not always work. Yes, and needlewomen are unlikely to want to dress up a child in the purchase, suddenly, one of the parents will buy their child the same suit as yours. The best costume, of course, the one that you sew yourself!

How to sew a gnome's hat?

The cap of the gnome is perfect for any of the costumes in which you dressed your child earlier. He was not yet a gnome on the matinee? Then it's up to you. Get to work!

How to sew a gnome's cap: preparation

  • For any sewing work you can not do without a sewing machine. But if the work is easy (as in our case), you can not get it, but sew the thing with your hands.
  • Without threads and needles - nowhere!
  • Decide on a cloth. You need to choose the texture of the fabric (it doesn't matter at all whether it will be flax, cotton or something else, it is important that the fabric matches the overall outfit), size and color. The size of the material think for your child. Those who sew a long time, it will not be difficult.
  • What color should be the cap of this gnome? Yes, absolutely anyone: yellow, green, blue, red, orange. Just do not choose neutral colors (white, black and gray), in a cap of this color, your child in the form of a gnome clearly loses.

How to sew a dwarf's cap: a sketch

When you dealt with the material, you need to make a sketch. After all, only experienced needlewomen can sew without it, and they don’t always succeed. Embody what you want to end up on paper. This will be your sketch.

We think over where the seams will be, add extra centimeters, make patterns. And get down to work!

How to sew a dwarf's cap: a sketch

For those who are afraid to incorrectly sketch a sketch and make templates, it is suggested to use ready-made.

How to sew a dwarf's hat with your own hands?

The figure shows a pattern for sewing cap. The wide base of the triangle (25 in the figure) is equal to the circumference of your child's head divided by two. There are two such patterns to make.

We cut out the details of the cap from the fabric (do not forget to leave too much for the seams!) And sew on the sides. Everything, the cap is ready, you can try on! For beauty, you can sheathe it with fur or attach a bombonchik. This is the easiest version of the sewing gnome cap. There are other ways. For example, the cap is sewn not from two parts, but from one. Accordingly, the pattern should be different.

Depending on your own imagination, you can decorate it as you like. But the essence of sewing remains the same - after all, all caps are approximately the same shape. All of them are triangular.

How to sew a dwarf's hat with your own hands?

Your child will surely like an interesting gnome cap sewn with love, which no one else will have. After all, everything that is sewn with your own hands is exclusive!

In addition, you can sew different caps, and the child at the matinee will change them, which is very pleasant to him, because changing the caps he will mislead others.

Enjoy your work on sewing cap, zeal and inspiration!

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