How to sew a chiffon blouse

Chiffon blouse- what you need in the hot summer. Depending on the model, you can wear it to work, to the office or for a festive event. These clothes give a feeling of freshness and lightness.

How to sew a stylish chiffon blouse?

You can try to sew a chiffon blouse with a few stylish accents. In it, you just will not be left without attention!

How to sew a chiffon blouse?How to sew a chiffon blouse?

  • The easiest way to sew this blouse on the attached pattern.
  • Do not forget that you must make your own pattern, according to your size.
  • After the pattern is ready, cut out the necessary parts from the prepared chiffon, not forgetting to leave the fabric on the seams. Sweep the resulting blouse shelves on the side seams to the armholes.
  • At the bottom of the product make a seam. The length of each stitch should be 4 mm. When you finish this work, pull the string and pull it down. Make sure that the entire assembly is smooth and neat! It should be until it becomes, in size, the same as the yoke.
  • The detail of the bottom coquette should be necessarily strengthened with the help of a thin thermofabric. To do this, we impose a thermofabric on the seamy side of the coquette, we tack on it and attach it. Then, we fold the yoke in half so that the thermal fabric is inside. Iron and stitch the fabric.
  • All strips that you have prepared, should be strengthened with thermo fabric. Consistently process them all.
  • Baste and then stitch all the details of the slats to the base of the product. At the end of the work, turn them out, remove the basting and iron.
  • On the front and back halves of the blouse, make small folds, then mark and sew the shoulder seams.

How to sew a chiffon blouse?

  • To outline and then stitch both details of the collar, cuffs of sleeves.
  • Sew 4 air loops for the collar, put them on the outer right side of the stand-up collar and tack.
  • Finish working with a stand collar. On the right half of the blouse, tie the loops, and on the left side of it, sew the buttons you have acquired.

That's it. Your chiffon blouse is ready!

How to sew a blouse "bat" of chiffon?

Model blouse "Bat"is one of the most popular today. Surprisingly, it is easy to stitch it.

All pattern lines are built to your own size. Do not forget to leave 1 cm from each edge of the cut to the seams!

Details for the front and back of the blouse are cut the same - and for the front of the blouse and for her back. You can stitch them at your discretion. You can walk all the seams. Or you can use various accessories for sewing, then the blouse will look more interesting, more elegant.

How to sew a chiffon blouse: useful tips

How to sew a chiffon blouse?

  • Reserve patience and time. Despite the fact that the work, in general, is not too difficult, it requires some assiduity and hard work. In addition, be prepared for the fact that in the process of sewing something may not work out and will have to be redone.
  • Do not immediately start sewing very complex products, especially if you are sewing the first blouse in your life.
  • Be sure to look for a good pattern. It is desirable to have something sewn on it. Otherwise, you may fail.
  • Try hard take measurements correctly. Do not tighten the centimeter tape, it should lie freely on your body. Otherwise, you risk getting a thing that you simply don’t fit into.

How to sew a chiffon blouse?

  • Cutting the details of the pattern from the material, do not immediately leave only 1 cm on the seams. Give yourself the opportunity to maneuver. Suddenly something goes wrong? If there is cloth in stock, you can try to fix it.
  • Take your time, but sweep a blouse before you finally sew it. First, you can try on a thing, and if something goes wrong, fix it on time. Secondly, not sour cream fabric, especially chiffon, tends to crawl. And it may happen that you are not exactly sewn one piece to another.
  • If you are still an inexperienced seamstress, choose such a model so that it has as few seams as possible. It will be much easier for you to work with such a thing!
  • After you cut out all the details of the pattern from chiffon, you must process the cut points. Otherwise they will crawl away. This can be done with a special fastening tape, or gently singe the edges with a cigarette lighter. However, be careful, the edge should not be rude and hard!
  • If you, in the course of work, will iron material in places of seams, they will go to bed better.

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A blouse made of chiffon will look lovely on you. It can be worn under almost any clothing - jeans, pants, skirts and capri. It is especially nice if you sewed your own toilets.

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