How to sew a blouse with your own hands

A blouse is a type of top women's clothing worn by both girls and women. It is usually sewn from lightweight fabrics. In appearance, it looks like a fitted shirt.

The main component of the blouse is a cuff, collar and sleeves. This thing can be different - romantic, strict, in a rustic style, with ruffles, ruffles, short sleeves. Sooner or later, the girls have a question - how to sew the blouse itself?

How to sew a chiffon blouse?

How to sew a blouse with your own hands?

You will need:

  • Chiffon.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Buttons - 2 pcs.
  • Threads in tone fabric.
  • Lightning.


  1. Take chiffon fabric. Cut two pieces of fabric from the shelf, the sides of the shelf, the back, the sides of the back, the edge, the sleeves, the collar and the collar pillars.
  2. Details are cut out taking into account allowances and bends - 2 cm each.
  3. Each shelf prisborte along the line of the relief seam. Do exactly the same procedure on the back. Ostrochite closely side to the seams.
  4. Sew the sleeves. Allow the sleeves to press to the seamy side. Pull off the edges of the sleeves for the drawstring. In the drawstring vdte pieces gum. Stitch. The length of the drawstring should be equal to 6 cm. Sew through the sleeves of the sleeves without wings. Sew sleeves into open sections of the back and shelves.
  5. Fold the front of the chin with a blouse. Sew the parts to the side cuts. Each of the halves of the zipper, sweep under the edge of the shelf. Make it so that the cloves are not visible.
  6. Baste your pick to the braid of the zipper and otstrochite edges at a distance of 1 cm.
  7. Fold the details of the collar with the front sides and sew them down the cuts. Turn the collar and iron it. Sew the front and top sections of the collar stand together. Lay the seam at the line of stitching lightning. Sew the outer part into the neck. Fold the collar stand along the contour.
  8. Make two loops on the ends of the collar. Sew on the shelves buttons.
  9. Blouse do it yourself. You can wear it for a walk or a date.

How to sew a summer blouse?

How to sew a summer blouse with your own hands?

You will need:

  • the cloth
  • Thread color fabric
  • Needles
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine


  1. Select the style of the blouse in a fashion magazine. Copy the pattern in accordance with their parameters.
  2. Fold the fabric in half, face down. Lay out the details of the pattern on the fabric and circle them in chalk or white pencil. Leave the seam allowances of 1.5 cm on all sides. Cut out the details.
  3. Sweep darts, humeral and lateral sides.
  4. Sweep the sleeve and stitch it in the armhole. Try on the workpiece. If necessary, correct the details using pins. Remove the workpiece, sweep the seams over the fixes and try it on again. If you are satisfied, sew the parts on a sewing machine.
  5. Sew darts and press to one side. Sew shoulder and side seams. Cut the allowances up to 1 cm. Treat the seams with an overlock. Iron them on the back.
  6. By analogy, stitch the second sleeve into the armhole and do the same manipulations with it.
  7. Handle the neck. If the collar is not supposed to be in the style, sew in place a slanting inlay or a one-piece trim. Turn on the wrong side and sew a secret stitch.
  8. If the model assumes a collar, fold the details of the collar facing each other. Mark the middle. Sew through the sewing machine. Cut the corners close to the line. Turn the collar on the front side. Iron the part. Stitch the collar into the neck so that the middle of the back and the collar are joined. Tighten the part and sew it.
  9. Tuck the bottom of the blouse 2 times and stitch on a typewriter. Smooth the finished item with an iron.

How to sew a peasant blouse?

How to sew a peasant blouse with your own hands?

You will need:

  • Cotton fabric
  • Threads
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Needles


  1. Take measurements: the girth of the chest and arms, the length of the product and the sleeves.
  2. Draw 4 rectangles on the fabric: back, front and 2 sleeves. For the back and shelves, 2 rectangles are cut out, the width of which is equal to 2 chest girths + 10 cm. You can choose any length of the blouse.
  3. For sleeves, draw 2 rectangles whose length is equal to the desired length. Width of sleeves equals arm circumference + 15 cm.
  4. Sew the sleeves. Fold the part in half and sew side seam. Leave 10 cm for the armhole not stitched. Cut overlock overlock. Wrap the bottom of the sleeves and sew the lace.
  5. Sew the side seams of the front and shelves, leaving 10 cm unstitched. Process seams overlock stitch.
  6. Attach the sleeves to the back and shelf. Split parts with pins. Stitch. Process sections with overlock.
  7. Handle the bottom of the blouse. Turn the workpiece inside out, iron out the hem allowance. Sew it on the sewing machine. Sew on the bottom of the lace.
  8. Sew lace along the neckline. Sew an elastic band to the neck. This will help the blouse to sit better.
  9. This blouse is perfect for summer.

A blouse is the basic garment of every girl. It’s easy to sew a blouse with your own hands, there are various options for sewing things. The main thing is that such a product will be only on you and in a single copy.

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