How to save seedlings until spring

Each gardener sooner or later faces the problem of storing seedlings. It usually occurs late in the fall or at the end of winter. There are several agricultural technologies. All of them are designed for the fact that the plant will fall into a state of "hibernation". This is what helps to wait for a suitable time for planting.

To get started is to understand the technology and methods of storage. Usually, shrubs and fruit trees are planted under spring or autumn. The first landing time is considered preferable. Many people think that plants spring better root. In fact, very often there is a problem - it happens that the gardener misses the right time. Therefore, it is advisable to buy seedlings at the end of February and store them until the desired moment. In addition, another plus is that during this period, various sales of seed material are arranged.

All plants are stored on the same principle. The main thing is to keep the temperature and protect the seedling from possible pests. If the thermometer drops to minus 6, then the top part dies. With positive temperatures, the seedling continues to grow. You will notice how the buds start to appear and bloom. This is fraught with the fact that the plant is exhausted.

All seedlings are stored until spring in several ways. Traditionally - by sprinkling on the street. It is also possible to hide in the snow. Many gardeners store seedlings in basements.

How to save grapes cuttings?

How to save seedlings until spring?

Often, grape cuttings are stored by gardeners who increase the plantation. Usually in the first stage, the vine is cut. Do it in the fall. Approximately after the first frost and before the onset of severe frosts, shoots are chosen for cutting. Fruit parts are usually cut. Their thickness should be about 8 mm. Look at the escape. He must be healthy - no blemishes. Cut into a box in 3 cm below the knot. For storage choose dvuhglazkovye shoots. It is important not to overdry them before they go for the winter. Therefore, the cuttings are removed for storage immediately. Otherwise, evaporation of water will begin.

Often for grapes prikop suit. To do this, find a place in which water does not exactly stagnate. It should be windless. If the site has small elevations, then you can dig a trench right into them. In order for the earth to not be wet around make a small groove. The trench can be any length. Its depth is 50 cm.

The bottom must be sprinkled with wet sand at the level of 5 cm. From above we place bunches of grape cuttings. In order to avoid confusion bind tags with the name. Sprinkle them 7 cm. Wet sand. It remains to fill the trench with earth at the level of 25-30 cm. This method is good because it is suitable for summer residents without a cellar. In addition, so you can save a large number of cuttings of grapes.

How else to preserve grapes before spring?There are 2 more methods. Optimally store grape cuttings in the cellar. In this case, the temperature in it should not be lower than 0 degrees and not higher than 8. In the first case, the seedling freezes, in the second case it starts growing. It is optimal to keep the cuttings at 0. It is then that the breathing of the plant and the synthesis of carbohydrates slows down, which allows it to remain until spring.

We carefully bundle the tags with tags. In a separate package fall asleep wet sawdust. There we put the grapes. All this is carefully tied up and left in the cellar. Periodically it is necessary to check that the sawdust remains wet. Water is added in small quantities. Important note - it is better to choose sawdust of coniferous trees.

How to save seedlings until spring?

Also, grapes saplings can be stored at home in the refrigerator. To do this, cut the cuttings put on top of a piece of cotton or flax. Fabric pre-soaked with water. Cuttings wrapped with a cloth, put in a plastic bag and put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Thus you can save up to spring more than 150 seedlings. The package is to make a hole for air circulation. The rag will have to be changed as it dries.

Storage conditions for apple seedlings:

  • With apple trees everything is a bit more complicated due to the size. Most often, gardeners dropping seedlings. Again you need to find a place for a trench. It should be in the shade. Also consider groundwater. The plant should not be fed by moisture, it is necessary that it "fell asleep." On the seedling you need to put a tag with a grade. This will help avoid further confusion.
  • Trench dripping arbitrary depth. The dimensions of the pits depend on the roots of the seedling. The trench is dripped at an angle of 30 degrees. This is done in order to conveniently place the barrel. He should lean on one side of the trench. Saplings put, and then powdered with earth. Some advise to sprinkle part of the trunk. Spruce fir can be put around the trunk. This will help save seedlings from pests. Also, trees are covered with spruce paws so that they do not freeze.
  • You can save apple seedlings using the cellar. In this case, the temperature in it should be about 4 degrees. Let's say a little cold. The arrow of the thermometer should not fall below 2 degrees.
  • It is better to store apple seedlings in large quantities - 10 pcs. Each. Usually tied to each of them tag grade. If the root system is open, then use sawdust. They should be a bit wet. They fall asleep in plastic bags. There also shove seedlings. Packages are not tied up tightly with ropes in the area of ​​the trunk.
  • Often, pests are encroached upon seedlings of fruit trees during such storage. Especially they love to eat the mouse. Therefore, experienced gardeners recommend decomposing poison in the cellar. By the way, it is believed that the storage of apple seedlings in the cellar may be even better than prikopa on the site. Especially if the room temperature is kept at 2-3 degrees.

Peculiarities of storing dairy fruits until spring season

How to save seedlings until spring?

It is believed that raspberry seedlings should be stored at a temperature range from 0 to 7 degrees. If the arrow of thermometers rises higher, then in February some raspberry varieties may start growing. Accordingly, by the spring they will be exhausted.

Many summer residents prefer to keep raspberries in the cellar. Often, 3 methods are used. The first, already familiar to us, is storage in packages. Usually do not use sawdust, and sand. It is sprayed with water and placed in bags. There also shove raspberry seedlings.

A more common method is storage in containers. And again we need sand. For a start, a sapling is placed in containers with sides. Then its roots and another 10 cm. Trunk fall asleep with wet sand. In this form, raspberries are stored until spring, occasionally moistening the roots. You can also find the opinion that the seedlings are well tolerated wintering in pots. Put them, again, in the wet sand.

A gardener who ponders how to preserve seedlings until spring can suggest several options. Almost all plants are well tolerated wintering in prikopy. To do this, on a sublime windless place digging a trench. Do it at an angle of 30 degrees. Then a sapling is put under a slope in a pit and covered with earth. On top of the plant, you can cover the spruce. Also seedlings are stored in the cellar.

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