How to sew a coat on the pattern

Today, a really huge selection of the most diverse clothes is presented in stores, but sometimes you want to do something with your own hands. This will help you simple patterns to create these masterpieces. For example, it turns out that it is not difficult to sew even a coat by yourself!

Pattern coat for girls: an example and description of products

How to sew a coat on the pattern?

A correctly made coat pattern for a girl, in almost everything, should follow the basic rules that are followed when modeling spring-autumn and winter clothes for an adult woman. But there are significant differences - for example, it is quite acceptable to make a more democratic cut, to use various elements in decorating.

When creating a baby coat, it is necessary to remember that first of all it should be for the child as convenient and comfortable as possible, not hamper movement. You can safely use bright elements of decor - for example, large or small buckles, bows and ribbons.

Bright may be the color gamut. Of course, you can leave a choice only on the 1st color, or pick up a motley material with an interesting pattern. Most importantly, do not forget to leave allowances. After all the details of the pattern are cut, before starting to stitch, it is necessary to steam them properly, of course, if the selected fabric is to be ironed.

Features pattern coat with a hood

How to sew a coat on the pattern?

Very interesting and stylish coat with a hood. However, to create such a model will have to try. There are many details in it - a hood, folds, assemblies, undercuts, welt pockets.

  • Before proceeding directly to the modeling of the product, it is necessary to make a pattern for the future coat, taking into account the measurements taken. On the front half of the pattern, from the armhole along the side seam, we leave 10-11 cm. We draw a horizontal line and strictly along the line cut off the upper part from the bottom. We must act very carefully.
  • In the side we transfer the chest undercut and create a new armhole line according to the curve. During this simulation, the armhole may remain excess fabric, which is easily removed in beautiful folds. In that case, if there is no desire to create assemblies, then you can do it in another way - leave a horizontal recess along the armhole.
  • We take the lower part of the future pattern of the future coat and carefully cut along the lines we have created (the lines are outlined), pushing it into folds. Further, on the side of the front halves of the pattern, we make flaking. When working with a cloth, it is necessary to act very carefully so as not to accidentally spoil the material.
  • Now you can proceed to the next stage of the simulation. Perform similar actions and on the pattern of the back of the future coat - on the side of the armhole we postpone 10-11 cm. We remove the groove.
  • Then he proceeds directly to the modeling of the lower part of the pattern of the coat - add 8 cm in the back fold in the back fold. Now we do flare on the side of the coat. Then he proceeds to the treatment of the lower part of the back of the coat, which is cut with a fold of fabric strictly in the middle of the back.
  • At the next stage, we begin to work out the sleeve pattern - the coat sleeve is slightly shortened, we narrow it to the bottom. We do the assembly on the rollback sleeves coat. With the help of the cuff we will decorate the lower part of the sleeve.
  • As you can see, it is very easy and simple to sew a beautiful coat with your own hands, it will be enough just to adhere to the above scheme and strictly follow the instructions. As a result, the wardrobe will be replenished with a stylish, beautiful and truly original thing.

Shaped with cap sleeves

How to sew a coat on the pattern?

The main feature of a coat with such an interesting style is that the front part of the sleeve should be cut along with the front, and with the back side the elbow. The sleeves will contain 2 lines, with a connecting piece on top, which should continue the seam on the shoulder. Bottom line smoothly flows into the side. So that the coat does not hold down the movement and gives comfort, it is necessary to attach 2 crochets, which may have a different look.

First of all, the treatment of the front part and the back are carried out - everything is carefully steamed. It is important that the fabric be fully prepared before starting. As soon as the procedure of sewing in the darts is completed, we perform heat treatment of the front part — in the chest area, well press the front halves and slightly pull up the edges of the sleeve areas located below so that the sleeve fits well.

To get this, you need to place the front halves “face” inward, thus combining the already existing sections and stretching the sleeves as far as possible (we must begin from the shoulder and not reach about 6 cm to the elbow line). The resulting slack material together is ironed in the area of ​​sewing in the armhole of the sleeve. Here it is necessary to take into account not only the size, but also the shape of the sleeve.

By the same principle we carry out the processing of the back of the sleeve. Then, along the line of the armhole of the sewn-in sleeve, from the back and front halves, we make the hem, we stitch all the inconspicuous stitching.

When creating this model of a coat, it must be remembered that the seams are made at the bottom of the sleeves and on the sides together. We sew the cuts on the sides, the edges of the sleeves with the landing of the elbow. All the lines are ironed.

How to sew a coat with your own hands: video tutorial

Now combine with the crotch coat, which can be in the shape of a square or a rhombus. Next, the crotch line is ironed to ensure reliable alignment of the corners of the undercuts, stitched to the back and front half. At the end of the finished coat carefully otglazhivaetsya, so that there are no ugly bends.

For skillful needlewomen to sew any clothes does not represent a big complexity. But if you are still an inexperienced craftswoman, this does not mean that you will have to abandon the manufacture of large things. Even a coat can be sewn by yourself! It is enough to make a competent pattern.

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