How to sew a clutch with your own hands

The desire of many women for independence and gender equality has not yet canceled their desire to look stylish and attractive. And no matter how beautiful a woman is, her image will be incomplete without well-chosen clothes and accessories. The latter include such an important detail of the wardrobe as clutch bag. Without it, it is difficult to imagine any solemn event or just an appearance, but a clutch bag may be appropriate in everyday situations, if its dimensions are more voluminous.

How to sew a clutch with your own hands?

The word "clutch" came to us from the English language and in translation means "to grab, to embrace." Therefore, it is customary to wear such a handbag, having pressed it to the thigh or waist and having clasped it with the hand. Today, every fashionista has in her arsenal a small bag, and often far from one. However, not everyone is allowed the means to buy a lot of clutch bags for various images, and besides, not always in the store you can find what you need. In this case, the mini bag can be sewn with your own hands.

How to make a stylish clutch with your own hands?

  • Before you start making a clutch with your own hands, you need to know some vague laws of fashion: if you choose it for a business style, it should be different with restrained shapes and calm colors, but the evening one can already be extravagant and bright, with sparkles, rhinestones and decorative finishes.
  • Clutch for the winter for everyday output should be different from the summer, well-suited dense materials such as drape, leather, fur or wool. Silk, velvet, velor or satin are excellent materials for the summer small handbag.

How to sew a stylish clutch with your own hands?

  • Keep in mind that the clutch should look harmoniously with your overall style and image. Also, do not confuse it with a purse, a cosmetics bag, a shopping or beach bag. Clutch should act as a handbag.
  • One of the advantages of this accessory is that it costs much less than a regular handbag because of its size, andIf you sew a clutch with your own hands, then the costs will generally be minimal. It will be necessary to purchase only material and accessories if they are. But often all the necessary materials are already in domestic supplies. So, how to sew a mini bag itself?
  • It will take two pieces of fabric, they will be used as the outside and the inside. For the inside choose a denser piece. Attach them inside out on each other. Then you need to sew the two parts together. This is best done with a sewing machine. But do not hem downstairs, so the clutch will be easier to turn out.
  • Then, if it is required for aesthetic purposes, hem up the corners for beauty or add interior materials for convenience. Now you need to turn the bag face down.

How to sew a clutch with your own hands?

It remains to align the lining, sew a hole and hem the lock or zipper on the button or button. The basis of the clutch is ready, but there is yet another equally important point.

Handmade clutch bag decoration

It is necessary to decorate your bag and here you can give your imagination and inventiveness full will. In the course can go anything - beads, rhinestones, ryushki, bows, hearts, stars ...

Great for decorating clutch organza.It should be cut in the form of circles of different diameters, then made of the material of flowers, fasten them in the center with a bright bead and glue. You can also paste rhinestones, sequins, which are laid out in a certain way, and you get a certain ornament or even a drawing, or you can simply lay out in a chaotic order. Not bad and use satin ribbons, just make sure that they are in harmony in color with the bag itself.

If you are going to perform some kind of decorative element, first make sure to make a blank on paper, and then carefully transfer it to the clutch using sewing chalk or a special pencil.

How to sew a decorative clutch with your own hands?

Experimenting with small handbags can be very long, just do not even list. By the way, if you want to make a club clutch, you can sew or glue feathers to your purse. On sale there are even feathers in the form of brooches, which greatly simplifies the task, and you will not need to think about how to fasten them.

Secrets of creating a clutch with your own hands

  • Before you take to "create" bag, determine its size and draw on a cardboard sheet pattern. It should consist of front and rear parts, they are cut out together, also on the pattern should be a valve, which is a separate part or the end of the back half and two side inserts, giving the bag a volume. Given the size, purchase material with a margin on the clutch and lining itself.
  • When the pattern is done, transfer the finished pattern to the fabric and cut with an allowance for the seams. Carve out the same parts for the lining fabric.
  • If you sew a clutch bag on a sewing machine, you should proceed as follows. The part is placed on the wrong side up, fold it along the side of the pattern with an envelope, sweep up the details on the sides, which are usually made in the form of droplets, that is, they expand and round down, and have a sharp tip on top. Then side seams are stitched. Then do the exact same operation with the lining details.

How to sew a clutch with your own hands?

  • Now you need to smooth the seams on the lining part, and do not touch the side seams on the upper part. Turn the main fabric over the face, put the lining in the bag and tack on the upper cut, not forgetting to bend the edges inwards according to the size of the stock.
  • You can perform the model and without side inserts. The bag is sewn in the form of an envelope. Everything is done in the same way as in the method described above, but the side seams are bored straight without expanding additional inserts.
  • And, of course, you need to take care of the clasp. To do this, you can use a large decorative button or sticky tape.

How to sew a clutch with your own hands?

There is nothing complicated in sewing a clutch with your own hands., for this, it is not necessary to have any special skills. Having connected the imagination, it is possible to create the most various models which will be combined with different images. It is worth trying once, and you literally light up the creation of original and unique mini-bags!

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