How to sew a blanket and a blanket of old jeans with your

Practical Germans have calculated that the average European in his life buys and wears off ... about 200 pairs of jeans! And what to do with the old, because it is a pity to throw out! Thrifty needlewomen have found an original use for their favorite trousers - to sew with their own hands a veil of old jeans.

Universal Soldier

Cover from old jeans with their own hands

If the wardrobe is presented in the form of an army headquarters in the service of a beautiful lady, then jeans will get the role of a faithful squire, who, with his general, will go to the feast and to the world. And if you return to reality, the fabric from which comfortable and beautiful trousers are made is so practical that, even if it is slightly frayed, it does not lose its strength and attractiveness. So send such a thing a hand will not rise. Yes, and it is not necessary, because from old jeans you can sew:

  • skirts;
  • T-shirts;
  • aprons;
  • vests;
  • bed covers;
  • rugs;
  • bags;
  • table napkins;
  • chair covers;
  • handbags (for women or for a laptop, tablet, phone), etc.

And if you decide to sew a rug out of old jeans with your own hands, do not even think of throwing out small trim: they can decorate crafts, turn off clothes and use for decoration of curtains. And to create an unusual blanket, in addition to the pants themselves, you will need:

  • sharp scissors;
  • thread, thick needle;
  • sewing machine;
  • lining material.

And ... patience! Without it, nothing happens.

Cooking work front

If you want to not only get a beautiful, very cozy thing, but also experience the pleasure of work, then spend a little time preparing the material.

  • Since we are talking about things that have already been in use, jeans must be washed.
  • After this, we cut the pant legs along the stepped seam, immediately cutting off the line thickenings.
  • We cut rectangles, squares, circles (depending on the model of the coverlet), but at the same time we set aside pieces of fabric that was on the knees and under the buttocks. These are the most worn places, so we will not need them, otherwise the appearance of the product will be frayed.
  • We prepare pieces of fabric for the lining to keep the product in shape.

But now you can start making tailoring with denim shawls with your own hands. Photos of master classes will help you imagine what the result is waiting for at the end.

3 workshops for sewing denim covers

To create a plaid of jeans that have already completed their service, the patchwork technique is used (from patchwork, patchwork). At its core is the creation of a solid web of pieces.

Fringed Plaid

How to sew a rug out of old jeans?


  • 350 15x15 squares of old jeans;
  • 350 fabric squares 15x15 (can be multi-colored);
  • machine;
  • scissors;
  • nippers;
  • brush with stiff bristles.


  1. We take the denim square, apply the wrong side to the wrong side of the lining.We take denim square
  2. We make one more preparation.Do the workpiece
  3. Fold 4 layers of fabric so that the denim side is outside.We fold 4 layers of fabric
  4. Lay the line.Lay the line
  5. Next, sew pairs in fours, fours - in eights, etc.Next, sew pairs in foursNext, sew pairs in eightsStitch pairs
  6. After all the squares are stitched, we cut the notches along the seam with nippers, but not to damage the stitches.Cutting pliers
  7. Corner joints cut off.Corner joints cut off
  8. Now brush the "combing" the joints to get a fringe.The result was a fringeYou can iron the product
  9. If necessary, the product can be ironed with a steam function, so that there is no distortion. The plaid is ready.

Round patchwork

Round patchwork


  • CD disk;
  • pencil, ruler;
  • scissors;
  • several pairs of jeans (4-5);
  • thread, needle;
  • sewing machine.


  1. On the seamy side of cut jeans outline the disc.
  2. We cut the blanks - they must be an even number.We describe the disk
  3. On each circle from the inside, draw a square inscribed into it.We draw the square inscribed in it
  4. We fold the blanks on the sides of the square "face" inside and sweep. This is a rather painstaking process, so many people neglect it. But with an outline, the line is smoother, which means that the product looks neater.
  5. Scribbling on the outline.Scribbling on the outlineDecompose allowances
  6. We decompose the allowances and smooth them. You can steam.
  7. Now we are making a zigzag seam along the curvature of the petals.Now we are laying a zigzag seam.
  8. Fold the edges of the product, we sew. The cover in the technique of "patchwork" is ready.Fold the edges of the product, hem

On the basis of this model, you can make a compacted blanket. To do this, before each section, before stitching the petals, a piece of bright fabric (chintz, silk) is embedded.Sealed blanketPlaidMake a lineSew piecesWe shred a patternZigzag stitchDo it yourselfOld Glory Plaid

Warm blanket of 9 blocks

Having mastered the model easier, you can proceed to the study of how to sew with his own hands a veil of old jeans, consisting of several blocks.

Warm blanket of 9 blocks


  • 7-9 pairs of jeans of different colors (blue, blue, black, gray);
  • piece of cloth for lining;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • scissors;
  • tailor chalk;
  • a sheet of paper, a pencil;
  • pins;
  • sewing machine;
  • iron.


  1. According to the model we draw a model of the plaid, highlighting the blocks in the figure.On the model we draw the model of plaid
  2. Cut into 20 x 20 cm squares from jeans of black and gray shades.Cut into squares
  3. Fold in pairs "face" inside and shear with pins.
  4. We will need 32 such motive.
  5. Now on each square draw a diagonal.Draw a diagonal
  6. Lay 2 lines on each square, receding 3-4 mm from the line. For convenience, you can put all the motifs in corners, and then cut.
  7. Further along the line we make a cut.We shuffle
  8. We decompose the resulting motif, we steam it off.We decompose the resulting motifOne drawing is ready
  9. In the same way we make blanks from denim of other colors and sizes.In the same way we make denim blanksBlanks
  10. We collect, stitch, smooth.
  11. Group the parts into blocks.Collect, stitch, smooth
  12. Sew the blocks.Grouping parts into blocks
  13. We sew the lining.
  14. We put synthetic winterizer, sew. The cover for autumn is ready.

The cover of old jeans do not require a rich handicraft experience. It is enough to have an idea of ​​the work on the sewing machine, as well as iron patience in order to cut and sew hundreds of elements. But the blanket, even if you do not warm it with padding polyester or other material, will turn out beautiful and very comfortable, keeping the positive energy of your hands.

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