How to sew a duvet cover

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No bedding set is complete without a duvet cover. Good duvet cover It should be sewn from soft-touch and lightweight fabric that will not irritate the body and ensure proper rest.

Now you can choose a duvet cover of any quality. But him You can sew and do it yourself. The advantage of this duvet cover will be full compliance with the size of the blanket under which you sleep. But it is very important that the blanket does not crumple and not gather during sleep.

How to sew a duvet cover?

How to sew a duvet cover with your own hands?

  • Start sewing the duvet cover with the fabric selection process. Here the main thing that it was 100% natural, without synthetic additives. Very good, if the fabric can be easily ironed and washed.
  • Pay attention to the width of the fabric. It is more convenient to sew a duvet cover from a wide piece of fabric, so that there is no seam in the middle. Also, the width of the fabric is chosen according to the location of the pattern and the size of the blanket.
  • It is also worth looking at the coloring, so that it does not fade when washed. You can check this as follows. Wet a small piece of cloth and rub it with the tip of an ordinary match. If the fabric is stained, it means it sheds. Or wet a piece and place between 2 pieces of white cloth. After that, iron a hot iron. If the white fabric turns, the selected fabric sheds.
  • Consider that all natural fabrics when washing sit down from 2 to 5 cm - in width, from 4 to 8 cm - in length. Therefore, when cutting out, it is necessary to add a shrinkage and seam allowance. The share thread is better placed in length, but if you want to keep the direction of the picture, in width.
  • Sew a duvet cover is bestunderwear seam. To do this, fold the 2 parts inward with the inside of the sides, retreating from the edge of 0.6 cm. Turn the seam inward with the front sides and sew from the edge at a distance of 0.7 cm.
  • The most difficult part in creating a duvet cover is creating a clasp. You can use loops, zippers, buttons, ties, stickies or buttons. The easiest way is to use loops. To make them, stitching the bend of one part of the duvet cover, put loops in the seam at a distance of 20 cm from each other. Carrying out the second edge of the duvet cover, in the seam, place the loop with buttons on them. Better to take a button with two holes. Thus, on one side of the duvet cover there should be eyelets, on the second - buttons. When fastening, they must match.

How to sew a duvet cover: instructions

To create a duvet cover you will need threads, a sewing machine, fabric and scissors.

How to sew a duvet cover?

  1. First you need to decide how much fabric you need. To do this, measure the width and length of the blanket for which you want to sew a duvet cover, add to the size of the allowances for seams of 5 cm on each side. This size fabric and you will need. When buying fabric, be sure to cut it straight, without any distortions.
  2. To avoid unexpected shrinkage after the first wash, the fabric must be washed and steamed before you sew a duvet cover.
  3. Now you can go to the cutting process. The simplest type of duvet cover is the one for which 2 rectangles are cut out, slightly larger than the size of the blanket. Then 2 details are stitched separately from each other. But before that you need to tuck the edge of 0.5 cm twice. This will create a duvet cover with treated edges.
  4. Then the parts are folded inward on their sides, and the future duvet cover is stitched from 3 sides. The duvet cover can be finished in the corners, so that later during use it can be used to correct the assembled blanket through them.
  5. On the 4th side you need to mark the hole where the blanket will be inserted. It can be made both on the narrow side of the duvet cover, and on the broad, fundamental difference here.
  6. Then stitch the side to this hole, and then finish it to the corner. The edges of the hole need to be swept over with an anchoring seam, to go back and forth with a sewing machine.

Now it remains only to unscrew the duvet cover and fill the blanket there.

How to sew a simple duvet cover?

  • First of all, prepare a piece of fabric of the desired size. To do this, measure the width and length of the blanket, adding to the width - 4 cm, and to the length - 7 cm. In addition, you will need Velcro tape. Choose it based on the fact that it should be 12 cm wider than the blanket. Now wet the selected fabric and cut a rectangular piece. Press 2.5 cm at the bottom edge of the fabric. Then sew the hem. On the front side in the center of the duvet cover, sew half the ribbon.

How to sew a duvet cover?

  • Sew each half of the ribbon to your piece of fabric. Connect the tape 2 sides of the duvet cover. Cleave bottom edge with pins. The sides of the duvet cover should lie on top of each other, so that the seams go on tapes from all sides. These indents should be 1.5 cm.
  • After cleave the top and side edges. Sew them, departing 1 cm from the edge, cut off the corners. Allow trim to 5 mm. To finish the duvet cover, remove it, iron and finish the product with a seam stitching. The seam should be 9 mm from the previous one. In addition, the allowances of the first seam should fall on the previous one. Classic duvet cover ready.

Duvet cover belongs to the important things that a person needs for a normal sleep and comfort. The quality of sleep and well-being in the morning depend on how the duvet cover will be. Now you can buy a large number of different duvet covers, of different quality and color. But if you want to be creative and getduvet cover that fits perfectly to the blanket, better sew it yourself, especially since even a novice in cutting and sewing can do it.

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